February 4th, 2015 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “radiate”

  1. Radiate love like a mother trucker. Radiation is weird like nucleur power plants on a summers day that smell funny and i feel like thiers a lot of pressure to type a lot of bollucks really.

    By batty on 02.04.2015

  2. She radiates sunshine and I realiz how cliche that is but it was true, every time I saw her it was like being woken and from a nightmare I can’t really remember, I think it’s safe to say I loved her. But she shown like the light that keeps is alive and I darken like the fucker who damns is to hell

    By Navi on 02.04.2015

  3. The slight buzz in my ears, the crackle of the machine at my belt. I would be fine for a while, I was sure, but I had to get in and out of the compound. Fast. It wasn’t worth harming myself for the bastard that sent me to find his stupid jacket.

    By Windsinger on 02.04.2015

  4. A light-blue glow radiated out of the cave. Suzanne took steps toward it, carefully trying not to make any noise on the rocks as she stepped between them. She could hear what sounded at first like a humming sound, but she eventually realised, from the rhythmic panting mixed in with it, that someone was crying. She peered around the edge of the opening, and two small, red eyes peered back at her from the depths of the cave, bobbing a little each time the creature sobbed. She could tell at once that whatever it was, it was still a child of that species; it’s thin, wiry limbs contrasting with its swollen belly and oversized head and arms. And the look of fear and confusion on its face when it saw Suzanne peering into the cave was, it seemed, something they shared.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.04.2015

  5. I want to radiate like the Sun. I want to sparkle each day, regardless of my circumstances, regardless of what’s going on around me. Radiate energy, purpose, but for myself, not for anyone else. I don’t want to live for anyone else exclusively. I’d argue that radiation comes from within.

    By PomPalms on 02.04.2015

  6. The happiness that was apparent from both of their faces when they finally saw each other after so many months was such a radiate of Joy that everyone around stopped to take notice.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 02.04.2015

  7. Her power and her beauty radiated from her like heat from a wildfire. Too terrifying was the thought of coming near, but her enchanting aura was all it took before the flames swallowed you whole.

    By M on 02.04.2015

  8. The sun and the moon radiate continously

    By Atiku Baba on 02.04.2015

  9. She was like the sun. Standing abouve the world. She was beatiful. “Come to me” She wispered to me, “Come and set yourself free”

    By John Hurt on 02.04.2015

  10. They weren’t even touching, but she could feel the heat from his body tickling her skin. Heat rushed to her cheeks and she licked her lips. It was hard to swallow, let alone breathe in the heavy air surrounding them. Not really humidity, it was more like a charged fog of lust, pregnant with possibilities.

    By Soft URL on 02.04.2015

  11. the heat radiates from the sun to your house. thank you sun for heating up sadalights

    By ava on 02.04.2015

  12. Let me show you my love! Let it radiate though me to you! I can hardly tell you the love I hold for you and for GOD. May He make our relationship pure and holy. Comlpeatly beautiful!

    By Christine S.Cone on 02.04.2015

  13. she radiates like the sun was living inside of her. she is the most beautiful creature in all of existence. and not because she is physically beautiful but because of her heart that speaks louder than any words could ever speak. she is the radiant one

    By Kami on 02.04.2015

  14. Radiate is word. Yup, it’s a word.

    By Alexis on 02.04.2015

  15. I am going to radiate the biggest smile when I meet Sally because she deserves it for everything she has been to me over the past 10months. She has been my rock and everytime I see her I know the world is a better place because she is in it.

    By Helen McKillen on 02.04.2015

  16. I’m walking in a big city I come to a stop and I see some thing that seems to me as a big big tower .

    By Nathanael Cone on 02.04.2015

  17. When there is some good news the face radiates with happiness. Happiness and sorrows are part of life. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. It is important to play to your best ablities.

    By aniketnikhade URL on 02.04.2015

  18. Radiate, like face the plate, you loaded it up, now you gonna hafta eat that shit.

    By camel on 02.04.2015

  19. you are like the sun,
    shakespeare said,
    you are the warmth
    upon my shoulders,
    the freckles dotting my nose,
    you are worshipped now
    as you were then,
    a goddess among us,
    standing tall and shining
    and raditating your power
    over such lowly mortals
    as these

    By Meg M. on 02.04.2015

  20. Magic radiated from her, casting a pale blue light from her finger tips. “Is this how it’s supposed to work?” Emma asked, dubiously.

    “Yes- I assure you, you’re doing quite well. In fact, you’re casting spells far more advanced than the fifth years here can accomplish.” Mrs. Carpenter said. She studied Emma, curiously. “Are you sure you’ve never been taught before?”

    By Kate Windsor on 02.04.2015

  21. The man is radiate.

    By Jarrett on 02.04.2015

  22. he radiates warmth and purity he always shines and lights life
    he radiates love and joy yet he was only the pale moon not the sun the source of everything as i thought him to be
    he radiates ultraviolence

    By malavika on 02.04.2015

  23. The sun radiates its warmth at me like a mother who would do the same to her newborn child. I awoke to the grass blades breezing across my skin. How ephemeral yet ethereal; such if life.

    By Laurence Everett on 02.04.2015

  24. She radiated rage at a high vibration. A tightly coiled live wire. A piercing sound emanating from every pore of her skin. She couldn’t see straight, yet she could see for miles. The air pressing on her was pure pain.

    By Melissa on 02.04.2015

  25. She seemed to radiate light. It was as if she were simply a visage, an illusion of sunlight encased in skin. It emenated from her, and all seemed dark in comparison.

    By Stacie on 02.04.2015

  26. The magic box on my counter is surely the devil’s work. How is it possible that my leftovers are piping hot in less than a minute? I’m starting to believe my Uncle Jed’s paranoid yarn about the thing radiating cancerous vibrations.

    By asavas on 02.04.2015

  27. I would have been fine, had I not seen her. I would have made it through my mundane day without validating my existence. Her beauty radiated like an atomic bomb. It demanded to be seen, to be felt, to be worshiped. Somehow, she made me feeling alive yet wishing I was dead. Now I could not get past the day without a thought of her.

    By edrianredentor on 02.04.2015

  28. My hands fly in front of my eyes to shield me from the staggering sight ahead. It’s bright, and it radiates an energy that is unfathomable. It is precisely, what I’ve been searching for.

    By Kitty on 02.04.2015

  29. when someone is happy it seems like they radiate that feeling and make other people happy around them. radiate your joy and everyone feels it. Radiate your frustration or anger and everyone feels that too. “Smile and the world smiles with you” is a quote that relates to this word so

    By Scott Gillis on 02.04.2015

  30. Sunshine radiates from your smile. When I look at you the warmth spreads from my heart to my toes, sending fireworks through my veins. If I could get any more cheezy, I assure you I would….

    By KT on 02.04.2015

  31. ra

    By reallyupsetting on 02.04.2015

  32. radiation is
    all over the place in here
    i’m losing my hair

    By reallyupsetting on 02.04.2015

  33. Passion.
    My love for you radiates like the sun.
    Each day I adore you more than the next.
    You make me bloom.
    You fill me with wonder and awe.

    By Jessica Rose on 02.04.2015

  34. I could feel the heat radiate from the window, warming up the cold, white skin on my shoulders. Somehow, however, I remained physically frigid. As I dragged myself to my desk and picked up a pen, I began to wonder just how steadily I could write while my fingers visibly shook from under my gloves. When I tried to scrawl my own name, it came out in abrupt, illegible bursts.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.04.2015

  35. Radiators are the bane of my existence. Every vehicle I have ever owned had an issue with the radiator. At one point in my life everything I owned was broken. My car didn’t run my glasses were cracked, my watch was cracked and my laptop had been doused in water.

    By Rick Acosta on 02.04.2015

  36. She radiates strength even as her body fails her in private. She knows it’s the most important thing she can do, put on a brave face for her people. It’s when she’s alone that she knows she radiates fear and pain and everything she can never let them see.

    By SK on 02.04.2015

  37. radiate sun fire yeah water is cool radiate means radiation it also means radiate whoops I’m stupid raduate dkjdkdaj but you know I’m just writing chinese people are stupid choices

    By Charlette on 02.04.2015

  38. As the sun radiates its power intensifies burning up to the point of an everlasting explosion, we witness this from our friendly neighborhood backyard planet and the atmosphere begins to full with piercing shrieks of citizens

    By Tania on 02.04.2015

  39. your heat radiates onto me when we lay down together in bed. its not even the sex its just you being there. it becomes warm inside and my skin tingles. I look up at the ceiling trying not to look at you but I end up peeking at you looking totally blissful. so calm. so peaceful. your smell envelops me and oh god I love it. my heart races and I try to calm down by breathing but my chest tightens and I get scared, but then you hold my hand and we both stare at the ceiling. we don’t have to look at each other to know were smiling in the most satisfied and happy way. is this love or something more intense?

    By KABY on 02.04.2015