March 27th, 2011 | 631 Entries

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631 Entries for “audience”

  1. What is an audience? A group that watches another performs. In life we will always have an audience-a group watching and critiquing our every move. Therefore we must choose our actions carefully and not forget our audience. We do have a choice in who is included in our audience though. Choose an audience that will encourage you, clap for you and pick you up when you fall, choose an audience that will join in when needed. But also remember to choose a wise audience, a group that will critique you when necessary, but with a caring word.
    We cannot choose whether or not to perform but we can choose how inspired our audience will be by our show.

    By Kailee on 03.28.2011

  2. The audience was huge. I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do. All I could hear was the audience, their breathing, their nervousness, their silence. I was about to dance and the music didn’t come on, I started anyway. I worked so hard to get where I was, in front of this audience. I wasn’t going to let them down.

    By Kira on 03.28.2011

  3. I have never been good infront of any kinds of audiences. I hate being alone up there somewhere and people staring at me. I feel that I’m a gorilla in a porcelain shop. So I imagine everybody as monkeys. In pyjamas…

    By Marié URL on 03.28.2011

  4. the audience screamed and the horses pranced. parades always bring out the strangest people, you never know who you’ll see but the horses are always the ones to watch, they always make you feel calm, no matter the situation

    By Margaret Irving on 03.28.2011

  5. She sat staring into space. Waiting for someone to make eye contact with her. waiting for something to happen. Nothing. No one was there. BUt she could hear them. She could feel a presence. Someone was watching. Turning her head, staring off into the distance she felt something stir in her. Something she hadn’t felt since she was a child: fear.

    By Ellen on 03.28.2011

  6. I think the important thing about having an audience is if there was no one to listen i have would have no purpose in performing.

    By dane on 03.28.2011

  7. i love having an audience it is fun. but sometimes my knees shake when i’m up on stage by myself. i like when they clap at the end though. i love to sing in front of the people. they like my voice. then they clap.

    By Kelsey on 03.28.2011

  8. a group of people who have decided to go and watch something like a music piece or a film or a book recital or perhaps an audience of people who have decide to laugh at someone who has made a fool of themselves. An audience can also be a group of people who gather to watch an amazing sight somewhere.

    By Matthew on 03.28.2011

  9. If all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players, then who is our audience?

    By Mike the Magic Squid URL on 03.28.2011

  10. happiness

    By dinara URL on 03.28.2011

  11. some may love it, some may hate it. difficult. sometimes pointless. scary usually. not capable to speak clearly. lack of ideas. means of manipulation. communication. will, fighting for an idea.

    By Ciobanu Razvan on 03.28.2011

  12. it`s nice to have it
    i like it
    sometimes it sucks
    it makes you talk shit
    it makes you tremble
    there are so many people!
    everyone is looking at you
    you see everybody
    you might hate or love the feeling
    i`d prefer pigs rather than humans

    By rendsyn on 03.28.2011

  13. i was standing right there, in the foront of that big audience and i dinn’t know what to say. my breath stopped and i closed my eyes. i started to talk about a forest, but i don’t know why, and i don’t know what did they expect from me, but i keeped talking. then, i opened my eyes and saw all those eyes pointed at me.

    By Hanelore on 03.28.2011

  14. .

    By agdgshfshfshsh on 03.28.2011

  15. The audience is a jerk. It doesn’t care what might happen, but it is quick to judge. It is the mirror. It is the reason we hate the stage, our true self. It is the reason we hide behind curtains. It is who kills us.

    By Jessica on 03.28.2011

  16. audience damn it the audience was clapping and cutting their legs totally pissed off making margheritas over the crappy performance they are watching that’s just sickening anyways because nobody cares over that pretentious bullcrap yo. Anyways, the audience is monotone. It is always monotone because thats how it is.

    By Jimmy on 03.28.2011

  17. The audience applauded as she entered the stage. Ushered by fear and anxiety, she brushed all these off and continued with her performance. The performance of her life. The moment in which her whole existence was defined by.

    By Erika on 03.28.2011

  18. audience applause the crowd thousands millions screaming yelling jeering clapping waiting patiece aticipation excitmenet childre jumping over heads cant see nothing but are excited nonetheless, adults acting like kids roses on the feet of the performer and incredible awe in tyhe faces of every single person

    By jo on 03.28.2011

  19. I already did audience it was the word yesterday. But looking back, sometimes its not too bad to have an audience. It protects you. It makes people see your side of the story. Your side of the argument. With an audience, you have proof of everything and as long as you don’t do anything to hurt others there is no reason that anything should be taken against you

    By Carla URL on 03.28.2011

  20. A group of paying voyeurs. Allowed to watch and critique as though what they watch was their own. Without it an act is nothing, with it, an act can become everything. All the world is a stage said Shakespeare which means the universe is watching!!

    By Tom on 03.28.2011

  21. There’s only one thing better then being centre stage leading an audience at Madison Square Gardens, and that is being one of the thousands of people in the audience singing along to all your favorite songs like nobody else is around

    By Shannon on 03.28.2011

  22. Audience before me. My imperfections, stuttering, ordinary features on display. From the audience, all I long for is applause.

    By Kristina on 03.28.2011

  23. The audience clapped enthusiastically after the show ended. There was pandemonium in the theater. The crowd screamed for more, and when more was not given they attacked. There was blood everywhere. Screaming

    By Rick on 03.28.2011

  24. The audience was quiet. Waiting expectantly for something to happen. But it didn’t. No one came out onto the stage, no music filtered through the speakers, no voice boomed from back stage.

    By William Triggs on 03.28.2011

  25. I see it clapping clapping for me all for me and it’s great I love it. They are always there for me. As long as I am here they will be also.

    By Windy on 03.28.2011

  26. the court held an audience with her majesty.

    By cory on 03.28.2011

  27. The audience rose to that stunning performance. They clapped and cheer for the man on stage. If he could relive a moment it would be this one.

    By Windy URL on 03.28.2011

  28. audience ihe amanda show applause no wrestle little kid kicking in a man. love ya dan. dan shcnieder drake and josh i carly kennan and kel i think amanda show. ke orange soda nick ni nick nick ni ni ni nick. seats .

    By daniel on 03.28.2011

  29. Having an audience is a scary thing
    Expectations are high
    And you are only human after all
    All eyes on you
    Picture them naked
    Feeling Sick
    Under Pressure
    I am not a person who deals with an audience well.

    By Leah on 03.28.2011

  30. as i stepped out on stage i stared into the vast array of people, animals, plants, and insects, staring back at me. it was as if i was the only person with attention. i couldnt figure out what to do, so i just stared, blankly out. then they clapped.

    By Brandon Schmiedeberg on 03.28.2011

  31. If there was a reason an audience was there to experience an artistic demonstration, it would be for the artist, an artist’s reaction to an audience is a chain reaction of belief and respect, beautiful.

    By Adam on 03.28.2011