March 27th, 2011 | 631 Entries

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631 Entries for “audience”

  1. The audience, stationed below the stage, watched the play intensely. The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was playing out in front of them and as they watched the actors, they were amazing at the feeling and emotion of the piece. It was an amazing production.

    By Enoraa on 03.28.2011

  2. Half the world is watching while the other half do things, happen to things, laugh and cry. Being the audience is always comfortable but it can be boring. What are you?

    By soulstealer9 URL on 03.28.2011

  3. a loud, vivacious audience in a concert hall, clapping and screaming for an encore…fiery, sensations in a crowwd

    By Rose on 03.28.2011

  4. loud, clapping noises across the concert hall fill the room and one person stands up and shouts encore!! However cliche it may be it happened. And when it happens, it happens perfefctly.

    By Rose on 03.28.2011

  5. I don’t do this for an audience, I do this to bring glory to God. I don’t want my name to be known through out the earth, I want HIS to be known through out the earth. I don’t people to worship me and what I do, I want people to worship HIM and what HE does!

    By laughalot on 03.28.2011

  6. didn’t I just do this word yesterday? last night? it’s all blending together. no time for capital letters. no time for details. is this C+ work? audience…my professors? my lover? me? is everyone else an illusion, or am i just very very sleepy? am i really asking my dumb, deaf audience for these answers?

    By Used on 03.28.2011

  7. it makes you scared. it brings out the worst and best in you. it can determine your future whether you’ll event make it to your next speech – or not.

    By Nina on 03.28.2011

  8. didn’t i just write in for this word? how do you even get to write about other words? where do i even have to sign up? haha, time to read on.

    By Nina on 03.28.2011

  9. Standing before this humble gathering, not much of an audience really, she wondered how much longer could she believe in this seemingly impossible dream?

    By djk on 03.28.2011

  10. Out here, in there. Watching, basking. A group only looking for the good and stampeding upon the not-so-good.

    By Sean Preez on 03.28.2011

  11. my audience is small but loyal. as i type, i know they hang on my every word. They laugh with me, cry with me and share pain and joy. I know they are unique, in that they are mine alone, but i will share with anyone who needs a boost of confidence.

    By darren on 03.28.2011

  12. I try to ignore them most of the time– The people I’m writing to… writing for… but very often the only person I am writing for is myself. I’m my own audience and am very rarely amused.

    By hayward on 03.28.2011

  13. To be in audience of someone is a form of respect and might even be admiration for whatever talent or knowledge or stupidity they might have to offer.

    By Ben on 03.28.2011

  14. The laughter filled the halls. And the blood poured down the walls. No one would ever know who had done this. But she had put on one hell of a show. The knife slipped up her sleeve. The dress plunged low and revealing her tempting body. Lace held her in its soft hands, lace that now held an odd frightening hue of red.

    By Christina Durden URL on 03.28.2011

  15. Looking out there from in here I see; audible addiction. Hundreds of eyes looking forward, none looking back.

    By Sean Proud URL on 03.28.2011

  16. To look out into the world and find who you are trying to relate to
    is no easy task for the writer. We seek acceptance, but only from
    that select few. Only those who we know will understand. I will tell you,
    it’s meant for everyone, but I’m lying. It’s meant for only those who we seek to
    share commanilty with.

    By bethany on 03.28.2011

  17. I’ve always wanted to have someone watching. Someone to stare, really look, take me in with their eyes, and enjoy it. I want to be able to hear the whispering, I want to be able to feel them shake, I want to see them shiver. I want my audience. I want him.

    By Champagne URL on 03.28.2011

  18. People must be looking. There is silence save a cough and a rustle. Blinded by the spotlight in the darkness – I don’t see them, they see me. What will the reception be? Awkward sp

    By Emily on 03.28.2011

  19. People are watching me- I twirl and bow, and yet, I am invisible. The people down there, watching, I don not know. All I know is that I care what they think. I want to impress. I want to be different The audience can be cruel, but sometimes what the audience thinks is differeit thinks. I like to live before an audience, but it can be so restricting. Who is watching me? Who cares? The people I want to watch me and be enthralled may not even see me, perhaps he is not even a part of the audience.

    By Nadia on 03.28.2011

  20. people pulsing the full sense of connecting with perform and form
    up there on the stage
    so similar to out there in the audience
    because it’s all a story
    an experience.
    it’s all important.
    and in a way, real.
    i like both sides.

    By marcy gregoire URL on 03.28.2011

  21. The audience clapped happily and joyfully for the man playing the pianoforte. They made echoes of satisfaction and couldnt help but stare in awe. They were jealous. They wished they were the ones up there, as well. But unfortunately, they were just part of the untalented masses.

    By B on 03.28.2011

  22. is listening. in the dark. bored? excited? sitting. many people, probably. cinema, theatre, lecture. popcorn, break, icecream.

    By Hank on 03.28.2011

  23. Is some one who watches how you preform something, If you were to put on a show then they are the people that watch you. And if your good then they aplaud you at the end.

    By Jewelz on 03.28.2011

  24. there are audiences at a concert or a gathering

    By stavroscastilllo on 03.28.2011

  25. An audience is people that look at you and watch you

    By america on 03.28.2011

  26. Audience= people that watch you perform maybe in a play or even in a aditon. well what ever this is stuipid i hate oneword

    By Baby Baba on 03.28.2011

  27. I preformed a concert for the school. It was a choir concert. There was a very large audience.

    By Jarom URL on 03.28.2011

  28. some one how wach people performe

    By littleman on 03.28.2011

  29. something when you go somewhere the people sitting down in the stands………..

    By emily URL on 03.28.2011

  30. During a play the actors love to have an audience. But I personally hate an audience if I am the center of attention. I get so nervous.

    By emmaliegh URL on 03.28.2011

  31. and audience is who we strive to please. we are not always ourselves in front of an audience. an audience of loved ones are the toughest critics. audiences provide an escape

    By Ashling Doyle on 03.28.2011

  32. a audience is someone is watching you sing then clap for u when u done

    By Caitlin Cordova on 03.28.2011

  33. They listen!!!!!!!!!:P!!

    By stillmoon URL on 03.28.2011

  34. The crowd of people who watch your performance with judgemental eyes. Alone it can be an individual, together they are a beast working in unison. One acts, the others follow. If they boo, you’re terrible. A standing ovation and you’re golden. There’s no error here.

    By Regina URL on 03.28.2011

  35. watching the entertainer with high emotions wanting something extraordinary to happen. they will aplaude or boo… depending on whether they like it or not. the audience is your crowd and you need to please them if you want to go far in what you’re showing.

    By Allie on 03.28.2011

  36. watching me, watching them her she
    perform, dictate or fillabuster, they remain
    standing in place, cheering, jeering and peering
    over the heads before them.

    By Melissa on 03.28.2011

  37. The audience waited for the show to begin, eyes shiny from expectations and transfixed on the gently glowing stage, feeling the hum of anticipation in the air.

    By Kiarna Benson on 03.28.2011

  38. an audience of none is what i had today, onlookers saw with nothing but a blank stare.
    this is what the lonesome reality is in a day to day world.
    i grant my audience to you but expect no applause. but a pause.

    By o URL on 03.28.2011

  39. noise, big group, excitement, happiness, fans, applause, joy,

    By Christina on 03.28.2011

  40. Their eyes,
    With every move I make.
    I’m here to entertain,
    To please,
    But they constantly search,
    For my imperfections.

    By Rose URL on 03.28.2011