March 26th, 2011 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “classic”

  1. a classic evening, john madden was riding a thunderbolt out of fcuking nowhere , while his while was blowing the dog. so when the dog came john
    madden said “FOOTBALL!!!!” and pinkie said AEIOU AEIOU and they all had lesbian sex.

    By penis URL on 03.27.2011

  2. The car was a classic. Smooth red and brilliant chrome.

    Do they see me? Do they see the good things or the bad? The shiny red surface or the greasy undercarriage?

    By Kyle on 03.27.2011

  3. music, not my most favorite kind either. It usually implies something of great value to the time period in which it was born. I think of things historically and within my lifetime as classic. something from the romantic era or 6th grade, its all the same kind of classic to me. Thats what i think about classic

    By richard on 03.27.2011

  4. When I tripped over a tree root and you said, “classic Mara.” and smiled at me.
    I can’t remember a time when anyone else said that to me. I’m glad i have a distinct personality and can be “classic Mara.” You were the only one who told me I was different enough to be classic.

    By Mara on 03.27.2011

  5. He says I sleep with open eyes, my orbs a classic statue’s white and lost in some void, intent on capturing dreams as they fly past. I do not tell him that there are no dreams where I go.

    By Nathalie (@spacedlaw) URL on 03.27.2011

  6. i am a classic, like marilyn monroe. i’m a girl with curves, i’m a confident woman, i have my insecurities but dammit i’m straightforward and what you see is what you get. i will love you to the end of days or i will hate you until you have the good graces to win me over. white skin, red lips, blue eyes. end of story.

    By Jamie Marie on 03.27.2011

  7. It was a classic move. She should have seen it coming.. She knew it was him.. No one else did that.. the red roses… the wine.. alll his moves for his moves…

    By Meghna on 03.27.2011

  8. there are classic cars, classic,music, the classics as in literary tomes, classic music as Beetohvan …all types

    By nancy URL on 03.27.2011

  9. The thing that never goes out of style.
    Always comes back after being out of style. Again and again.
    Holds the test of time.

    By Therese D'Ambrosia on 03.27.2011

  10. “I don’t understand why some books are considered classic just because they’re old,” she told him, one hand leaning on the banister. She cocked her head to the side and he thought, for not the first time, that she belonged in some sort of classic novel about beautiful women and the men who loved them.

    By Liz on 03.27.2011

  11. the classic car sit in the garage all winter. the smell permeates the space as it marinates. the shine is immortal, the headlights waiting for the perfect time to shine.

    By Jen Cotten on 03.27.2011

  12. a word that describes something of the norm. a norm meaning what people find daily to be their “normal” classic is something that people find attractive, funny, or just something not out of the ordinary. something that is ordinary.

    By Katelyn on 03.27.2011

  13. Books that stand the test of time. Movies that are black and white, that no one ever really watches anymore. Powerful, thought-provoking music with percussion, horns, strings, and oboes. Old but beautiful. Beautifully old.

    By Ashley Dean on 03.27.2011

  14. Classic movie. The best. Classic sentences. Classic jokes. Classics are just great cause what ever happens, they are still classics and work all the time…

    By fanny on 03.27.2011

  15. The armoir in Nana’s house. It’s kind of like the ballerina she gave to me, named Susan – the way she stands, poised. Perfect. Pristine.
    Things don’t change for her anymore. She watches all things come and go, standing. She doesn’t dance anymore.

    By t on 03.27.2011

  16. Classic- like a novel, or mom’s homemade lasagna. Nothing could ever come and replace it, nor could you do any better than it. Staying with a classic is grand, but it’s also good to begin something fresh or cultured. Examples: Audrey Hepburn, ‘Great Expectations,’ and peppermint patties. Usually go hand in hand with class.

    By Lydia Seifert on 03.27.2011

  17. when I see the word classic for some reason I’m reminded of classic cars. The old Mercedes Benz from the 60s. I’ve always been attracted to them even though I’m actually terrified of cars and anything to do with them. Everything about that era is just amazingly interesting. I love the way classic cars look, no matter how crap the car is, if it’s a classic, it’ll look expensive in my opinion.

    By shahad alzaman on 03.27.2011

  18. Strolling down the street and seeing an old man with an afro, bumping Kool and the Gang as he remembers what it’s like to dance like you’re young and always will be

    By Connor Fowler URL on 03.27.2011