December 15th, 2016 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “lease”

  1. been driving this one hard
    lots of miles piling up
    haven’t been good at taking care of her
    nicks and dents
    besides, i’m tired of black
    this time I think want to go red
    flashy, hot, exotic
    so goodbye Mary
    and hello Vanessa
    thank god for a lease
    don’t want to be stuck with
    the same model forever.

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 12.16.2016

  2. I don’t know what is the mean of the word I can’t write about this word

    By eric on 12.16.2016

  3. Leasing. Lassen? Lass das Auto leasen? Lass uns ein Auto leasen. Release. Loslassen. Die Idee des Autos loslassen. Wenn ich ein Auto hätte, wenn ich fahren könnte, dann wäre mein Blick auf die Welt ein ganz anderer. Dann wäre der Blick der anderen auf mich ein ganz anderer. ICH könnte entscheiden, zu welchem Ausflugsziel ich meine Eltern bringen will. Ich könnte sie spontan besuchen, ich wäre auf niemanden mehr angewiesen, der mich vom Bhf abholt. Wäre ich allein, würde ich Fahrrad fahren.

    By Lisa URL on 12.16.2016

  4. The lease of her heart expired. I lost her.
    I guess I just forgot to pay enough love.

    By Nat URL on 12.16.2016

  5. Right now I’m trapped in a lease with a man I no longer love. I knew from the beginning I didn’t love him enough for it, but I was desperate to get out of my mother’s house and hoped that maybe if I tried hard enough I would fall deeper and deeper “in love” with him. I was right.

    By Paige B on 12.16.2016

  6. The lease was up, the boxes packed. He sat looking at them all in his apartment, a maze that he had been having to find his way through as he had collected his remaining items. He was unsure of where he would be when they were finally unpacked again. Still, it hadn’t been so hard for him to put all the reminders packed into the boxes and finally out of sight.

    By Ken on 12.16.2016

  7. I am going to lease this car to you. Now that you have a car you can go dive it and then bring it back in a week.

    By Simon Woodard on 12.16.2016

  8. The wording on the lease looked all right. “You have to sign now,” the landlord said.

    “I want to have a friend look it over.” The man, shorter than Crissa but very muscular, gave her a head to foot stare, as if sizing her up for something.

    “What, don’t you trust me?”

    Crissa wavered. The landlord was between her and the door. He crossed his arms, looking like he was going to wait her out.

    “Well, don’t you?”

    She wanted to cry. Her phone rang. The landlord stepped back and Crissa ran out of the office, saying, “Yes, I’m ready. I’ll meet you at the front.” She continued running until she reached the street and down the block. The person calling the wrong number had saved her.

    By chanpheng URL on 12.16.2016

  9. To get a new lease on life, you have to change the conditions of the lease. You can do this at any time with just a bit of intention and a lot of brain(instead of elbow) grease on your part.

    By trkstr67 on 12.16.2016

  10. A new lease on life. What does that even mean? A second chance, I suppose, but what if it’s worse than my first chance? People might tell me I’m not the judge of that, but becoming a frog is not the idea this prince had of a second chance.

    By Cat on 12.16.2016

  11. The paper was clear. Crystal clear. She had signed over the land with her own signature. No court of law could have found a way around it. He sighed deeply and looked over at her. But she had made her decision.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.16.2016

  12. I asked for a second lease. I couldn’t afford to stay here anymore. I looked at my hands, at the lease, felt the salt gathering behind my eyes. I needed a second lease. The pangs and pain of adult were bringing more and more salt forward. I needed a second lease. God forbid I be able to afford anything else.

    By Neomi on 12.16.2016

  13. “How much money do you think we need to save for the lease?”

    I inhaled sharply, trying to clog the sudden congestion in my left nostril. “I don’t know,” I said. “One thousand dollars? Fifteen hundred?”

    Edgar nodded. We were standing by his desk, looking down at the mosaic of paperwork that we had yet to sign. The pottery shop was doing well sales-wise, but the payments for the space were just getting ridiculous.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.16.2016

  14. conciliatory gestures lease temporary smiles
    life isn’t, what you thought, because you might get hot
    its part of, humanity, to always be
    of, emotion…..
    alacrity for sun and fruit are the ways to be
    because if your stuck on boat with nowhere to gloat to
    happiness is always a place we can elope to
    just have to the tenacity to rope to
    your bliss-lease expires!
    have a burger at spires, and feel the sun, beating through the window
    you’ve always told to be positive
    do we really know how to live positive
    how can lease such thought
    when Christmas is here to be bought
    by mad drivers
    and screwed up red/blue phantom riders
    push the brakes on that drapes sliding in front of human heart!

    By Milad URL on 12.16.2016

  15. I forgot to pay the lease this month and the landlord was now knocking non-stop on my door. I hid behind the wall, out of sight from the door windows. I could practically feel his eyes burning into the plaster that was my protection. I prayed and prayed.

    By Grace on 12.16.2016

  16. A lease is not owned. One pays to borrow or rent something for a while. They do not own it. It is not their outright. They pay for temporary possession.

    By Judy on 12.16.2016

  17. I went out this morning to get some bread at the corner store. As I was crossing the street, I almost got hit by an out of control truck. It totally gave me a new lease on life. I will never eat bread again.

    By procrast URL on 12.16.2016

  18. I love to lease
    leasing is my favorite
    first i lease then i eat
    stop collaborlate and listen ice is back with a brand new addition
    if you like pina coldas or swimming in the rain ????

    By jdsfja URL on 12.16.2016

  19. release all that you have not with me upon me
    do not let it go shy and turn down its head
    do not let me keep it clear
    only to rear up with teeth and scorn
    do not let my presence fire burn you
    in my absence
    keep me honest
    keep you honest
    keep us honest both and one

    By Saudade on 12.16.2016

  20. spoil with your touch
    my skin
    keep it sullen newborn easy
    keep my heart swaddled keep it pleased
    and smiling with curling lips like unfinished ferns
    soft with dew and green and fuzz of leaf to come
    capture my heart
    tug it loose with your warm
    press it against you

    By Saudade on 12.16.2016

  21. Oh Jesus! How did oneword know I’m looking for an apartment. I’d like to get into a long term lease at a steal in a rent-stabilized building and beat a little bit of this nyc rent-crunching mindset.

    By adrian on 12.16.2016

  22. The lease was signed on April 1st, and ooh boy do I wish it had been a joke.
    It wasn’t though. It was never a joke, and the reality of that slammed me as the realtor stared into me head on, like a truck driver willing me to move out of her way. Her smile was fake, didn’t reach her eyes, so fake, but the lease wasn’t.

    By Sara on 12.16.2016

  23. of life, to have tons of energy, and remember how the cat spilled the beans over the theshold of jam farthings beginning with the piece of carrot cake bestride the funny bunny binkiwinky fuzzfluff sex steamer with the pram in a jamjar over the spanish spood glover with lover to be for the tree of quilted spleen toother ove the raping up of the flame thrower’s farthingfilled platitudes protruding from the printh of god’ panties lompooning lashes.

    By Ben on 12.16.2016

  24. leasing a house is the best way to make money right?
    this is shit, i hate this word. i am not even english ahah what am i supposed to say about this? i am lost. so lost. so fucking lost.

    By insidebattles on 12.16.2016

  25. when we buy when we sale or when we get a big thing;… if there is any problem we can prove it with leases but when we love we mean that we give you our hearts as a house with any leases just trust so why when we lost this trust we are hurt because we do not have lease for that love which let us do all that for our lovers;… we do not have any prooves only our hearts know…. we cry we write… just for decrease that feeling :/

    By romi maiss on 12.16.2016

  26. You see these commercials where they tell you, mostly if you’re old, that you’ll have a new lease on life. So I ask, Just who the fuck is the landlord that’s giving you this lease? Have you spoken directly to this person or are you just assuming that whatever you’re selling will make said landlord say, “Holy shit, that’s amazing. I’m giving her a new lease on life.” You know, I work in the bullshit business. I’ve slung some of it around myself for a real long time. Convinced people to buy things, go places, eat things, go to restaurants, drive a certain kind of car. Most of the time, I’ve believed the bullshit myself, because you can’t really write it if you don’t invest a piece of yourself in it just a little bit. Anyway, here’s a news flash: Nobody on this planet is authorized to give you a new lease on life. At least not from a product. Know what does give you what feels like a new lease on life? Love. Love of anything. Love of love, of sex, of marriage (not many people in that kind of love), of food, of your children. That’s where this lease comes from. The best one I think is love. There is nothing like it. No feeling like it at all.
    That’s the lease you want. That’s the one.

    By rubyluby on 12.16.2016

  27. There she was again leasing out her love to another. Just like she had so many years before. Tricking me with her lies and promises. I knew that she had stollen my heart from the very first day I knew her. Her dark wavy hair in tight curls down her back, her golden personality shinning brighter then her eyes. Her smile so brilliant at never the less she meant everything to me and I thought she knew that when all of this started. I could have sworn that I bought her heart and all the love to come with it but here I am watching her lease out her love again. Her lease came with terms and conditions just like any contract. The payment was my soul, my time and she spent them recklessly.

    By Sonny on 12.16.2016

  28. We signed the lease on Friday night and we’re hoping to be moved in completely by Tuesday, maybe Wednesday at the latest. This is going to be my first apartment and it’s Stacey’s second or third I think. So I’m kind of going to be leaning on her for her experience and hoping she can kind of guide me into this whole thing. I don’t know why I wrote this, I don’t even know any Stacey and I haven’t leased an apartment.

    By Lee on 12.16.2016