May 29th, 2012 | 386 Entries

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386 Entries for “architecture”

  1. Is an overblown way of trying to give us a decent framework in life. It is surrounded by all sorts of pretence and qualification, but fundamentally should be about happiness.

    By Jim on 05.29.2012

  2. A sense of awe and respect always overwhelms me whenever I enter a building with beautiful, ancient architecture. St. Louis Cathedral, in New Orleans’ Jackson Square, is a perfect example; even though I’m not Catholic, I can never go into that cathedral without feeling like there’s no more magical and history-laden place in the whole world.

    By Maya URL on 05.29.2012

  3. It’s truly amazing what some people can do in the field of architecture. The creativity they maximize in order to form the most interesting of buildings and structures is quite appalling, and at least for me, relieving, to know that there are such creative people in this world. It is wonderful what architects can do, and I applaud them on their abilities :)

    By Emilia URL on 05.29.2012

  4. my house is an architecture. so is alot of ancient places in rome and italy and what not. it is basically a building of some sort is considered architecture. There are differnt tyoes of architecture like columns and arches. i see different types of architecture all day long.

    By erica moritz on 05.29.2012

  5. architecture is the thing of dreams. It is the thing that shapes our thoughts and contains our concepts of the world in which we want to live. architecture is not a box or a window or a skyline

    By grant on 05.29.2012

  6. I once took this Meyers-Briggs test that said my personality type was akin to the “architect” in the bevy of “personality archetypes.” So whatever that means. I don’t design buildings for a living and I’m not always extremely introverted, even so I do construct teams and projects. I’d like to say the personality assessment was wrong in a lot of ways, but it’s kind humbling to realize that time and time again there are certain markers that all these years later still hold true – as if all our personalities can be easily deconstructed into a few key words.

    By HelenGrant URL on 05.29.2012

  7. Architecture is the design of buildings and other structures. It’s strategic and creative, because along with making something that’ll hold up, you want it to be visually appealing. It’s kind of like a woman. A beautiful woman. And a beautiful woman is like a Spanish guitar.

    By Klimabean on 05.29.2012

  8. its colors hsapes sizes. all in one. reminds me of the word texture. Building even the word seem like it was built. it’s a pretty word.

    By Bethlehem well on 05.29.2012

  9. The architecture of my heart is sturdy, it’s stately, it consists mostly of the twenty-one year marriage I’ve built. But there are rooms that contain my childhood and the love I am currently sheltering, for someone else.

    By ruth URL on 05.29.2012

  10. architecture has always seemed like a bland hobby to me. until i expanded my vision, i had been blind to the reality that architecture is a vital part of life.

    By Coop on 05.29.2012

  11. days unsavingly dark.

    at least, you might’ve told me so out of the corner of your mouth, windowbird, too scared to go outside and too in love to move away from
    (the complaints they send about your voyeurism, over in the kitchen on the phone i tell them you are wheelchair bound, sunlight starved, i tell them you are asleep most of the time)

    first thing you sold were the curtains; ebay or somewhere cheap or maybe goodwill, honey, i’m sorry, i don’t really pay attention when i watch you anymore;
    i should’ve known, then, i guess, but all this time you’ve been looking out i’ve been looking down

    By robyn URL on 05.29.2012

  12. The basis of a building to the peak of a sky scraping edifice, architecture has deep roots implanted into the earths history. Every society has had greats feats with this emense field of work.

    By ajani32inaja on 05.29.2012

  13. He was a squat, grey man living in a squat, grey house. Funny how people can develop the same architecture as their houses.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.29.2012

  14. art history major. huge buildings. life. creation. stress. architecture is the foundation of today’s civilization, it is everything that is anything because it involves creation. it involves the manufacturing and structuring of something new, it is the creation of a new life of steel. to create is something beautiful.

    By Christina Mueller on 05.29.2012

  15. There are fundamental designs in architecture that can literally be mapped through philosophy and math. I have nothing but hear-say to back this up, however I feel I’m justified to say it because if you’re reading about architecture you already have a general understanding.

    By Jess on 05.29.2012

  16. Buildings, but not just the physical structure. How tall or how big, but the small intricacies, thats what separates architecture from construction.

    By Joe C on 05.29.2012

  17. Architecture is like art, it is very creative and inspiring. It is very useful in the world

    By shenouda on 05.29.2012

  18. Architecture is a really good thing without it we would probably not have any houses or villas. We need it because without it we would be still living outdoors on tents

    By Lachie Smith on 05.29.2012

  19. Architecture is the design of a building or structure. It can be vital to things like how the building looks, feels (inside and out) and its structure, which is really important.

    By Shaun P on 05.29.2012

  20. Many builders use this to come up with brilliant and genius designs for new buildings and structures. Many wonders around the world are a brilliant example of brilliant architecture. For example the colosseum.

    By AnthonyRowan on 05.29.2012

  21. In the roman empire architecture was very famous?

    By jarryd bowler on 05.29.2012

  22. Architecture your the man that dose lots of things that tells me what to do. He helps me the make my bedroom cool and awesome.

    By Shaun Irvine on 05.29.2012

  23. I build I hammer I saw I am an architect but my work is known as architecture

    By Brodie on 05.29.2012

  24. There are lots of diffrent typs of architect around the world it make more place to go see and look at.

    By huxley on 05.29.2012

  25. Panting creative

    By Jeremy on 05.29.2012

  26. Architecture is something

    By Anthony Rocca on 05.29.2012

  27. Architecture is fun and amazing but also has down sides like looking at ugly things and random stuff everyone loves to do it and use it so you should do it to as its great fun for everyone including yourself yay for architecture and studying architecture because of how fun it is and is also exciting woohoo maybe I should do some right now. I hope everyone has fun doing it because I love to do it.

    By Matty on 05.29.2012

  28. Umm architecture is something that we need fro example the mcg and famous attractions. In also different comun

    By Josh on 05.29.2012

  29. Architecture. Architecture is all around the big round world from country to country architecture is all around us especially in Rome like the colosseum to the leaning tower of pissa We can never escape architecture

    By Olivier Kendra on 05.29.2012

  30. The building have beautiful architecture.
    It takes a good architect to make great architecture designed buildings.
    To be a good Architect you have to study architecture in school.
    Architecture is a hard word to write about.

    By Kevie Lui on 05.29.2012

  31. filling the sky with man made products poluting the earth. Unsatisfactory in finished products. But shelter from this dangerous world.

    By Heather Springer on 05.29.2012

  32. It is as complex and intriguing as us human beings.

    By Mary on 05.29.2012

  33. I don’t want to be 500 Days Of Summer. I want to be Ryan Reynolds in Crazy, Stupid Love.
    I hate airplane movies.
    I hate airplanes.
    I like home.
    I like my home. My house, my yard, my turret, my secret doors.
    I like the comfort of coming home.

    By darseyrsm URL on 05.29.2012

  34. It’s a study that deals with building structures.

    By Erika on 05.29.2012

  35. In the stratosphere that we call our lives
    We envelope ourselves in the architecture of being.
    Who we become is advocated according to each individual and those that we meet.
    Our architecture is our self.

    By Cara on 05.29.2012

  36. i can remember exactly the sense of timelessness that was present that night, as if eternity was real. and you were real, a living dream: but like any dream, so fragile. the december sky darkened the world outside us and you were the light: but like any light, a little out of reach. but see, that night, it really was eternity because the stars had aligned and on a sofa in a coffeeshop, you got to me. the architecture of your mind your body your heart: time goes by, but i won’t forget. i’ll have a drink now. here’s to the unforgettable moments of my life.

    By Nina Wang on 05.29.2012

  37. We all build our own private hell. It’s elaborate, full of all the books we read, the shows we watch, our fantasies, people we pass on the highway and more and more. It’s full of too much wonderful yes. And then, you look around at the real world and realize it’ll never add up. It’s a mundane version of something so amazing in your own head.

    By Trey on 05.29.2012

  38. Architecture is everywhere. They are the buildings that speak. It’s an art. I am studying B.Architecture. And i love it. Every building has it’s own identity and it’s speaks a language called- ARCHITECTURE!

    By Prachi on 05.29.2012

  39. it is beautiful. simple and complex. no one can have the same idea as the next person. i believe it opens our eyes to someone elses imagination, leading us into a world of wonder. its like what they dream and fanatasize about, what they would like the world to look like. it shows us a stronger perspective of what life could be like.

    By Amber on 05.29.2012

  40. Architecture… I always wanted to be an architect until i realized what it really was. Now i know what it actually is… it seems so difficult for me to be one. This also reminds me of Annabeth in percy Jackson series. She love architecture and would always talk about it.

    By sorryimnotperfect on 05.29.2012