May 28th, 2012 | 396 Entries

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396 Entries for “dilemma”

  1. You’re there and I’m here. The distance is minimized but I feel so far away. It’s been weeks since you told me what’s on your mind and it’s been months since I was able to look you in the eyes. I don’t know where time went or why we’re here but I don’t know how to get back.

    By Alyssa Jones on 05.29.2012

  2. “Well, this s quite a dilemma we’re in, wouldn’t you say?,” was all I could here of his mottled voice as I passed from consciousness.

    By Cheryl Cummings on 05.29.2012

  3. Its a dilemma why
    I write what I write
    here on oneword.
    What do i hope to gain from it
    I have no idea.
    But I write.
    I guess my
    writing skills
    and the ability to think on my feet
    improves as a result.
    What else is there?
    I take pride in creating things.

    By nilooka on 05.29.2012

  4. A heart-rending,
    Gut-wrenching puzzle,
    This dilemma pulls at my mind
    I worry, fret,
    Why darling,
    Why must you pull away?

    By Michelle on 05.29.2012

  5. my whole life is a dilemma. waking up in the morning is a dilemma, what to wear is a dilemma. i don’t really care, but other people do. the man i wake up next to is a dilemma. not because of how i feel, but because of how it affects other people. what to eat is a dilemma; that one is my dilemma though. to go to work or not is a dilemma, but one i cannot really have control over. coming home is a dilemma, so is going to bed. choosing to repeat this all again, that is the greatest dilemma.

    By el on 05.29.2012

  6. A faltering step and I’m not sure if I’ll stay grounded. A slip of the shoes; I tied them too loose. Almost as loose as the ground beneath me.
    A dilemma of ties and gravel.

    By xanth0s URL on 05.29.2012

  7. No dilemma here…”I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.”

    (1 John 5:13 NIV84)


    By vanhaydu URL on 05.29.2012

  8. “Dilemma,” that’s all she could think about. How had she managed to get herself into this situation and not have thought about the conflict, well, befuddled her. Innocently enough, perhaps a few details should have indicated otherwise.

    By Elizabeth on 05.29.2012

  9. The word dilemma can mean “problem.” The dilemma of teens and young adults nowadays is that they really do not know what they want in life. They say they want to find love and happiness but they keep looking for it in the wrong places and at the wrong time.

    By Cha on 05.29.2012

  10. Meu dilema agora é: estudar para concurso ou investir em um mestrado. De fato os dilemas me acompanham a vida toda e resolvê-los sempre é dolorido. Melhor que viver um dilema é superá-lo mas, para que isso ocorra, precisa-se de tempo para amadurecimento.
    Quantos dilemas vivemos diriamente? Quantos dilemas ocupam nossas mentes?

    By Cardoso on 05.29.2012

  11. dillema trouble problem which shall i choose what will happen worry worry worry think how on earth one hand other hand how why where when pain and mystery wonder power is the one not the one trees and wind dying life and death sorry

    By Sasha on 05.29.2012

  12. I had a dilemma. As Shakespeare wrote: “to be or not to be? that is the question”. Should I live or die? I sat in the dark, empty room, debating; tears streamed down my cheeks. I decided to live…for now…

    By Callie on 05.29.2012

  13. people have a dilemma when if they can’t choose because neither is the better choice.

    By just582 URL on 05.29.2012

  14. problem encyclopedia fish stupid i am confused please tell me what i am doing here? besides being creative. i just stumbled upon this page and i have no idea why i am doing what the screen tells me, this is bothering me on the fact that i have strep throat.

    By jason on 05.29.2012

  15. I can’t deny that I have been in some dilemmas in my life what with yanno things but then it’s like derp and then things happen and then you’re like “what do you do” with this dilemma that has been given to you? Dilemmas are something that somehow does things like… um dilemmas are part of what shapes a character and that is all ………… but yeah things happen and then you have to worry about them and then herp.

    By Julie on 05.29.2012

  16. So there was a problem. A big problem. Some might call it a dilemma. This problem was so big that world leaders debated nonstop about it. What was it? A dilemma.

    By Rob on 05.29.2012

  17. OH NO its also a dilemma and things okay so. I am having this dilemma because I very much like to paint my nails and things and so they are almost always very long. But I play violin or at least I just started to ad things but it’s REALLY hard to play with long nails.

    By Rachel on 05.29.2012

  18. Dilemma is being stuck and being put into a problem of some sort. Dilemma is not getting any vagina for more than 4 months. Dilemma is being around girls all the time and nit knowing wht to do and how to make the first move. Dilemma is forgetting how to be single.

    By Sammy Ot on 05.29.2012

  19. problems. i tend to get into a lot of problems. or at least i used to, when i was in middle school, and even in elementary school. a bunch of girls would lie to me; they’d say i was their friend, but then ignore me, ditch me, and lie to me. and now, well, im stuck in a dilemma now. my friends are all seniors and graduating and im a junior. and i have to say goodbye :( and it’s going to be the hardest thing i’m going to have to do.

    By lily on 05.29.2012

  20. “Dad!” Mels called up the TARDIS stairs. “Dad, we’ve got a problem!”

    “A problem?” the Doctor shouted back. “Are you sure it’s not a dilemma? Or a quandary?”

    “No, Dad, it’s definitely a problem.”

    The Doctor ran down the stairs. “Well then, what is the problem?”

    “The TARDIS won’t do anything! She’s just stuck, floating in space!”

    “Oh,” the Doctor said. “This is definitely a problem.”

    By Damaris on 05.29.2012

  21. i don’t know what to do with this cat lying in my front door. the cat is dead. i should bury it like i buried so many of the birds it left for me. but i think perhaps it would not like this. i think it wants to stay here.

    By rottenassembly on 05.29.2012

  22. dilemma is a dilemma. What to say? What to think? What to even consider. Such is its own canard. There is no answer. It is its own dilemma.

    By Alan URL on 05.29.2012

  23. How can I begin again, How can I love someone new. When I’m not over you. Time can come and take away the pain but I just want my memoreis to remain. How is that possible when everytime I think of you it hurts. All I want to do is hear your voice and see your face. But it hurts more than anything.

    By mercedes on 05.29.2012

  24. dilemma. dilemma is when you’re in a bathroom taking a dump and you’re out of toilet paper.

    By John on 05.29.2012

  25. Wow,
    Dilemma – is not just a word. It is a whole world of things for me.
    I am stuck in my personal dilemma which makes me lost in my own world. It is so complicated and it so overwhelming. I try to find ways of how to cope with it, I just have no clue how to.
    I feel like I am all alone – left to this world to figure it out on my own. It is not the mistakes that I am afraid of – it is the unknown. I just don’t know what I need to do.
    On one hand my intuition tells me to do one thing, but then on the other hand – other people tell me to do another thing. I don’t think I know it all – nor do I have all the answers. But then if these people are giving me advice – where are they coming from? what should I do? How are they so convinced with the advice they are giving me? So now I am lost – this is only the beginning of my dilemma.

    A second part of this dilemma is – whether or not I am in this situation is my fault or not? Is it just my head over analyzing everything or is it just my confusion of not understanding people.
    I took this personality test where part of the result came back that I am not emotionally connected to the people closest to me – does that come from me not being honest? is it the reason why people are giving me false advice based on my false information I am providing them? is that the reason why people are not getting me?
    If all these answers are positive – then what is it that I need to do in order to open up emotionally?
    Then there is the thing of being angry or hurt by the ex and my dad – how do I get over that? will I ever get over it? if so how long?
    I was told that this comes with working the program and in steps eight and nine – a miraculous spiritual awakening comes about – but I don’t know. I can’t keep sober for the life of me. Maybe I just need to work these steps and see what the out come is. Who knows.

    Well this is my dilemma, I am sure I can keep writing for another few more hours – but I have started to lose my patience at this point.

    By Yermi on 05.29.2012

  26. Dilemma’s are all to common in our lives. It feels as if we face a new one every hour of the day…. What defines us as humans; as individuals is how we deal with these dilemmas. At times it feels as if everything is stacked against us… I assure we will prevail.

    By Lenny Waters on 05.29.2012

  27. how do i tell regina that i cannot stand her right now. i dont want to talk to her, text her, see her. nothing. she’s so irritating lately that the thought of her sends me into a total rage out. i wish she would just go to california and leave me alone. she acts like her and morgan are some sort of real couple.

    By A on 05.29.2012

  28. I have a dilemma. I just had sex with my ex-boyfriend, who I might still be in love with. but we do not want each other. I do not want him. I want him to want me. How fucked is that? my dilemma is named erik. I do not even believe in love anymore. I believe in paradoxes that I can not escape from.

    By Helle on 05.29.2012

  29. It was indeed a dilemma. it was being caught between a rock and a hard place and they were squeezing in. i wasnt sure how i had gotten myself into this situation; locked in a bathroom and hoping she couldnt hear me breathe. i, however, could hear their movements behind the door. she was crying, pleading, begging, or was she just seducing him? i could hear but i couldnt fully understand what happened

    By Anjie URL on 05.29.2012

  30. i have a dilema I think i love to hard and am very emotional i tend to get hurt very easy i will continue to love and cherish people no matter what.

    By anthony on 05.29.2012

  31. I just wrote about this. I always think about this. And my life is the absence of this. I am one big paradox with a lot of dilemmas. I guess I love the wrong person, even though i dont want himto love me back. So what is my dilemma?

    By supernova on 05.29.2012

  32. there was a dilemma in the store yesterday, a woman wanted the las can of green beans. but i needed them for a secret recipe my grama gave me. it was the main ingredient. so I pulle dout her weave. and she left. THE END

    By Raven on 05.29.2012

  33. Problems, problems, nothing but problems, do I spend my time with my my girlfriend who supports and cheers me on with the direction I want to choose? Or do I try to spend my time evenly with my family and her, constantly worrying about the unevenness of it all. A famiy who doesn’t always make time for me or appreciate the fact that I make time for them. A family who doesn’t realize I’ll be gone and that I will miss them. They make me choose between the life that I want to keep living or a stagnant life without direction or growth.

    By Noel on 05.29.2012

  34. This hadn’t been a problem until recently. Until he decided he couldn’t stand it anymore. But I couldn’t help it. I wouldn’t help it. My need to create a distance between myself and those I love was key to my survival. I’d never found a fair replacement for the security this concept provided. I wasn’t ready to take a chance on his love to help soothe the pain this distance controlled.

    By Ruben URL on 05.29.2012

  35. there is the biggest dilemma in history right now. the world is coming to a complete run. the only escape is to become one with mother earth and embrace all aspects to be offered. society no more, but a clean start to the earth’s atmosphere. a world without rulers.

    By Elle URL on 05.29.2012

  36. Dilemma its a word that gets us all. The dilemma in a situation that seems to ruin everything and then when we get over that dilemma when we look at the final result after we thought we lost so much hard work. That’s when the magic happens. That’s when we can look back and be proud of what we have done.

    By Catie on 05.29.2012