May 29th, 2012 | 386 Entries

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386 Entries for “architecture”

  1. designing the building which is done by architects a profession. i believe its an important tool to design a city

    By vaibhav on 05.30.2012

  2. i like how the architecture is on the empire state buildin iv never there but i like it

    By dancingb4him123 URL on 05.30.2012

  3. it reminds me of washington DC and rashtrapati bhawan( india’s president house )
    well i believe its an important tool to showcase the concrete beauty

    By vaibhav on 05.30.2012

  4. Architecture is weird to me. It’s a weird word, it kind of seems like a fancy way to say “builder”. maybe it’s a government conspiracy… who knows? i may just be crazy.

    By Toby Welch on 05.30.2012

  5. i do not know much about architecture but i think it’s interesting and creative.

    By lulu on 05.30.2012

  6. Architecture is buildings. Tall skyscrapers with the sky and sun behind them. They’re what we see when looking up. When looking at the sky. When thinking. They’re the beauty between eternity and ourselves. They stand out. Literally.

    By Signe on 05.30.2012

  7. you see it everywere. and yet its something that just seems overwhelming. I can’t imagine pouring my thoughts into a building and then watching it come alive. but people do it, the fruits of their labour implode on the world. some of the buildings, boring. some majestic. some never make it through a quarter of a century. we study it, we gaze at it, we are mesmerized, we grovel at those who can perfect it. but to me, its overwhelming, where do you begin, how do you start, when do you know you are finished. how do you know if you have created something that is great? how do you know that you are not just crazy? how do you know that this building will matter? Does it matter? what happens to these works of art when they are torn down? does the artist, the creator lose out. is it still etched in society through photos of passerby’s. what makes a great building, a great neighbourhood, a great city? it is the architecture is it not?

    By krista on 05.30.2012

  8. The man and woman were walking.
    “Let’s talk about us,” the woman said, “Where do you see this going?”
    “Let’s talk about…er…architecture,” the man said.
    The woman was angry.
    So she pushed the man off a very tall building.
    “Architecture, my ass,” she said with a smile.

    By mia taylor on 05.30.2012

  9. Architecture is the foundation of much of our lives. The house we live in. oUR ROOM. our workspace. Places we travel to in foreign lands. However we don’t think about it as much as we should.

    By Delia URL on 05.30.2012

  10. All day long I have to clean up their mess. Explain why the system can work how they’ve designed it. What’s my reward? Well of course I am hated it for it. People don’t like constructive correction. Just doing my job people. Wish you’d do yours to the same level.

    By Afees on 05.30.2012

  11. I once wanted to study ARCHITECTURE. In fact, eight years passed by for me to realize that it wasn’t the right path for me. I had to work in an architectural firm for a month to realize it. Sometimes I still think about what my life would be like as an architect, but most of the time I’m content with the path I’ve chosen.

    By andrea on 05.30.2012

  12. Architecture was his calling, until he met Elizabeth. She had a love of pastels. He had a love of her fine curves. She talked physics, he listened with rapt attention. They never knew each other. She lived in the pages of a dusty tome.

    By Brian D. Meeks (@ExtremelyAvg) URL on 05.30.2012

  13. Architecture is used to identify how old or what something is. The architecture on a building for instance is to tell how old it is and how stable it is.

    By Orion on 05.30.2012

  14. The architecture of the building was horrible. Tiles falling apart, stones rubbing on the floor, the ceilings water melted and caving in. It was a horrible place to live, and yet, I loved it. It was my first apartment. I needed to love it because the rent was obscenely high and I couldn’t live anywhere else. I guess the couch was nice, it had a good worn-in feeling. But other than that, the building was crumbling. My neighbors hated the place and tried to leave every single day.

    By Caro on 05.30.2012

  15. architecture is very important as it built our civilizations . It’s art as it is science.

    By razanosa on 05.30.2012

  16. And it suddenly took my breath away, the mammoth structure in front of me. It had a dark, crimson complexion that made you weap with fear. You took two glances at this beast and you knew that whoever was brave enough to enter its door was important and not someone to fuck with.

    By Wyatt URL on 05.30.2012

  17. The light catches your hair and turns it gold
    from coal

    you are beautiful

    maybe if you stop looking at yourself in the mirror

    you would see what i see

    By simhaétoile on 05.30.2012

  18. biuldings paris pyramids structures

    By lynn on 05.30.2012

  19. Strong as cedars,
    Tall as redwoods,
    Mighty as diamonds,
    Sat my little house on the prarie.
    It’s glory shone,
    Through the toughest din;
    Even in the winter,
    It would surpass all.

    By maeicejesus on 05.30.2012

  20. i want to burn myself to the ground ..and than try to save the ashes from the wind;s power.. mix them with my dreams and tears and transform myself into a new person … i want my soul to grow; to redefine myself – even if that means i should give up on some of my attachments ~ and i;ll call the process: “the architecture for a shadow”

    By noway on 05.30.2012

  21. Buildings shot from the earth like concrete mammoths. Steel and glass act like twisted prisons, holding the souls of people in cubicle cells day after day. Lighting the night like an eery moon.

    By Nichole Sellers on 05.30.2012

  22. I love the word architecture because it looks like a beautiful building itself, with spires and arcs. It reminds me of Ayn Rand’s “The Foutainhead” because Howard Roark’s profession is architecture and the word just embodies all of her ideals and philosophy in my mind.

    By Lizzy on 05.30.2012

  23. art is on paper,
    on canvas,
    on buildings.
    but no one sees the art,
    of the buildings themselves.

    By maeicejesus on 05.30.2012

  24. I looked at the house, it wasn’t a home, it wasn’t even my house, not in my head. I didn’t belong here. The architecture of the house was beautiful, fit for a princess, to bad i might as well have been the housemaid, nothing here told me i was home, because i’m not. I don’t belong here.

    By mee123 on 05.30.2012

  25. i like buildings with big windows and the curve of sunlight across arches and cathedrals and the time it must have taken for those men or women to plan the feel of the building and what they wanted people to experience in their hearts as they step into the doorways to live, eat, breathe, sleep, and make love within the walls. but that is why suburbia is so sad. so dry. and we need more.

    By Ylan on 05.30.2012

  26. Architecture………………………………. Is good ……….. It builds stuff

    By Marcus Domun on 05.30.2012