May 29th, 2012 | 386 Entries

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386 Entries for “architecture”

  1. Beautiful seclusion, marred by a glass house. Wood faked, plastic mould of real life.

    By ashbran53 on 05.30.2012

  2. I looked up at the house and tried not to make a face. It was not what I had pictured as my first house. The style was all wrong. Glancing over, I could see how happy he was. Maybe I could get over my dream of living in a Victorian home… or at least tuck it away a little while longer.

    By Meghan Burke URL on 05.30.2012

  3. Passion. This is how i feel about the matter. Without This, what would we be? what would our world be? An ugly, tacky, mess? or even more of an expressive place? Good question me.. good question.

    By Tanner on 05.30.2012

  4. I like the old architecture that gives a glimpse of the past. It is so beautiful and lets me see what people in the past thought of as new and innovative. I love it! Arches are my favorite.

    By Ari Shay on 05.30.2012

  5. The skyscrapers really seems to scrape the sky she thought as she gazed up at the buildings at the corner of 5th avenue and 38th street. As the clouds passed overhead, the tips seemed to draw lines in the clouds the same way her fingertips drew lines in the water when she let them hang lazily over the side of the boat on summer afternoons. How different her life had become since those days in the sun, exhausted from hours clinging for dear life as an inner tube bounced against waves and running up and down the stairs to the top of her boathouse just to expereince the seconds of pure weightlessness as she lept into the water.

    By Laura URL on 05.30.2012

  6. architecture is amazing there is nothing like it there are no boundaries the limits of this beautiful art expand every day

    By Reid Harper on 05.30.2012

  7. Why is it that making decisions is so hard? It is as if each choice is breaking new ground, growing a new architecture that I will be forced to live inside for eternity, the walls and spaces of the structure constantly growing and freezing and hardening around me.

    By Meredyth URL on 05.30.2012

  8. It is beautiful. It is a window to the past. It is wonderful. I love old architecture. Even just from 1800s in DC and other cities.

    By Ari Shay on 05.30.2012

  9. Architecture has never really interested me, I don’t know many famous Architects… Maybe Brunnel… He built a bridge that time, I think. … Buildings can be nice, on the right day.

    By Kieran Murphy on 05.30.2012

  10. structure.amazing dynamics. innovative design. spacial intelligence. geometricity. 5 years graduation course. construction. santiago calatrava my favourite architect. art nouveau the best period for development of design oriented structures. gothic period the epitome of architectural marvels.

    By maggie on 05.30.2012

  11. is the study of buildings and other structures and how they are built. damn this shit is hard im gonna keep writing til 60 seconds is up lalalalalalala time is running outttttt

    By Dylan on 05.30.2012

  12. a very high standard of building and design which is both agricultural and beneficial to the general public. It is both an art form and a source of basicallity for most of earth’s citizens.

    By Sheebear on 05.30.2012

  13. he’s studying architecture in a prestigious school in manila. he’s about to graduate next year without any delays from failing subjects. his momma is so proud of him, me too as his friend.

    By Hortence on 05.30.2012

  14. Architecture is amazing. It’s a beautiful art of combining imagination with reality to make dreams come true. Various places have various kinds of architecture to suite their needs.Therefore, architecture speaks millions of the inhabitants of a place. As the world becomes a melting pot of cultures and technology is becoming more and more vivid, Building are going to come straight from our wildest dreams.

    By Bhargav on 05.30.2012

  15. Buildings so tall and so round. They scrape the sky and pierce the heavens with marvelous love. We never really think about the art behind buildings but they truly are an ancient modern marvel of human creativity at its best. The fountainhead represents an interesting look at the architect studies.

    By Brock Gates URL on 05.30.2012

  16. Oh the grand old buildings. They fly into the sky, blocking the very sun itself. Stonework has a story to tell. Hands shaped these buildings; hands of men that are long gone, with their own stories to tell.

    By AL on 05.30.2012

  17. The triangles and broken rectangles of your body, sheeted in some places, broken in others. Crumbled concrete around your knees and rubber pipping as your bones. No one built you very well.

    By polly on 05.30.2012

  18. Architecture is something that is an integral testament of human creativity. It is the art of efficiently modelling buildings. Designing buildings is something that has been done for thousands of years.

    By adithya on 05.30.2012

  19. My friend Eric wants to be an architect. He already took a course in it and I can imagine him to be very good at it. Is this crazy kind of guy who likes design and so on.

    By Anna on 05.30.2012

  20. The home you have built, the things you have surrounded yourself with. Everything reflects your personality. The steps that lead to your door, the archway through which I walk.

    By traindeer on 05.30.2012

  21. I used to want to be an architect. It was an interest of mine. I know the man who designed and directed the building of the Petronas towers. Pretty impressive architecture right? I thought so. Really inspired me to want the world to be full of beautifully designed and constructed buildings. A dream is a wish your heart makes.

    By Emily URL on 05.30.2012

  22. The stuff which dreams are made of…

    By James Secola on 05.30.2012

  23. The person who makes designs of buildings ,bridges, sky scrapers and structures etc.

    By MANSOOR ALAM on 05.30.2012

  24. building tall school math add numbers mathematics Marion chartor

    By Jordan on 05.30.2012

  25. The room stunk of ancient ruins, it was built 30 years before I was born and certainly had not aged to a grace of famous roman ruins. I walked in slightly shocked by its ungraceful feel, it was shrinking I think thing because the ceiling now touched my head.

    By sasha on 05.30.2012

  26. Architecture is pretty cool. It’s buildings and such. Awesome. I don’t know.

    By Lindy on 05.30.2012

  27. The houses here. They are built like castles. It’s like they have been lost in time. Decayed, broken, worn out. They could have been great some day. They would have been great one day. If only, if only, someone cared enough to take care of them. If only, if only, someone would have saved them.

    By Alyssa Jane on 05.30.2012

  28. The buildings were so tall, and beautiful.How could someone imagine such beauty for a buliding with merely offices in it. Shouldn’t this beautiful structure be saved for something so marvelous it could no be ignored, maybe the castle of God perhaps.

    By Jillian URL on 05.30.2012

  29. The Doctor and Melody Amelia stepped out of the TARDIS.

    “Okay, Time-Lord, where are we this time?” Melody asked.

    “Hmm…judging by the architecture we are…on Earth, 2012!”

    “Really? Where on Earth?” Melody asked.

    “We’re in London!” the Doctor said.

    Melody smiled. “Brilliant!”

    By Damaris on 05.30.2012

  30. Sometimes when I walk the street of my city, I wonder at its architecture ugliness. I imagine a group of people coming from different ages building a city that doesn’t match and doesn’t get pretty.

    By Karim Rizkallah on 05.30.2012

  31. I don’t know much about architecture, other than Greek and Roman architecture that has been discussed in class. It doesn’t really fascinate me, but I do sometimes notice unique architecture and can recognize it’s origins.

    By Hilary Strong on 05.30.2012

  32. Nach der Wende sah man in der ehemaligen DDR noch sehr viel sogenannte Plattenbauten. Heute dürfte einiges davon verschwunden sein, wenn auch noch nicht alles. Die Wohnungen hatten den Vorteil, dass das Schleppen der Kohle entfiel, da es erstmals zentrale Heizungen gab.

    By DerKirsche URL on 05.30.2012

  33. Desgining buildings that have a proper space management is important. However, it is also important to maintain a certain amount of design in mind in order to make it creative and appealing. Architects also need to have in mind that this is an ever growing population and that more sustainable projects will have to be used in order to maintain a green project.

    By Diego on 05.30.2012

  34. The building was all right angles and steep slopes. Harsh, unforgiving. So many flat planes, so many unfeeling right angles. It gave me shivers just to look at it.

    /What kind of people imprison themselves behind such walls? What sort of people dream of making their homes in such a style?/

    I sighed to myself, missing the sweeping angles and curves of my home.

    By terradi on 05.30.2012

  35. i love architecture of mughal time. it is something that gives me pleasure .

    By kabir singh kang on 05.30.2012

  36. Is the key to man made beauty, a visual climax of art and texture.

    By Cam on 05.30.2012

  37. “Building are a fleeting thing. Soon there will be no need for a “physical” space. The grandest architecture shall be of the mind! We will build numerous, vast worlds.”

    By LimeGrenade on 05.30.2012

  38. I saw the lines grow neatly into a structure on the paper, the structure suddenly coming out from the sheets, the metal skeleton taking on the concrete and glass skin, looking like it had grown out of the landscape around it. The humans inhabited it, thought in awe what hands may have given birth to those lines, which now surround them as walls and ground under their feet, wondering what mind could make something so beautiful that one felt awed to look at the monster, to live in it, work in it. Stood below a group of people, with blank sheets of paper in their hands, looking in at more spaces where onto they could create more of these, each new and different from the previous, yet each a mark of the creators, of what they wish to see people in. Someone walked up to them, and asked them who they were, and they replied – “We are, Architects of life, Architects for Life.”

    By unkitjc URL on 05.30.2012

  39. I was in France for the first time and I was in awe at the beautiful architecture. Marvelous flats and businesses. The structure. Everything was just like I imagined. No, better.

    By Diana on 05.30.2012

  40. achitecture? that is the same word as yesterday. isn’t it? oh, well.

    By Josefine on 05.30.2012