January 26th, 2014 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “apprehend”

  1. there is an app and they want that we hold it with our hand. they told us to apprehend.

    By bc on 01.26.2014

  2. It took them twenty years to apprehend me. I had been hiding in the mountains of Switzerland, freezing, but safe. No one knew the real reason I ran, not even me. I guess it was to get away. Because once you’re in, you’re in for life. There’s no escaping. I thought I was safe, but now I’ve been caught. I am caught.

    By Maddie on 01.26.2014

  3. Captured, trapped-
    In a corner, blocked.
    Dizzying lights around-
    I hear layers and layers of sound…
    I am apprehended by my own fear
    In this mass of mortals…

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 01.26.2014

  4. My long hair was blowing across my face in the whirling winds of the tornado coming overhead, so I couldn’t see exactly what was going on. But I had to find my little sister. Where on earth was Savanna?

    Finally I spotted her, running towards me, tripping over her dress. I held out my hand as Savanna hurried over to me and jumped into the back of the truck, causing a few apples to roll out and bounce along the street behind us. “Savi!”

    “Lily.” I looked over at her, my eyes apprehensive. “Lily.” She just kept saying my name. “Lil, what’s going to happen to us?” My sister clung to my wet cotton skirt as the truck flew across the ranch. “Savi…Savi. Savanna! SAVANNA! SAVI! Listen to me, listen to me. We’ll be fine. Right?” Savanna shuddered and sighed, “I hope so, Lily.”

    I hoped so too.

    By LivaHopeBehji on 01.26.2014

  5. This word baffles me. This word is what eventually takes everyone’s life.

    By Ba on 01.26.2014

  6. Lorishel wasn’t afraid. She didn’t care about anything anymore. Let them take her. They have apprehended her.

    By Pencilpen on 01.26.2014

  7. They apprehend me, they cuff me, and they leave me in a room with new windows and a locked door. I find myself drawn to the corner, where the shadows cool my face off just right, as my wrists shake beneath the weight of shackles that I didn’t even think the authorities had around anymore. The air is stuffy, yet very cold at the same time. It tightens the air in my larynx, dries out my voice, and leaves me nearly mute. Which is probably exactly what they wanted.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.26.2014

  8. What the hell does this mean? ‘Egocentric’? Who in the world would call Stacy egocentric? She couldn’t comprehend why some bastard would call her that. Sure she called herself awesome and beautiful and stunning on a daily basis, but that didn’t mean shit in this situation.

    By Kenzie on 01.26.2014

  9. She struggled to comprehend, let alone apprehend, the thought that got away, momentarily, just now, as she escaped briefly into the idea that it might just be possible to find small symbols for fingers, klunky shoes and a flamenco skirt before…

    By Aliza Wiseman on 01.26.2014

  10. I couldn’t bare the thought. I apprehend everyday because its to dumb not to. Curiosity is the worlds power.

    By Jess URL on 01.26.2014

  11. “Stop!”

    The clatter of shoes on the asphalt. The glint of a metal pipe, the water on the floor, and the dark narrow passage that sucks the air out of your chest just looking at it–

    Metal swishes through the air.

    You turn your head too late, and something hard cracks across your temple.

    By Yona on 01.26.2014

  12. The car skidded to a halt. “Stop!” The officer yelled as his team exited the vehicle. His trainee stood next to him, timid and hesitant, wondering how his superior would apprehend the suspect. Before he could think of even one possible course of action, the bomb erupted.

    By Tori URL on 01.26.2014

  13. I worked tirelessly towards the sunset. The trees fell in their rhythmic give. I had spent the last few days sick in bed, and I had to make up for lost time, had to apprehend the time I had missed. I heard their slow moan in the fall, and in that moment, it was a given we both were losing what we had of ourselves.

    By Shaymaa on 01.26.2014

  14. tbh i had to look this one up on that dashboradrd dictionary widget but i like think it might mean “comprehend” or possible “arrest?” i know when you’re apprehensive you’re newrvous what am i even saying is this a judgmetn free zone???

    By ilovenyc on 01.26.2014

  15. The police officer apprehended the angry husband who was spewing forth insults at his wife. On a cold winter evening, three police car blocked off the end of the street trying to apprehend the angry father before he hurt his wife. The wife stood motionless with the child clinging to her hip. Long hair flowing below her shoulders, occasionally swaddling the child in its natural curl.

    By Constance on 01.26.2014

  16. It took only minutes to apprehend the culprit. The trail of spilt milk led to the three year old kingpin’s lair. In spite of the evidence, he was unrepentant when charged, and denied all knowledge of the incident.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.26.2014

  17. Apprehension
    Toiling in the mind
    Rewind the tape
    Feeling unkind
    Worried about two days
    From now
    Can’t do anything about it anyhow
    Not really sure what this word means

    By Ellie Gri. on 01.26.2014

  18. “What are you doing?” he growled as he slammed the kid against the wall. He was just a kid. 16, maybe 17. Wanting to look cool, but not quite knowing how, with the baggy jeans falling down and the Vans kids his age liked to wear. “I…I dunno,” he said, unlit cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

    By Nat on 01.26.2014

  19. She didn’t do it. Tears streamed down her face as the cops took her away. How is it they could apprehend the victim instead of the man who committed the crime? How could they be so oblivious to the details? She still felt as though women were simply seen as the lower sex of the nation. What was it going to take to get respect and for people to realize she wasn’t asking to be hurt?

    By Theresa on 01.26.2014

  20. “Suspect is armed and dangerous, apprehend with caution. I repeat, suspect is armed and highly dangerous. Extreme caution is advised,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.26.2014

  21. apprehend. a word. I don’t think I know what it means. I don’t have time to check. I mean, I have a tab open but i onlly have-what, 20 seconds? 15 or 13, i think 10 now.
    this is so weird. I

    By Sarah URL on 01.26.2014

  22. they told me to chase after my goals, to never give up hope
    I could climb up to the moon if I made myself a rope
    let your mind run wild for that happy dream come true
    they just forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams too.

    By Carly URL on 01.26.2014

  23. Billy didn’t want to think it had happened. His father scrubbed his hair with his dirty hands and laughed. His mother buried her face where her thumb met her finger and she would repeat the incident over and over later.

    By DMM URL on 01.26.2014

  24. So many thiefs. So many accidents, so many things have gone wrong. In this particular area of town, there’s always something going on. Killings, wanted persons, thiefs, etc.

    So many stories, in the news, eveything is wrong. Killings, they don’t even know who did them.
    One day, there is a call for the police. Somebody know who killed some one. The police did everything to catch them.

    The authorities apprehend the three people who are suspect. Everybody watched the news. They are happy.

    By roze_princess on 01.26.2014

  25. apprehend my heart
    take my soul captive
    cover my lips with yours and forget to let me breathe.
    it would be my pleasure to have you break me in two.

    By sarah marie URL on 01.26.2014

  26. Feelings within my mind, following closely the events of my day, always seem to take some of me away. They apprehend my actions, and replace them with apprehensions. I can’t shake the emotions within, so here I am, forever bound by circumstance.

    By Kurt G on 01.26.2014

  27. to understand

    By andrea on 01.26.2014

  28. jail criminal prisoner arrest visit crime trial court

    By Sheena Cameron on 01.26.2014

  29. We talk. We talk for hours, from the last light of dusk to the latest hours of the night. We talk over cigarettes, we talk swimming in drinks, we talk – growing more and more rambunctious, more infectious, more absurd in our ways. And we hope, hope that if we become wild enough, vicious enough, fool enough, that we might just apprehend a small taste of something truly pure. Something worth saying. Something worth talking for.

    By chii URL on 01.26.2014

  30. I will find the secret blossom twig type thing and with it I shall apprehend you. You will like it Ia m sure – it will tickle more than your fancy pants.

    By val on 01.26.2014

  31. i sat in the back of the car and already i could feel the orange jumpsuit on me. i felt it burning my skin. i knew why i was here and i knew what was going to become of me. death sentence is the only place this can go.

    By butts URL on 01.26.2014

  32. He had been apprehended moments later, pulled from the safety of the shadows by two grim-faced officers. One held out a torn photograph up to his face as he struggled and twisted in the other officer’s arms. The first officer, a thin, weary woman, frowned more deeply and said, “You’ll have to come with us, son.”

    By WearyWater URL on 01.26.2014

  33. Sometimes I see things, but I don’t fully apprehend what it is I’m looking at. It’s like an out of body experience. Your mind is somewhere else while your eyes are simply doing their job of looking at things. It’s a weird feeling.

    By Lyriel on 01.27.2014

  34. Analysing rapidly, with acute precision. Moving abundantly with nothing but discovery on his mind. Using all strength, all ability, to comprehend all. All with a clinical focus, with one mission in mind, to apprehend me right where I was.

    By Jose on 01.27.2014

  35. I’ve thinking about how to catch him. The mystery man who has been killing all these babies. The only way I’m going to ever do it is by getting my fellow cops to help me. I’m concerned for my family because as of recently, I’ve been the only person on the case. I’m scared because I’m not ready to apprehend him.

    By Wailan URL on 01.27.2014

  36. the police sent out a news bulletin assuring everyone that the criminals had been apprehended, and that harm had come to anyone. The few who actually saw what happened didn’t feel quite convinced of the truth in that statement.

    By Sara on 01.27.2014

  37. I couldn’t understand what he’d just said. It made no sense, and no matter how I thought about it, I couldn’t apprehend it. “We’re breaking up.” He uttered those words and all of a sudden I was floating, there was something not quite right, I wasn’t entirely there.

    By Ellie on 01.27.2014

  38. The police apprehend the robber because he stoled the money from the bank.

    By Look-tan on 01.27.2014

  39. What I would like to do to the swine who robbed my car the other day. He would then comprehend that I am at my wits end and that he is a b*** end.

    By RMills on 01.27.2014

  40. When I was young I wanted to be a policewoman unfortunately I was too short although it doesn’t make a difference now. Maybe they thought I was too small to apprehend criminals.

    By Alexandra on 01.27.2014