January 26th, 2014 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “apprehend”

  1. The brush apprehended the suspected victim as he scurried through the woods. Behind him was his predator. A chase ensued upon confrontation. It had been like little else he had experienced. He looked into the loch and there it stood as a reflection. His silhouette.

    By ocadd URL on 01.27.2014

  2. sleepless nights
    in dressing gowns
    freedom is a right?
    tie me down

    By Jem Page URL on 01.27.2014

  3. He inteneded to divulge the ideas he had harboured behind the barriers of his conscious mind. To them it would seem ridiculous. Could they apprehend the notions he was so pushed to reveal. To illuminate with such harshness. Societies could collapse. On the Origin of Species might kill God.

    By ocadd URL on 01.27.2014

  4. apprehend have many meaning for example, understanding and arrest. I understand what the teacher have tough me.

    By Poom on 01.27.2014

  5. handcuff the poor blote and throw him in the back of the car, said the office. the other officergrabbed his paddywacker and gave him a good thump on the forehead, then proceeded to handcuff him.

    By nathaniel on 01.27.2014

  6. Apprehend is something that I don’t even know what is that meaning word. This web I don’t want to do or play but my Teacher told me to do it so I must do this thing everyday as homework.

    By Bank-Thailand on 01.27.2014

  7. I must apprehend the heart of the woman who evades me. don’t know who that is yet, but I willfind her and steal her heart. until then I continue searching for a piece of mind, and a warm toilet seat. that’s all I want in life.

    By sonofugly on 01.27.2014

  8. Your breath danced around my naked flesh. I couldn’t apprehend how your lips felt as though they pierced my tender skin each time we connected.

    By RandleWroteBirds URL on 01.27.2014

  9. “You cannot apprehend the depth of my sorrow and pain at the loss of my child. You say you are sorry, but I don’t want your apologies. It should have been you, not my Sarah, who died in that car crash. How could you? How? Why?” Elizabeth crumpled to the ground, her hands covering her tear-drenched face.

    By Candace S. URL on 01.27.2014

  10. One thing has led to another and now I find myself standing in a dark alley in the middle of the night holding a crowbar and facing the worst situation possible
    ” This needs to stop,” I say, unwavering. The man I once loved stands in front of me but for now all I see is a lowly criminal

    By Shak URL on 01.27.2014

  11. his only job was to apprehend criminals, but he was a terrible cop. He foiled his own cases constantly. He tripped on his own feet; he stumbled on to evidence. He was, essentially, a bumbler.

    By Susannah URL on 01.27.2014

  12. To understand or make of a situation.

    By skyler on 01.27.2014

  13. just apprehend.

    By Nathalila on 01.27.2014

  14. He sits in the uncomfortable wooden chair, reading the names of the old men who cover the walls. Old benefactors. Thirty minutes for a smart-ass comment in Algebra… life is tough for a sixth grader.

    By asavas on 01.27.2014

  15. You know for a man twice apprehended,
    One would think myself poorly defended,
    But I must confess,
    That under duress,
    My admissions are wholly unintended.

    By kyren on 01.27.2014

  16. appre

    By Jon Yungkans on 01.27.2014

  17. It took several minutes for Jake to apprehend the kid. She kept flinging her skinny arms and legs out to avoid the shackles, clawing and kicking and biting as she did.

    By mrsmig on 01.27.2014

  18. I guess he was always suspect. The way he prowled around the neighborhood. The cats would run for cover. His tongue all hanging out. Those were the days before he was a dog. And already such a beast. I hated him like one hates a mom’s new boyfriend. As if my life depended on it.

    By Bryan URL on 01.27.2014

  19. leave me to my destination.
    don’t apprehend me.
    i’m all alone, and i’ve got no time baby.
    i’m out of luck, i’m floating off into space.
    i’m all tangled up, a mess of positivity and oxymorons and i’m everything i’m not.
    so let me drown.
    what if i come out on the other side a mermaid?
    don’t apprehend me.
    i’m done.

    By shaleila URL on 01.27.2014

  20. got ’em. chased him around the back and he got stuck in front of the fence, no way out, and he just threw up his hands and then let me cuff him. out of br

    By Lee on 01.27.2014

  21. I don’t apprehend lots of things, like why I felt like I was being apprehended when the police arrived during my segment of the Creativity presentation. I didn’t think I was being all that creative in my reaction. They seemed a bit amused and I’m not amused by the overkill, bad choice of words, in security these days. You always feel like you have to bdefend yourself as if you were doing a bad thing.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 01.27.2014

  22. Hi my name is renan,, I have problem with my parents because, I want study chemistry and they don´t like of this, Moreover I talking with m

    By Renan on 01.27.2014

  23. I’d been on this case forever, it seemed. Finally it broke, and it looked like I might actually apprehend that dirtbag this time. I targeted him and pulled the trigger…but had forgotten to load the gun.

    By KellyP on 01.27.2014

  24. I wish that we could apprehend the criminal. In this case the criminal is not a person but an attitude. If you can capture the right attitude you can rock the world!

    By Tracey on 01.27.2014

  25. I can’t apprehend this word. It looks so wrong so loudly bold, filling the top of the screen. You want me to listen to you but I hear nothing. What am I supposed to do? Stop staring at me. You’re just a word and you look very wrong. Why such an awkward string of letters?

    By MALau on 01.27.2014

  26. Run, run, run
    Fast as you can, can, can
    You can’t, can’t, can’t catch me
    I’m the
    I’m the Gingerbread man.

    Run, run, run,
    Fast as you can
    Can’t apprehend me
    I’m the —————-

    By Intuition on 01.27.2014

  27. He had to apprehend her before it was too late. He thought about it every single day but his father used to say he was a coward.

    By Angela on 01.27.2014

  28. stop

    By Eva on 01.27.2014

  29. She couldn’t apprehend the fact that I was leaving. Her blank stare hurt more than those thousand condescending glares she’d given me over the course of our journey to P26871. I wouldn’t see a glare like that ever again. They told me I was going home now, home to the planet where I was born. But that was not home to me. Since day two, that title had been assigned to this ship. In my peripheral vision, I saw the officers in all their space-age frippery, giving me pointed looks that told me not to dwell on this. But what else could I dwell on?

    By Isis on 01.27.2014