August 11th, 2011 | 398 Entries

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398 Entries for “answers”

  1. things given when questions are asked. sometimes you agree and sometimes you don’t, no one answer is considered wrong in certain situations whether in others there is supposedly only one right answer. This usually is the difference between interpretation and

    By Hannah on 08.12.2011

  2. He continued to go to school every day and hang out in the park across the street between class smoking cigarettes and listening to the homeless people who bummed cigarettes from him. He was amused that even though they didn’t own deodorant they were still excited to have conversations with anyone.

    By Daniel Wyman URL on 08.12.2011

  3. Who knows what’s exactly right for us? The answers are in the ideas we are to make. Maybe

    By Yoon.J.Hoon URL on 08.12.2011

  4. I don’t have all the answers, but sometimes I wish I did. It’s hard to go through life not knowing what’s ahead of you. But that’s life and that’s what we have to live day to day. It is better off not knowing because then the best things can happen. What, yet, I do not know.

    By Rebecca URL on 08.12.2011

  5. answers is just simply amazing, I can answer myself with answers. We need answers for questions, so they’re amazing! Heheheheheheheh.

    By Micheal on 08.12.2011

  6. Don’t we all want answers? Answers to our deepest fears, worries, concerns… hopes, dreams. I want an answer to hit me over the head, to hear my voice and tell me what I need to know. But, who has all the answers, truly?

    By Taylor URL on 08.12.2011

  7. His answers are never what I expect. They´re not what I want. They´re not what I long for. But I guess they´re what I need for my heart to heal from this all-embracing pain that keeps me hostage.

    By Corinna on 08.12.2011

  8. He answered me too quickly. I’m not stupid enough to have believed his response, but I pretended I was. Everyone reveals themselves eventually, of that I can be sure, and I am prepared to wait to find out what I really want to know.

    By tink URL on 08.12.2011

  9. Sometimes I think I know all of the answers. Most of the time, however, I realize that answers are only really found after you do something you don’t have any clue about. People spend their entire lives looking for the answers when they should just be looking for new things to do.. then all of the answers would be given to them.

    By Grimku on 08.12.2011

  10. Something that is always demanded but never brings satisfaction, only more questions.

    By Clair Holmes URL on 08.12.2011

  11. Answers. It’s like I’ve been searching for them and can never find them. like Franny. Franny Glass. She didn’t even know what the question was. I don’t, either. But I know, somehow, I want to find the answers. Maybe everything would be easier.

    By Luah on 08.12.2011

  12. are given very quickly help you are worth it can be given by cellphone are useful are not better than questions but probably rarer and answers are amazingh i shouldnt wirte shit

    By Sibbö on 08.12.2011

  13. The answers I’d written were scribbled all over in red; it looked like my paper was bleeding from it. I read the comments – “More in-depth.” “Not really.” “I’m not sure you understand.” – but the grade at the top read that I’d received an A-. I blinked and put the homework away before my teacher could take it back and give it the failing grade it truly deserved.

    By Cat URL on 08.12.2011

  14. are the opposites of questions, some know them all, they are usually bluffing. some just don’t have them. If I had all of them I would probably be really boring

    By dave on 08.12.2011

  15. Everyone wants answers. Why things happen, the meaning of life. Everyone searches for them. People spend their whole lives searching. Perhaps the time is better spent asking if those questions really matter at all.

    By Big Jim URL on 08.12.2011

  16. Answers answer questions. They are rules and thoughts and ideas and solutions and things that keep us satisfied about the why to life most of the time. Answers are hard to come by, easy to come by, literal to come by, complexing to come by, Yet we seek them out everyday in hopes of one day being completely satisfied.

    By Sarah K. on 08.12.2011

  17. “I want answers,” she said, “and I want them now.”

    “I have no idea what you are talking about! Please! Just let me go!” the man pleaded.

    The woman gave a little chuckle, the first sign of emotion she had shown since the man’s blindfold had been removed.

    “Oh I’ll let you go, but you don’t know exactly where.”

    By varsh URL on 08.12.2011

  18. Answers follow questions. Sometimes the answers could be considered correct, and at other times, wrong. Some may guess, some may not even try, but in the end, they are a response to some stimulus. I like to think of answers as v

    By Chris Shively URL on 08.12.2011

  19. [the word is ‘answers’? come on.. nothing to write about.]
    i’ve got no answers. do you?
    tell me some, i swear i need.

    By labiossecos URL on 08.12.2011

  20. Die Antworten kommen nicht leicht. Du musst jahrelang das lauschende Ohr an den Rand des Himmels halten. Und du darfst nicht schlafen. Nicht eine Sekunde lang, denn just in dieser Sekunde könnte es sein, zwischen Radiowellen und Sternenrauschen, zwischen kosmischem Staub und Magnetwellen, dass genau dort die Antwort ist, ganz leise, die einzige Antwort, die du je erhalten wirst. Und wenn du gerade in dieser Sekunde schläfst, naja …

    By Lisa URL on 08.12.2011

  21. what everyone thing will solve all the worlds problems, or the things you really don’t want hear someone say.

    By Rachael R on 08.12.2011

  22. She tapped her foot, staring into his eyes. She was searching for something he couldn’t offer her.Hadn’t he given her everything but now….she wanted answers. Did she want him to deny his affair? She was dressed in the nicest clothes, warm in his house full with his food. She wanted something he couldn’t offer.

    By Kimberly Redway on 08.12.2011

  23. I need answers but, sometimes you have to step out into the dark before you get them I guess. What am I supposed to be doing in life right now? I don’t know. Why must I muddle through everything before I get any answers? I don’t know either but, I certainly am tired of it.

    By Rachel on 08.12.2011

  24. I’ll give you a question in return for an answer. Deal?

    By adeline URL on 08.12.2011

  25. Answers are what everyone expects me to give them most of the time.
    I know, I am a teacher; but it is not just students, it’s everyone.
    I like the feeling, but at the same time I think, it’s logical, you do it.
    Is that bad?

    Where do I go for answers?
    Whom do I speak to?

    Intrapersonal – My own thoughts.

    By JorgeRuiz URL on 08.12.2011

  26. He raised his head from his palms, and looked at the sky. Surely, if he begged hard enough there would be an answer for all the traumas and misfortune thrown to him the past years?

    By jonnie hontanosas on 08.12.2011

  27. answers, huh? I remember sophomore year of HS in Earth Science, when my buddy was an idiot, so he’s make a little piece of scratch paper and toss it to me, so I could fill out the answers for him and throw it back. It was the only class he received an ‘A’ in. Last I heard from him was via facebook senior year of college. He had just gotten out of jail.

    By B URL on 08.12.2011

  28. “could you collect it?” i mutter, “please?”

    he nodded his head, understanding, and headed towards the counter. it only took him a few minutes before i saw him trudging back towards me.

    in that moment – glancing upon his face and then, the envelope he was clutching – i knew. the apology written on his face were answers enough. i reached for the envelope to pull out the document.

    By wose on 08.12.2011

  29. I try to not think about all the things in this world that trouble me. For if I did, I know I would be a very ill person. All I want is for the scientists and smart people to come up with answers to our troubles so we can live in peace.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 08.12.2011

  30. answers…answers is the result for questions. answers is a rather philosophical word…just think about it…answers…its mysterious. ilike the word.

    By nayanatara on 08.12.2011

  31. we are all searching for answers. answers that we can’t figure out if it’s right or wrong. answers that may never seem enough to justify what happens, to justify what people do, to justify everything that surrounds us. answers will never be enough, they’ll never be around either. answers are mysterious.

    By Alison on 08.12.2011

  32. I need answers. I wake up screaming from nightmares because I don’t know the ending. I don’t the why. I need to understand. I am full of questions; come fill me with the answers I need to hear.

    By ahamoments URL on 08.12.2011

  33. I wish i had answers. answers to life, to college applications, to school. too many questions and not enough answers. but isn’t that the fun of life? not knowing the answers to every question? i’ve needed a lot of answers recently but all i want to do now is ask questions.

    By Harlow on 08.12.2011

  34. Everyone is concerned with answers. I’m more concerned with why you’re asking me.

    By Keijah URL on 08.12.2011

  35. Searching for answers, Like am I done with my clients work… um no not nearly, those are the easy type of questions we search answers for.. but they real answer that I search for is.. will you marry me… why is this taking too long and are we there yet.. pardon the grammer….

    By Designerfoo URL on 08.12.2011

  36. I don’t know the answers. Why are people always asking me the questions when I never have the answers? Don’t they know by now that I don’t have the answers?! Buzz off, people.

    By Kristene Long on 08.12.2011

  37. Answers. Everyone wants them, but some are too afraid to go and find them.

    By Cheyenne URL on 08.12.2011

  38. Well, I got the answers to my questions. They were more concerned about time and money than about quality for their children. I stuck to my guns and my published policies and held firm and they quit. They were difficult to deal with so it is probably for the best. I’m sure they think I’m an utter bitch, but the policies were uniformly applied. No family was singled out.

    By elizabeth b URL on 08.12.2011

  39. Does anyone have all of the answers? Really. People have millions and billions of questions every day. How many times are the answers to their questions, “I don’t know”? Well who doe know? Who has the answers? Or are we just stuck without any?

    By Lizzi on 08.12.2011

  40. what are the answer? to life, to the meaning of everything important? i have so many questions.. but what are questions with out answers? just what ifs, how, whys? but whats the answer, the meaning of truth, why the world goes around. answers are what defies our purpose.

    By channing sedillo on 08.12.2011