August 11th, 2011 | 398 Entries

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398 Entries for “answers”

  1. Ha!!!!!! What do you say to an answer that waits to be undercut by history or thrown to the gladitoral arena of the internet. Answers are easy, the questions are hard, even the hitch hikers guide to the galexy could only give vague ideas.

    By Flyderkov URL on 08.11.2011

  2. I want answers. Mostly, I only have one question: Will things work out like I think they will? Or even remotely so? I just want to be happy? Will that happen? I don’t know. Like I said, I just want some answers. I just want to know. I want information about these things. But I can’t get it. I can’t get these answers.

    By Jessica Renee URL on 08.11.2011

  3. feeling it leap.
    the ________ that fills the blank.
    it springs forward.
    takes it’s place.
    and suddenly my question is gone.

    By Charlie on 08.11.2011

  4. I wish I had all the answers. I’m still very much stuck in a world with far too many questions and not nearly enough answers. But I think that may be the only answer anyone really needs. That nobody has or even needs to know the answers to every question.

    By BindleMarie URL on 08.11.2011

  5. I don’t know the answers to your questions.
    I don’t know the answers to my own questions.
    All I know is that I want to do this, so let me do this.
    The only answer that matters to me is the answer that allows me my dream.
    So give me that answer.
    Give me my dream.

    By Christy on 08.11.2011

  6. Some people think they have all the answers. I know I don’t. I know a lot of things, but I think that it’s rather pretentious to even pretend you have all the answers. Eventually, people are going to find out you DON’T have all the answers and will see you for the fraud you are. In fact, they’ll like you not so much.

    By Josh Mayfield URL on 08.11.2011

  7. all of the answers have been disappointing to me. lately, anyway. you feel you’re sinking when you realize the truth. you missed out on love because you lied to yourself.

    By Park URL on 08.11.2011

  8. There are never the answers you’re looking for, only many more questions. I like to pretend that these questions are extravagant, poignant, the sort of thing that is philosophical and makes you stumble upon those solutions. But more often than not, they become a maze, and I find myself stumbling over my own feet, looking right and left desperately in the hopes that there are ways to get free when there never will be. Only more questions, and fewer answers.

    By Carolynn URL on 08.11.2011

  9. I want answers. You are the answer to my question. Answers are what we all want. We want God to answer, or even just someone we love to answer when we say things like “I love you.” But there is often silence.

    By Lucy on 08.11.2011

  10. Questions. I’ve plenty of them yet never do I find the answers. I mean think about it. What would you most like to know? Where do we go when we die? What’s the point of it all? Why? I bet we could just shorten all our questions to why couldn’t we?

    By Gary Hewitt on 08.11.2011

  11. Answers are ment to be pronounced
    answers need to get out of you and spread like wildfire
    answers is what we are all seeking for
    answers are ideas word speading

    By charge URL on 08.11.2011

  12. She searched for answers everywhere, she racked her brain trying to figure out what it was all about, what that feeling was all about. She leafed through the past, she tried to figure out her present, yet she forgot to look deep within her heart…

    By Luana URL on 08.11.2011

  13. answers to a question, answers to our life, answers is something everyone will serach for throu out their life, but answers is not what everyone will find. answers my be what holds us back, scared for what an out come might be before we know the answer, we must set our mind free…. dont be scared to not know the answer will come in time.

    By jessica rae on 08.11.2011

  14. I needed answers to all the questions running through my mind.
    Why did he leave?
    What did I do for him to stop loving me?

    I had givin everything and more for him, and he just left me.
    For another girl, one older, more experienced.
    Is that what he truley desired?

    All these years together never mattered?
    All the memories we shared,
    You never really cared did you?

    But I don’t want to know the answers.
    It will only hurt me more.
    Only make me hate the one person in the world that I love. You.

    By Chelsea on 08.11.2011

  15. If I had all the answers, there wouldn’t be any questions. But there is no question, because you are they answer. I’ve never felt more sure than when I let you be all I need.

    By mmmmeeeeeeee on 08.11.2011

  16. without the possibility for excuses they funnel themselves to the shepherds looking for these crystal clear faces that dwindle down into dust so quickly for if you do not make them for yourselves based on your world around you what is there?

    By delapruch URL on 08.11.2011

  17. we call once, it was my idea, I am so highstrung every thread pulled taut in my chest and it goes to voicemail and it goes over my head. “Let’s call again,” i say, desperate to have some nameless need quenched. The second time he answers

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 08.11.2011

  18. We all look for answers. Even in nature, animals and plants alike are searching for answers. Why are we here? What is our purpose, other than to survive? Every day we go about our lives, surviving.

    By Lain McGregor on 08.11.2011

  19. I enlihgted the meal, was kinf of bored

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 08.12.2011

  20. Answers. That is what I want … answers! Why do I do what I do, and why am I still here? Why are the riots in the UK still going on? Why did it take the world so long to notice?

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 08.12.2011

  21. there we were standing ion the middle of the street. Kind of like two children in a new place. Looking around in awe. But we were looking for answers. And no one could give them to us. We had to find them our selves. We had to ask our selves.

    By Seansj URL on 08.12.2011

  22. are never right, it’s up to you how you interpret the question, but the answer you give will be only one in 6 billions, it’s never free, but it’s the best you can do, your answers beling to you, nobody has to hear them, but

    By iluta on 08.12.2011

  23. Answers. It’s what we all search for. In every part of our lives we’re looking for two things. Right or wrong. But how do you tell the difference. We hope that it will be clear. We want to look up in the sky and suddenly have the reasons for our existence written above us. But that’s not how it works. Only in a perfect world.

    By Savannah on 08.12.2011

  24. We’re always searching, always waiting. Though our searches may be thorough, they are not always succesful. I believe that is one of life’s many purposes; to seek the answers to all our questions and if we are not satisfied with out answers, then it is up to us to change the outcome of our inquizitries.

    By Rachel URL on 08.12.2011

  25. Those things that most people want, and, despite the difficulty inherent their apprehension, always seem to find them, even when looking in the most absurd places. I suppose, one may rest assured that an answer be found, and need only abandon truth in the hunt.

    By mattlock URL on 08.12.2011

  26. Are there ever any answers to my questions? Good answers? Is there even answers to the questions I’m asking now?
    What ever happened?

    By Michelle URL on 08.12.2011

  27. Answers? What? That’s so weird, I actually saw that as the first word on the “answers” page. Uh…

    I don’t know what the answer is to life, the universe, and everything–unless we mean “42”. Not very philosophical, I am.

    Guess that’s it.

    By Mari on 08.12.2011

  28. I don’t know. Answers puzzle me. Why does everyone want answers? I don’t want an answer to that, I have too many questions and life is too mind boggling I wouldn’t know where to start. What use are answers anyway? That was rhetorical..

    By filleunique on 08.12.2011

  29. Joseph asked his mind, “What have you done with my past? Where did all my memories go? Is that Grace beside me? But I can’t remember, who is she?”
    He received no answers.

    By Luke Z URL on 08.12.2011

  30. No. I’ll take the questions. You can keep them your question-less answers. The full stop befits you, my mind hangs by an upturned hook… a question it is!

    By Harvinder URL on 08.12.2011

  31. I want them. I never get them.
    Why can’t I get a god damn boyfriend?
    That’s what the FUCK I wanna know.
    I wait and wait and wait and never even a glance!
    I normally have these when I’m taking a math test.

    By Holden URL on 08.12.2011

  32. If only I had all the answers to all my questions. What will the future hold? Will I be successfu? Will I even pay the bills? But no-one knows, these answers. No-one knows the answers to the really big questions. Do they?

    By DJD on 08.12.2011

  33. Everyone wants answers. Don’t wait for them, don’t look for them. Live, explore, learn, and the answers will come.

    By Christina Joy URL on 08.12.2011

  34. I had the answer. I knew it, I could feel it rushing through my brain, rushing through the circuits.

    But for the life of me I could not spit it out.

    It teetered on the edge of my tongue precariously, almost mocking me.

    The answer, so fleeting, already forgotten.

    By Liv on 08.12.2011

  35. all you gave me were endless answers. but that’s not what i needed nor what i wanted. all i needed was to know what the question was.

    By niki sassypants URL on 08.12.2011

  36. a little fox silhouetted in the moonlight trotting along the cliff edge appearing and disappearing from shadows, alert, with yellow glowing eyes, tense with registering every heartbeat, whisper of wind, tiny movement in the life around him, finding his own answers, knowing his own answers and not needing to explain to anyone

    By geraldine URL on 08.12.2011

  37. Everyone tries to answer. Truth is nobody can find the definite answer to anything. The greatest books I’ve read don’t answer questions. They only ask more and show a few more facts to help you decide.

    By henshinger URL on 08.12.2011

  38. I go to the river looking for answers. Stepping into the shallow water along the bank, I can feel her wordless call pulling at my ankles. Why did she choose to end it like this? She never tells me in my room at night. I take a careful step deeper, the rocks mossy beneath my feet.

    By trish on 08.12.2011

  39. Answers and questions, that is it all about, what are you saying, yes I am talking about school. that is the long and short of the whole issue. Their ask questions and we provide the answers.

    By victor walkes URL on 08.12.2011

  40. they come to me after the person left that asked the question. They are an illusion, a fantasy, something we want like a forever teddy bear

    By Bill on 08.12.2011