August 11th, 2011 | 398 Entries

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398 Entries for “answers”

  1. I must apologize, but it seems as if I don’t have all the answers, if any at all.

    By boulevardbelle URL on 08.11.2011

  2. so I was asked a question… And when you are asked a question you are expected to: respond, reply, on and on and on, but what most people say would be answer.

    By Mary on 08.11.2011

  3. how to get sleep?
    walk slower.
    how to tame ego?
    talk less.
    how to write well?
    write more.
    how to
    now find the dried out pit of a day old cherry
    between molars
    crunch split shell cracks
    cut gums bleed out
    and finally get some rest.

    By drewd URL on 08.11.2011

  4. the outcome of every dilemma, the solution, the mediator, the one to cause chaos. its a manner of travelling to, but that doesn’t mean there is always a destination. we all crave it and despise it. we want nothing more than the answers to our everlasting, never-ending, continuous questions.

    By Justeen on 08.11.2011

  5. Searching. Aren’t we all searching for answers? Sure, we may claim to have them all or dismiss those that seem unknowable, but at our core, we are built to search, built to know, and to be know. God’s wisdom and knowledge are ingrained in us, and as such, our persistent longing and searching for answers is a powerful reflection of him.

    By chad on 08.11.2011

  6. There were too many questions to get all the answers. I wasn’t sure where to start. It seemed impossible to find out everything I wanted to know. my mom had dissapeard three months ago and then dad just showed up out of nowhere, he seemed suspicious and I could only ask so much. And I was so angry, mom woulent run out on me, he would,

    By Alyss URL on 08.11.2011

  7. I’d like answers. Like, did my dad really threaten to kill my grandparents, or did they tell the police that just so I could see him get arrested; pulled away from me and my mother, unwillingly leaving us at home to weep and worry for our futures? No one seems to have the answers, or rather, everyone has a different one. What’s the true story? I’d like to know; it wouldn’t make me love anyone more or less, and it certainly won’t change anything because everything’s been done already and it can’t be reversed no matter how good of a healer time can me. I want the right answer, for the sake of closure.

    By J URL on 08.11.2011

  8. answers.
    such a simple word, but so hard to get out. especially when its about something like, say, did you sleep with my best friend? Are you her babies father?

    Nothing could fix that the answer was maybe. maybe yes, maybe no. but no answer was coming out. no answer came from his lips.

    By k8ebugg on 08.11.2011

  9. Whilst playing “the game of things” the other night, my question was “What’s something you wish was delivered?” I of course answered with this: “ANSWERS, goddangit!”

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 08.11.2011

  10. and questions. we ask them and expect some kind of truth to be exposed, that maybe by asking and by then receiving an answer we’re more knowledgable, more aware and stronger. answers give you strength but answers can make your heart shatter too.

    By Deshani URL on 08.11.2011

  11. I don’t know the answers. Heck, I don’t know the future. I know what I want and where i eventually want to go. But where can i find the map to them all? The map is my key and i feel like I’m breaking into an empty dark house. i want answers but i know i wont get them. I just have to walk blindly into that empty house knowing i will find what i want as long as i don’t let myself stumble. Walk with confidence in the dark.

    By Kaitlyn Macaulay on 08.11.2011

  12. There’s something about a gut feeling. It can make you so sick to your stomach or congest your mind. I think a lot about life and the people in my life. Also about the choices I am making. I never can tell if they are the right choices or not. I do not trust myself to make decisions so I am left constantly second guessing myself. Love can be a tough question to inquire about. Love does not only effect you, but also the one you are involved with. It effects the people around you: your friends, your family. That gut feeling doesn’t always tell you what to do and I wish it were that easy. When one does not feel like they are worth anything to the one they love, that should be enough to make your choice, right? I guess there are never simple answers. Especially when you do not care about yourself. You do not feel you deserve happiness. You live to make others happy and if it hurts you in the end then what good is it to you if those questions are answered or not? You will never change.

    By Kari URL on 08.11.2011

  13. questions
    ive got many answers to give to those who ask questions my teacher said noticing noone was raising their hands after being taught th

    By Desiree on 08.11.2011

  14. what we think we know is the right solution, the right way of something. but really, having the right answer can make or break you, can define who you are and can completely backfire on you. and who’s to say your answer is right and someone else’s is wrong. it’s

    By andrea on 08.11.2011

  15. has anybody got the answers? i keep asking and asking, perhaps it’s the wording that’s the problem. when it’s so hard to convey my difficulties, how is anyone going to help me solve them? i need answers before i implode out of frustration.

    By BridgetD96 URL on 08.11.2011

  16. I already wrote about this. Many want answers from life. About life. What is life? Why do we live? No one knows the answers to these questions. Answers. Hmmmm. Math problems. That’s what I think about. haha! Funny thing.

    By madeline on 08.11.2011

  17. It’s weird that you’d ask me for an answer to the word answer and give me such a short time to elaborate. But then, weirdness is a part of life. It’s weird that I’d take the time out of a busy day to do this, to no personal gain – or gain to anyone. Yet I enjoy it, because I’m a human. And the search for answers…pointless.

    By Robert Gordeski on 08.11.2011

  18. Our lives are spent pondering questions while desperatly searching for answers. What we need to realize is somethings cannot be answered. The human brain cannot even begin to comprehend the higher power that exsists.

    By stayseelee URL on 08.11.2011

  19. I look for answers everywhere — in animation, in music, in those Godforsaken idol groups with girls (never women) too much without flaw to ever cross my mind as attainable lovers — and I can never find it unless it is specifically coded for the community: not my community, because I am not a part of it, but the community.

    By Sarah on 08.11.2011

  20. The answers- they’ll come. You just have to ask the right questions.

    By Abrar URL on 08.11.2011

  21. I don’t know how to answer this.

    By Neko Macaraeg URL on 08.11.2011

  22. the words stopped. breathe increased. you were locked, in there deep. your skin whispered, mine glistened. this is what happens, when you dont listen.

    By sketchthemessage URL on 08.11.2011

  23. stop asking questions you do not want to hear the answers to.

    stop demanding them, and pushing them away.

    it doesnt matter how many times you ask the same stupid questions the answers are always going to be the same. you, not wanting to listen is another thing. maybe its about time you accept the fact that everything is not perfect.

    By leslie on 08.11.2011

  24. The answers are not always as simple as the questions seem to want them to be. Answers are on their own, sole things unto themselves. If you ask a question, be prepared for any kind of an answer.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 08.11.2011

  25. I don’t know all the answers. I hope to help you find them. That’s what teachers are for. Not to give answers, but to guide you to them. And to guide you to find your own questions, about what YOU think is important and worthwhile.

    By ash on 08.11.2011

  26. everyone wants them. to get them you have to be direct, don’t beat around the bush. answers are given everyday. excuse me, what time is it? Oh it’s blahblahblah. everyday! more meaningful answers are asked and usually the ones not answered.

    By Nicole URL on 08.11.2011

  27. We’re all seeking answers. Answers to questions in regards to everything about life. Sometimes they are simple, and others, difficult just barely describes what we encounter. And sometimes, the only person that can answer what we ask, is ourselves.

    By Emmi URL on 08.11.2011

  28. Here’s a secret for you: they’re not real. They’re imaginary! Completely mythological, these “answers.”
    We make them up for convenience, by and large, but for the most part the entire universe is made up of what you might call best guesses. Like, I don’t really know what that glowy thing in the sky is so I’m going to name it. And then you do science on it but you still just guess that you’re right.

    By Ben Tigers on 08.11.2011

  29. we both know the answer to the question. all i have to do is say. simple right?
    only, things are never that simple.

    By leslie on 08.11.2011

  30. everyone wanted them but
    nobody cared enough to share

    and it was all just a shame

    By jeebus christ URL on 08.11.2011

  31. the answer to life is a much deeper concept than what people make it out to be. They will try many different solutions, and come across a variety of answers they never thought possible!

    By mikkia on 08.11.2011

  32. Answers are what we search for. They’re what we yearn for and what complete problems. They are what make a mystery exciting or a path hard to decide on. A lack of answers scares us. It leaves us huddled in a psychological corner, waiting for someone to rescue us from the fear of the unknown.

    By Jane on 08.11.2011

  33. All the answers were on that plain looking sheet, in the corner of the room. And I sat here chewing my pencil. If only I could just grab a look at it. But how? Wait…..

    By suriti on 08.11.2011

  34. i think of answers and i think of all the ones i dont receive. i think of all the times that in a response all i get is silence. i think of all the times i am left with an unanswered question and that brings the mystery to life

    By anica URL on 08.11.2011

  35. In the book of life the answers cannot be found in the back of the book. No one has all the answers. All you can do is try your best everyday to be a better person and follow your heart.

    By lyndsay on 08.11.2011

  36. I wish I had the answer to everything but I don’t. Sometimes I feel like I never understood any question at all. Perhaps that is the answer: I will never understand it all, or much.

    By Skyler on 08.11.2011

  37. “I’m looking for answers,” you say. You walk around, pace the room, give a hardened stare before glancing away in disgust. All the time only the clock ticks in response. My lips are sealed now. They’ve told enough already.

    You want answers. I’ve told you everything there is. You just don’t understand.

    By isabellesc on 08.11.2011

  38. I have no answers, although I feign interest in the questions I can hardly decode myself. I feel like they’re just on the other side of the door, waiting for me to smile with them.. but my own fear of failure keeps me from becoming an advocate of such pleasures

    By andrea on 08.11.2011

  39. of course you’re the one with all the answers, you know everything right? someone needs to know something,of course they go to you. your knowledge and understanding of everything know to man-kind is endearing and i can’t imagine the amount of things that go through your mind every day. i envy your intelligence everyday.

    By Kelsey-Lynn URL on 08.11.2011

  40. I don’t have an answer. It’s strange because I fear them asking, I feel them turning and questioning and expecting me to be able to tell them why. “Why, son, why?” and I won’t know because I don’t, I never do. I don’t think I ever will really. It happened.

    By Cassie URL on 08.11.2011