July 21st, 2009 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “growing”

  1. Growing is an important part of life.

    By Lee on 07.22.2009

  2. growing older is hard for some.
    it hurts while it nurtures, so to speak.
    growing happens to everything.
    no matter who/what you are, you grow.
    simple as that.
    life takes a toll.
    growing is how you learn.

    By Abbey on 07.22.2009

  3. growing glowing groaning loamy soil on which the farmers toil, plucking leaves for their wives to boil.

    By xq on 07.22.2009

  4. the constant in life

    By ellen on 07.22.2009

  5. the plants strive towards the sun, etangling in each others outstretched fronds, becoming a mess on the forest floor. One manages to venture a leaf above the rest, and is rewarded for its efforts with sunlight and extra water.

    By Debaser on 07.22.2009

  6. The life of a growing child is beatifl. She is young and fair yet growing to be a lovley lady. she plays in the yard with the flowers and the bugs but soon she will play with the love of someones heart.

    By Kaitlin Page on 07.22.2009

  7. growing is awesome nice green trees growing in the backyard. growing up sucks, but its life.

    By Mark on 07.22.2009

  8. She is growing like a weed. Growing to be as tall as a sky scraper she is tall ad beautiful she dances in the wind with her body growing like she is a giant.

    By Kaitlin Page on 07.22.2009

  9. learning how to live, getting older getting wiser
    trying to over think and using time wisely take time to enjoy the precise thing in life and be all you can be. growing is living

    By Matthew Hurley on 07.22.2009

  10. im never quite growing enough. i never feel like a grown up, i never feel as though ive grown out of things. just a stagnant pool of self involvement. ive become accustomed to staying exactly the same. Though, i am growing out of my clothing.

    By natalie dempster on 07.22.2009