July 28th, 2011 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “amuse”

  1. I amuse myself with morbidity. He amuses himself with sex, therefore making us the perfect couple. He has sex with me, and I laugh at his morbidly small penis. That is just the cruel sort of couple we’ve become.

    By River on 07.28.2011

  2. She amused herself with whatever she could get her hand on. On her side was a rock. Not much of a help but entertaining nonetheless. She took the rock carefully with her left hand, watching it closely.

    By Crice S. on 07.28.2011

  3. Entertainment in its best form. Amusement parks. Amusing people’s wildest fantasies. Comedians. Amusing people and making them laugh. I remember one comedy show I went to. The comedy said amusingly, “I once thought Jesus was real, then I got the stupidity hit out of me.” I thought it was a bad joke, but whatever.

    By Julie URL on 07.28.2011

  4. I amused by people.

    By Patricia URL on 07.28.2011

  5. amuse is such a pretty word meaning happy, laughing, smiling, enjoyed, delighted, etc…

    it also has the word muse in it, which i like

    a muse is a thing of inspiration

    an amusing muse is a something delightful that inspires you!

    By May-Day Aura URL on 07.28.2011

  6. It amuses me how much people think highly of themselves. You, on your almighty chair looking down upon me mean nothing to me. You mean nothing to the world, and your arrogance only destroys the lives of those around you.
    I hope you realize what you lost in giving up on me only too late, and I ride away in the sunset with someone better and more perfect for me than you ever could be.

    By Danny URL on 07.28.2011

  7. She amused herself with anything she could find. Her paper, her pen, her computer even her stuff toy. But nothing distracted her from the agony she was feeling.
    “It had been days.” She told herself. “Get a hold of yourself.”

    By Crice S URL on 07.28.2011

  8. a toast to the young attractive and interesting people put on this earth for our amusement. We who are old ugly and boring salute you!

    By mz cawleen URL on 07.28.2011

  9. Amuse. Things i find amusing: babies, puppies, dane cook, tosh.o, south park, stumbleupon, facebook statuses, and chocolate. :)

    By Karrie URL on 07.28.2011

  10. amuse me with your movement
    just your smile makes me giggle
    grow on me with moments
    that your soft lips touch & tickle
    grab me how you want me
    and make me feel your skin so
    i can work my way into your brain
    just to make you un-single
    i’m trying to keep myself on lock
    and not let us be stupid
    because for what it seems
    we really make
    other couples look like rejects

    © LL

    By Lauren URL on 07.28.2011

  11. you amuse me when you talk loudly, gibbering and jumping your hands flailing, doing humiliating things just to see me smile, to share a laugh, to find a twinkle in the eye. You go to such lengths to keep me amazed, inspired, interested, alive, together, living.

    By stassja on 07.28.2011

  12. he took her hand…softly, vaguely. but she knew, she knew. or she hoped she knew. so she coyly smiled and gave him that glance saying “hello, hello, i am here, i am in your hand, but you don’t have me for i am light.”

    By someone on 07.28.2011

  13. I often look for ways to amuse myself. I know I like to be outside. I know I like to be active. But i think I’m mostly amused when I’m sitting at home in my bed, watching my dog try to get her treat out of her Kong toy. Pure Entertainment.

    By Cassandra URL on 07.28.2011

  14. people always seem to amuse me. with their actions, their way of thinking. how every person is completely different. im still amazed everyday by people

    By Gina URL on 07.28.2011

  15. A muse. He makes me feel like a perfect muse who has falled from the sky and into his arms. “This is what Romeo must have felt like.”

    By meg on 07.28.2011

  16. You amused, then abused me, and now all I can think of is how you used me.
    I can’t explain why, I don’t really know, but I want you back in my arms. I want you back right now. And the joy you filled me with when I first began to love you could never be duplicated. But now I realize that you did not love me the same; I was only one more guy who meant nothing to you.

    By Faltor on 07.28.2011

  17. In order to amuse we’ll fuss or fight. Sometimes we’re nice and free as a sprite. Amusement comes easily to those with open hearts, but in order to laugh some must be be harsh. In the end, real amusement comes from sharing with others the truth of one.

    By Care URL on 07.28.2011

  18. A word that means to make someone think something is funny,like haha it is to amuse other people fjkdcnnsdabfasjbhsdshbgfsdfgndfgjdfngjkdfgndfkgdfgdfhgfjgmbhgfhgfhgfhgfhgfhfhgfvnbvgfhdfgdsnfsdnmkdgnbkdfgnsdmk gjvndfbfjdgnfrgtjdfngtdfmgnf bfkm,dv m,dfnb dfkbm dkgvmdfbdfknhkn kgmnjkmamuseamusejkhvnjgsdklghdngjksdfbgndfjkgdfgihhfjkjghfjhjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhello

    By caitlin on 07.28.2011

  19. She liked skipping stones, and so did I. We did it to amuse ourselves.

    Like so many other things we did together, we took it all for granted. We always thought there would be time, and each other to spend it with. But one day there wasn’t.

    So today, I’m here skipping stones, alone. I do it to amuse myself.

    By Caleb on 07.28.2011

  20. Amusing how in such little time so much could change, time isn’t waiting for no one. That’s what i always hear, that’s what they constantly keep telling me. This is isn’t your time, it’s mine.

    By Amado URL on 07.28.2011

  21. The feeling I get as I go through this time of infatuation. It’s annoy and frustration, but somehow, I am very amused..

    By idk on 07.28.2011

  22. The summer often gets boring. To amus my self i like to ride around town and blast hard core Swedish Yodeling music with my windows down. My fellow driver’s reactions are all I need for amusement.

    By The Chronic Abstinator URL on 07.28.2011

  23. It amuses me. How some people have to nerve, to do the things they do. But, then again, it amuses me how people don’t have the nerve to do the things they want to do. Everyone seems to want to live in world, where you can be anyone but yourself…

    By Briela Toscano URL on 07.28.2011

  24. amusement is when you are pleased and content, with out the wild and crazy laughter. the outrages hilarity of the situation is lost on the length.

    By Kahsha URL on 07.28.2011

  25. I love how you all amuse one another that you are the hills where the grass is always greener. And that you claim you are happy starring in the face of true joy in your lives. If one of you would free yourselfs from your prison of absent love and slaves to comfort. I would be very willing to see a new manifest destiny arise from a rebirth of the heart. I challenge you gold leaf hero to be a leaf in fall. Do it for the beauty In the dream. It is said “Without love in the dream it will never come true.”

    By joel schneider URL on 07.28.2011

  26. She did not find the clown amusing. She had decided long ago that clowns were the spawn of Satan and she did not enjoy Bobo’s act. Stephen king’s “it” had a clown for a reason.

    By Taylor Elizabeth URL on 07.28.2011

  27. amuse. the word itself amuses me. a/muse. like, a singular Goddess Of Art.
    In Greek mythology, one of the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, goddess of memory. The Muses inspired and presided over the creative arts. They were Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania, responsible for epic poetry, history, love poetry, lyric poetry, tragedy, sacred song, dance, comedy, and astronomy, respectively.
    or maybe just the band called Muse. I love them <3

    By alice grace URL on 07.28.2011

  28. She laughed at his awkward attempts to provide some… reprieve from their current situation. It was a nice sentiment, amusing in a vague, distorted way. She could see the humour, but it was offset by the gravity of their predicament.

    By Aimee Naragashi URL on 07.28.2011

  29. This vicious headache so early in the morning does not amuse me, not one little bit.

    By Jeanie URL on 07.28.2011

  30. remember was the word on your lips as you whispered into my needy ear, straining to catch the smooth sound of your breath, and i remember you saying, the words sounding like silk, that i amused you, with my sticky, goose-pimpled flesh.

    By devin URL on 07.28.2011

  31. “Just try it,” she purred. A slow, sultry smile made its way onto her lips, “If you can amuse me, I’ll let you go.” She raised the glass of wine to her painted lips and took a sip, never breaking eye contact, “What do you say, boys?”

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 07.28.2011

  32. amuse is amusing id like to be amused by amuse, amuse reminds me of emus, and emus leaves to emos, and emos leads to pandas, but pandas arnt really that emo. i would like to amuse a panda for a day beacuse they are so fluffy. i’d like to give that panda a name. I shall name him Carl. Carl likes to amuse his emo emus beacuse its is amusing to do so. i’d like to take a rocketship to space beacuse that would amuse me at the moment. my sumemr is not very amusing but neither is a brick. chickens are amusing they go cluck cluck cluck. i’d like a unicorn beacuse i’d like to pet the unicorn, i shall name this unicorn steve, so steve and carl can be best friends. I’m sure it would amuse them to not be forever alone.

    By Kerry on 07.28.2011

  33. I am quite amused
    at how far we’ve come
    but you are the same
    as you ever were…
    i put up a front
    but i truly hate you
    I think I really am done…
    with you for good

    By Katie Choivo URL on 07.29.2011

  34. Nothing could ever quite amuse her as he did. All his actions seemed to be tuned precisely to entertain her and her alone. It hurt however to know that this was not the truth. He was simply doing the job he had been paid to do. Keep her preoccupied and out of the way.

    By Tangerine URL on 07.29.2011

  35. I was amused when I was watching a funny show with my grandma. I remember being amused when my parents told me they were getting a divorce. I was amused when I saw a man giving oral pleasure to his lady friend at a bus stop. Amusement, and the way it comes about, is a funny thing.

    By Kiah URL on 07.29.2011

  36. It’s hard to amuse yourself with a writing assignment that you don’t really like. But I am amused that I am actually able to write more than I thought I would.

    By Valentina on 07.29.2011

  37. I think my goal in life to amuse other people. I like to see them smile and laugh, because I know what smiling and laughing feels like. Its a feeling that I want others to share and to experience. The world would be a better place if their was more joy and laughter, but not at the expense of other person.

    By Dani URL on 07.29.2011

  38. To Amuse is to entertain. Once, I fell off a bridge. My brother told me I could fly. I couldn’t. Obviously. But I didn’t know this at the time. When I learn to fly, I will be in the sky. Flying high. But not that time. Instead, I just got stitches. :(

    By Emily on 07.29.2011

  39. you used to amuse me, like a kid is by the rain watching it dropping drop drop plonk the window pane. you still amuse me, like a grown up is by watching the rain whoosh splashity splash splash how can water cause so much pain?

    you used to amuse, like a kid is when seeing a clown doing acrobatics and magic tricks she laughs so hard she falls on the ground. you still amuse me, like a grown up is by when seeing a clown falling backwards fumbling failing so annoying i feel like giving it a pound for pound

    By Dee URL on 07.29.2011

  40. I never seemed to be amused anymore, at night alone with my thoughts. It escapes me however try I hard to grasp it. Instead I grow morose, melancholy, melodramatic, as it were.

    By Becca URL on 07.29.2011