July 28th, 2011 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “amuse”

  1. Keeping someone or something occupied to make them forget their worries for a little bit. Amusement makes you gasp, makes you chuckle, makes you just focus on whatever’s going on and forget. It makes you see what people have been working so hard on to impress. Some may say it’s a waste of money…it’s not.

    By Allison on 07.28.2011

  2. “I’m amused, that’s all.” the smug grin that wrinkled his otherwise flawlessly smooth face affirmed that sentence.
    “Glad I could make your day. Now if you don’t mind…” I grabbed the now soiled dishcloth from the counter and proceeded to sidestep his chair. It would have been easier to sidestep a semi.
    “Let me buy you coffee. You know, to make up for the one I just spilled.”
    “Umm, well, considering it was your drink, why don’t you go solo and treat yourself. My boyfriend wouldn’t like me going to coffee with the freak from the diner.” My words were more cutting than I’d intended, but that was one of the side effects of split-second lying. His eyes had narrowed at the word ‘boyfriend’ and he watched my face carefully, making me uncomfortable.
    “You’re lying. You don’t have a boyfriend, but you are terrified of going out to coffee with someone interested enough to ask.” I swallowed nervously. I was the nail, and he’d just hit me over the head.

    By lovelea URL on 07.28.2011

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    By derp on 07.28.2011

  4. He smiled at me, that way he always does.
    “Are you happy?”
    I looked at him and I knew I was. Him and I, together. On the top of the old willow tree, like when we were little.
    “Yes. Yes, I think I am.”
    He grinned at me, amused at the joy he caused.
    My heart skipped a beat, paused in anguish.
    Will that expression ever reveal something more than friendship?

    By larissa on 07.28.2011

  5. I’m not a that little girl anymore. I’m not. Look at me and see a woman, please. Gaze at me in awe at the swam I’ve become.
    Yesterday is not who I am.
    I am not the spirited youth that amused you so much.
    I am now worthy of your affections…
    Notice me as the adult I truly aspire to be seen as.

    By larissa on 07.28.2011

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how much I amuse myself–I really enjoy the ridiculous hilarity I create for myself. A true jackass I am.

    By hillarypeg URL on 07.28.2011

  7. It was amusing. The battle of wits ended. Harsh. I tapered off into a mindless state, my sentence ending, abrupt. They laughed. It was amusing.

    By Cola URL on 07.28.2011

  8. What amuses me?
    Not today.
    Nothing amuses me today.
    The world is cold and black.
    Not particularly amusing.

    By Isabel URL on 07.28.2011

  9. A muse is something you find sitting next to you that sparks a thought. a simple thought that leads to an idea which leads to an action. and from thence when.

    By Anna llama on 07.28.2011

  10. “It’s no use,” he said, with a slightly amused look on his face as he watched me struggle to break free of my bands.
    I turned my head toward the man who i had once loved. “Go die.” and spat in his general direction as i continued to fight to escape.

    By Serafina URL on 07.28.2011

  11. Am I your muse? Do I inspire you? Because, in the end, if I’m not worth that, I’m not amused by you.

    By larissa on 07.28.2011

  12. nothing is amuse-ing me today. not much. a-muse is supposed to be enlightening, lighting my creativity. but i am not happy. i’m not amused. and even my self will not amuse…and it’s mostly the only one.

    By valerie q URL on 07.28.2011

  13. random thought… “to amuse” isn’t used the same way as “amusing” … there is definitely a difference there.

    By Park URL on 07.28.2011

  14. “Amuse me,” you whisper in my ear, your breath tickling the skin. I want to shiver but I repress it.
    “What makes you think I take commands?”
    “The way you submiss yourself to me. You were the one to decide I was the master. It was you. Without you willingly giving in, I would have no control.”

    By larissa on 07.28.2011

  15. ha. well thats a funny story I’ve told many times before. How for once. a rat. took the cat by surprise and bit its tail! and best of all, the dog was watching the whole thing! yep! and the mouse’s name was betty!

    By Ricardo M. on 07.28.2011

  16. We amuse ourselves through each other’s miseries. We find happiness and joy in others’ troubles and plights. We are that envious and evil. Human is evil. Amusingly evil, in a way. We live like that. No matter how selfless we think we are, we will always be selfish. Forever.

    By FaridaEzzat on 07.28.2011

  17. I can’t stop. I can’t stop, and sit. I must amuse… must be amused. I can’t stop and listen to my thoughts, listen to my soul. Being is no longer what I do.. I no longer live, I consume. I take things in, I put nothing out. Amuse. I need a muse, not to be amused.

    By Molly on 07.28.2011

  18. The smiles, the giggles.
    The jokes, and stories being told over and over again.
    Sometimes, it’s the little things.
    The remarks, that send the goosebumps up,
    and the butterflies swirling in your stomach.
    It’s all about happiness.

    By Taylor Crowley URL on 07.28.2011

  19. ooooh how i do care to watch you try and amuse me. tonight’s show is really excellent because the goverment is fiestive!
    are we running out of money? where did it all go?

    By abra URL on 07.28.2011

  20. To not think….

    By mama on 07.28.2011

  21. It was an odd feeling, one I had never felt before. For some strange reason the laughter on her face was quite what– what’s the word? Amusing…she makes me feel strange.

    By M.R. Butler URL on 07.28.2011

  22. It amuses me that you think I am so stupid as to let you use me. Especially after what you did to me the first time. It just isn’t going to happen, so quit trying.

    By mdnicol URL on 07.28.2011

  23. A muse. Amuse. Amusing. Hilarious. I love laughing. Laughter is the best medicine is a cliche but it’s true, which is probably why it’s cliche I suppose. You could saying being amused is a muse of mine.

    By Erin Leigh URL on 07.28.2011

  24. He had the twinkle of amusement in his eyes as he stared, wide eyed, at the little snail inching past the lemon tree. He was fascinated by the bob of its shell and the trail of slime that followed devoutly behind it.
    Kids are so amused by this quirky old world. It always manages to stop me in my tracks and breathe; take life slow, and take in all of the amusement it has to offer.

    By Nishat on 07.28.2011

  25. Go on. Amuse me darling. Take my breath away. I want to be swept away, not swept under the rug.
    Just stop. Don’t use me darling. I’m not going to stay in this. I’m not just your secret muse.

    By Erin Leigh URL on 07.28.2011

  26. entertain me please. make me laugh, or think, or smirk. anything to occupy my mind from the constant thoughts that wage war inside of my head.

    By sarah on 07.28.2011

  27. I thought of an off-handed joke my best friend had told me earlier in the day. I chuckled under my breath as I recalled his delivery and his impeccable timing.

    By jackc90802 URL on 07.28.2011

  28. I would consider myself an easily amused person. I find little ways to occupy my time. However, most of this is just me running wild with thoughts in my head. I don’t know if I would really say that it’s amusing to do this. I think the word amuse can mean like humurous but also amusing different ideas n such.

    By Shannon URL on 07.28.2011

  29. She laughed. “You really amuse me Jason. You’re different.” Jason stared back, expressionless. “You say that now…” She didn’t understand what he was talking about. “What’s that suppose to mean…?” Kathleen asked moving closer to him on the bed. He remained silent, and began to smirk. “Is this about last night? Jason, is there something I don’t know? Tell me, please.” She grabbed his shirt pleading for answers. He rose from the bed without a word, walked to the door, and stopped. As he looked back to her he said, “You’ll find out soon. And when you do, I’ll be long gone.”

    By Denia. URL on 07.28.2011

  30. You amuse me. You try and be hurtful. You do try your very best, i’ll give you that. But your petty rants and jealous nature now simply amuse me. I will hold my head high and laugh as i continue on with the more important things in life…

    By Kirsty URL on 07.28.2011

  31. Being easily amused is both a blessing and a curse. It means that boredom can easily be remedied, but it also means that I can accidentally spend hours staring at a computer screen, full of guilt afterwards.

    By wretsky URL on 07.28.2011

  32. This all amuses me, this being the game we all play known as “Life”. It amuses me to see how others play out their lives. Some don’t do anything at all. Others do it all. Some sit and worry. Others sit and watch. But you amuse me most of all because I never know what you’re thinking, and all I know is that your eyes are on me.

    By xstal URL on 07.28.2011

  33. she amuses him. she does things that make him laugh without meaning to. she brings out a lighter side of him, he doesn’t have to worry when she’s around him.

    By the_armada URL on 07.28.2011

  34. the girl in the red dress was coming down the stairs, where there was a man in a suit waiting for her. That would be a great night for both of them. UNTIL A GREAT TYRANOSSAURUS APPEARED AND ATE THEM ALL.

    By luigi santos URL on 07.28.2011

  35. Perhaps it amused me at first, the way it swung back and forth. I could have played with it for hours and not noticed that the time had been ticking just as fast as the pendulum itself. I guess that was the funny thing about time though. You never stop to realize that every second is a fraction of a minute, every a minute a fraction of an hour, and every hour a fraction of your entire life.

    Life’s just a world of fractions being wasted in every trivial thing you pursue.

    I continued to let my yo-yo “sleep” and as it swung, I realized that I was just as awake.

    By Dan URL on 07.28.2011

  36. Amuse. A muse. The muse of amusement? An amusing muse. Amusing musings. A musing muse. An amusing muse musing in an amusement park.

    By Roma URL on 07.28.2011

  37. I am not amused. Not amused at all that I keep getting words that I really have to interest in spending 60 seconds writing about. so i’ll probably just start babbling to myself about things, like what I should eat, that I should probably be in bed by 11:30, and that I probably am not going to see my friends tomorrow because I live almost an hour away now. It doesn’t help that I haven’t seen them in three weeks now. what the fuck.

    By Mari URL on 07.28.2011

  38. sincere they presented while we looked on in laughter and tears of joy
    toys like gorillas made of styrofoam
    those white particles exploded and consumed us
    like confetti from the ass of a clown
    birthed while god shaved and nicked his funny bone
    we laughed alone and banded together
    realizing our amusement reconnected the disjointed foamy dots
    of artificiality and pain

    By drewd URL on 07.28.2011

  39. it makes me laugh. the things said. like a carnival wheel, going up and down. the laughter, joy . its amusing, the way that people throw words around, as if they’re nothing special. its amusing, the way people laugh. amusing…such a funny word.

    By beautyinthestars on 07.28.2011

  40. i amuse myself day in and day out
    with myself i play
    my friends are all working
    all the live-long day
    too bad that work
    causes life to shorten
    and be less amusing
    i choose
    to stay amused

    By Theresa URL on 07.28.2011