September 16th, 2012 | 357 Entries

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357 Entries for “alive”

  1. i love to feel alive. i feel most alive when i listen or play music. drumming is what i do. I love the feel of the sticks in my hands and the bass drum pounding. when i’m at a concert, my favorite thing to feel is the bass drum beating all throughout my body. I love to feel the vibrations within me. I also feel alive because i can dance without anybody and everybody watching me at the same time.

    By mariel on 09.16.2012

  2. what i wish i could feel like.
    the opposite of dead.

    By amber on 09.16.2012

  3. I am alive! The air caresses my skin as I run, whipping strands of hair across my face. The air. The sun. The sky. I am alive. So alive. The world is alive. I remember the sorrow, though. The pain. The hurt. It’s behind me now. I have a breathe of life in me.

    By Kristina on 09.16.2012

  4. I do feel alive when the sun is shining and I wake up in the morning thinking that it will be a beautiful day no mather what. I’m grateful that my mom is alive

    By Martine on 09.16.2012

  5. I don’t want to write about myself. I want to write about other people. I’m glad that I have others alive around me. The world would be so placid without them.

    By Joe on 09.16.2012

  6. It feels good to be alive. Though sometimes being alive seems like its killing me. I appreciate life. But i deffinatly know i take itr for granit, thouht im working on not. Im just being alive one day at a time. Life is hard, and i know everyon eknows that. I guess everyone just has to start looking on the brighter side of things then well finally, truly be alive.

    By kristin on 09.16.2012

  7. I am alive today. I live in buenos aires. We are all alive because we can breathe air and eat food. Just because we are alive does not mean that we are awake. Wake up to reality. Be good to all people. Love, live, laugh.

    By dayna House on 09.16.2012

  8. I’m alive. I’m breathing because I’m alive. Why am I alive? Why aren’t I dead? What does it mean to live in this world. Being undead.

    By Sarah URL on 09.16.2012

  9. we took a trip to the outer banks of north carolina at the end of the summer and the weather was just fantastic, compared to florida where we started. the cool air was a refreshing break from the oppressive heat of the tropics, it made us feel alive.

    By eyeinthesky on 09.16.2012

  10. I feel Alive when i’m with you, there isn’t anything we can’t do.
    my smile widens, butterflies begin to fly around my stomach.
    the feeling of you holding me, wishing that this moment will never end.
    wanting to stay with you forever, alone in love.
    You make me feel alive, and i couldn’t have asked for anyone better.
    my heart throbs at the thought of you being gone, but it beats so fast to a point where i can’t breath.

    By cassandra on 09.16.2012

  11. I feel alive when I see you, blood courses through my veins and I feel like a different person when I see you, I never want to be without you, I want to be with you always. I’ll go wherever you do, and i hope I make you feel alive, in your heart and your soul.

    By Madelyn on 09.16.2012

  12. This time I could swear that the cat was alive. It rolled through the floor like if it had been dead for a long time. The tint in its fur looked vintage, but I knew it was the same cat I had loved and cared for.

    By joseandresaguayo on 09.16.2012

  13. Am I? Is this what it is like to enter death finally or just the numb feeling right before it? I can’t remember anything in the past 48 hours. All my gear is gone. It seems that my wallet is gone and I have no idea who I am.

    By Mark Francis Mabalatan on 09.16.2012


    By Nano on 09.16.2012

  15. I’m alive. I’m breathing, but I’m running. Is he still following me? I don’t know. I hear the arrow whiz by my head. This is it. I’m dying. This is the end. I tell myself to stop thinking and just run. So I do. I run until my legs give out, and I’m lying on the side of the road, wheezing. Are they near? Are they still watching me? I can’t move anymore. Every muscle in my body is screaming, my breath feels too hot and cold at the same time. What do I do? I have no where to go? No where to feel safe. I’m all on my own.

    By Sophie :D on 09.16.2012

  16. confortable, i am in that chair. Proud of myself, facing the future. More and more responsabilities, but I am.

    By Caro on 09.16.2012

  17. its great to be so. for not, you dont know. i love what i see and i would rather be than not. this is what you are all the time. use it, make it your own. love every second, wait for nothing, try everything, think about everything. love.

    By otter on 09.16.2012

  18. I AM ALIVE. I can feel the blood bursting inside of my veins. A remarkable feeling that is. A single breath taken producing the life inside of me. I can feel alive. Just as much as I am alive.

    By Anicia URL on 09.16.2012

  19. Brown and speckled
    round and lumpy
    only keeps my eye
    for a second
    i turn around when i hear
    the notes
    It’s alive

    By True Leigh on 09.16.2012

  20. Alive. She was alive… She had to be. I had to find her. wherever she was. I didn’t care if I had had to travel thousands of miles to do it I was going to find her. And find her I did. Off the coast. She was there. Waiting for me.

    By Minka52 on 09.16.2012

  21. dead or alive, thinking imagining, creative art, people in heaven, no one can make you feel alone because your alive! and living life.

    By Kaycee on 09.16.2012

  22. No one really knows why I feel so gone. The rain that scents the city fumes taps impatiently outside my window, and a steady beat of my heart sounds through machine. Not much longer do I have to experience this feeling, to be alive anymore.

    By David Campbell III on 09.16.2012

  23. living
    breathing air
    having fun

    By sharon on 09.16.2012

  24. As the dark of night fell
    I felt your pulse
    The ground was too cold
    You should not have tried to run
    My gun was faster
    Maybe next time

    By recogirl URL on 09.16.2012

  25. humans

    By aamibui on 09.16.2012

  26. I feel like I just woke up from the dead, i’m so grumpy tired and I feel funny! I think i’ll just stay in bed for a bit longer.

    By fh006864 on 09.16.2012

  27. I stuck being alive,with hatred,and no love ,with enemies and ANGRY PEOPLE!

    By Rose123456789 on 09.16.2012

  28. I’m alive I love how this life is, I live my live with sadness and rage but I live with care and joy. I wish I would change and live I life that I want to live.

    By Nicole on 09.16.2012

  29. alive, wishing you were the opposite, the new society wreaked the world! making it different for the people down below! but now we are alive so we have to live and pretend were not waiting for death. Why am i fighting to live if im just living to fight, why am i trying to see when there aint nothing in sight why am i trying to give if noone gives me a try, WHY AM I DYING TO LIVE IF I’M JUST LIVING TO DIE!

    By anonymous69 on 09.16.2012

  30. Im alive. Are you alive. No your a computer. Apple juicceee, LALALALALALLAA. Seriously. Im want dim sims cause im so hungry and unicorn girl wont stop watching me.

    By applejuice on 09.16.2012


    By Rose123456789 on 09.16.2012

  32. Being alive has both sides to it. There is a negative, but their is a positive. Having trustworthy friends could make you feel better, but having many enemies that you must battle to win against.
    It is different and weird to be alive and feel the pain.

    By Cindy N on 09.16.2012

  33. The baggy blue jeans sag off of my fatigued legs, begging for a direction to swirl in the breeze. I need to clean, but here I am, procrastinating with potatoes and dripping with sweat. Today is like any other day, a robins-egg-blue sky and wispy clouds; no calamity and perfect soil. Life is subtle, at wind’s mercy like our willow trees by the creek. He places his grimy, thick gloves on my shoulders, giving them a squeeze, and then a kiss. Our garden is finally finished, alive.

    By Mollie on 09.16.2012

  34. Today he feels alive. There is sadness, sadness for his world, sadness for himself, and the tribulations he’s gone through. But fundamentally he feels alive. He is awe-inspired by the zest and tranquility of this new world. What a discovery.

    By Steven Shafer on 09.16.2012

  35. its hard i say clenching my fists. I stare down at the icy banks of northern ireland thousands of feet below me. Its hard to imagine letting go. Just bdo it he says i look up smile but my smile disapears as i look back down to the icy ground that would surely be my deathbed.

    By adriana on 09.16.2012

  36. It wasn’t something she had ever asked for. It wasn’t something anyone had been able to explain, or justify, or remedy. But the one truth in all of this – the one thing she knew for sure: she was still alive. And that was more than enough.

    By Intricator on 09.16.2012

  37. Old clichés transform into reality in an unforeseen way with the words to die for love. Nothing else requires so much sacrifice, yet nothing else gives you such reason to aspire to greatness.
    “You woveth dreams of joy and fear
    which make thee terrible and dear.”

    By EmilyH on 09.16.2012

  38. “You woveth dreams of joy and fear
    Which make thee terrible and dear…”

    By EmilyH on 09.16.2012

  39. He had never felt so alive as he did with her. She was crazy and smart and hated being clique and loved life so much. He was fairly certain that she didn’t have manic pixie dream girl syndrome either which was a major plus as all girls he’d previously met that were this awesome definitely had the terrible thing. He just couldn’t wrap his mind around how she even knew he existed let alone that she wanted to hang out with him. He was a nobody in his eyes. Just one more socially awkward programer type boy on campus. But he was her everything.

    By mackedee on 09.16.2012

  40. I never felt so alive than I ever had before, but only after one of the most unforeseen incidents. It was nothing that I actually did, but rather, only witnessed, and the pure irony of it made this life seem that much more worth living. A man ran out of a bank clutching several bags of money and hailed his getaway car… only to be accidentally hit by it.

    By Kyle Harding URL on 09.16.2012