September 15th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “blindness”

  1. My eyes perceive no light from the vacant space around me. I squint, but still I cannot see a thing. I heard long ago that our mind sometimes blocks things out, memories, in order to protect us. I wonder if our eyes do the same thing, if the reality of the situation is so great that we cannot handle it even at a glance. I wonder if that is why I can’t see.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 09.16.2012

  2. He has been avoiding her. Trying to dodge when they bump into each other. Pretending not to feel the glares upon every piece of his being. But he’s not blind. Nor is he feeling numb. He’s simply doing good at what he does best: closing all the doors and just going blind, deaf and mute.

    By Yein on 09.16.2012

  3. Sorrow, fighting, alone and dark.
    Cold world, no joy, tears roll silently down.
    What? Warmth? A touch and the light begins to glow!
    Soft and soothing, life goes on.

    By Deb on 09.16.2012

  4. I feel .. Thats all i can do . Seeing isnt something god thought i should be born with. I dont resent him for it , i was raised better then that. But i cant say i exactly love him either. Its not easy when your walking down streets and someone shouts out ” Look!” and you hear “oohs” and “aww” from various people and you know your missing out on something magnificent .

    By Tally on 09.16.2012

  5. Blindness, can be seen as a form of disability, where one is deprived of the light and hope in life. However, one can overcome blindness by simply feeling with his other senses, and connecting himself back to the world which has abandoned him.

    By Adeva on 09.16.2012

  6. I think being born blind is really scary. Just imagine waking up to a world of darkness. Frightening, scary. I’d feel so lost and helpless. But it’s amazing how the blind feel around and still manage to enjoy the world just like normal people – although in different ways, be it through feeling or smelling. Recently I saw a blind woman making her way up the escalator; there was a lady who offered to help her but she just refused, and eventually made her way up. It was during the peak hour too.

    By KH on 09.16.2012

  7. There is a form of blindness I take on every time I walk through my neighborhood. Instead of seeing the garbage, the idol young people with nothing to do, the projects directly behind them… I choose to see the neighborhood that has embraced me as best they can these last four years. I choose to focus on the familiar faces I see almost everyday and savor the kindness they consistently show. I enjoy the mini victories of receiving genuine smiles from the at first doubtful neighbors.
    I’ve actually come to be protective of this neighborhood – my neighborhood – BedStuy, Brooklyn, NY, and become defensive when it’s mocked or insulted.
    …who cares that I’m really just a white girl from Kansas…

    By DaniBK on 09.16.2012

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    By boob on 09.16.2012

  9. When you’re blind, you can’t see.
    That’s what they told me.
    I didn’t want to see.
    Seeing is believing, but I don’t believe.
    Sight can be deceived.
    That’s why I don’t rely on sight.
    I never rely on sight.
    Blindness. That’s what I need.
    My eyes don’t need to see for me to understand.
    I don’t need my eyes.
    My eyes?
    They’re over there.

    By Justin on 09.16.2012

  10. i wish it can disappear , we are suffering from virtual blindness , every person deserve a second eye …

    By anias URL on 09.16.2012

  11. cant see anything please help me
    i cant go anywhere i will fall and get hurt

    By mary URL on 09.16.2012

  12. Blindness is a physical condition in which one loses their sight. But strangely enough their other senses are heightened.
    But blindness is a metaphorical manner can refer to ignorance… intentional or not.
    To be blind means to be free of sense, which is both a curse and a blessing. It is one more thing that you are not being held down by in the temporal world, allowing you to explore other areas of your life without fear, yet it means that you are also limited in others.

    By Kai URL on 09.16.2012

  13. blindness. it’s sad really. they can’t see the beauty of the world. they can hear the screams of pain, but can’t help. they can only hear. imagine never being able to help.

    By olivia on 09.16.2012

  14. darkness, an absence of light and space, greatest fear and most profound liberation

    By Bill on 09.16.2012

  15. being blind . not see, black, dark, nothing.

    By Catalina on 09.16.2012

  16. blindness…how dare Mr. Mcormick talk about blindness like that when he himself was completley oblivious to the gaping hole in my head i knew nothing i was brain dead!

    By emma gallagher on 09.16.2012

  17. The state of visual loss. Mostly associated with heightened senses of rest. Blindness is like having no cat in the highway.

    By asdasd on 09.16.2012

  18. they ought to call you g2v star, all these people in your orbit. the grass grows to green when you step on them and flowers bloom beside you when you’ve plucked them from their mothers. one look at you and everything brightens before dimming for good, but who would want to look at anything else when they’ve laid their eyes on the sun?

    By isa on 09.16.2012

  19. we

    By Briana on 09.16.2012

  20. Wer blind ist, sieht nichts mehr. Das kann daran liegen, dass die Augen kaputt sind. Oder die Augen sind intakt und die Weiterleitung zum Gehirn funktioniert nicht mehr. Wer tot ist, ist blind, sollte man glauben, denn dann funktioniert gar nichts mehr im Körper, außer die Verwesung. Aber ist das wirklich so? Wir werden es herausfinden.

    By Lisa URL on 09.16.2012

  21. darkness
    good deeds

    By hisham on 09.16.2012

  22. Being born without the ability to see offers an opportunity unavailable to most. A chance to experience the environment and the people within differently, uniquely. Ignorance of colour, age or style of dress gives blindness a step up in reaching towards what is fair and equal. But ignorance can find new ways to judge. The tone of your voice, the feel of your hand and how you choose to treat the blindness of others. Blindness is not always ignorance, sometimes it’s chosen by those who can see but don’t know how. It is ignorance of blindness that is the place where knowledge must gather.
    We are all suffering from blindness, but those born blind have no need to suffer. They can see what most can’t.

    By rhyme79 on 09.16.2012

  23. Exploring the web is great.

    By P. Leblanc on 09.16.2012

  24. nothing
    wheel chair
    old man
    good deeds

    By hisham on 09.16.2012

  25. I do not know when it will be, a time again that I can go back to those days.

    I know not how, or when or why it happened, but it did, and now here I am.




    I cannot define this, sensations I now behold. It’s… Deep, dark, blackness all around me.
    That is all.

    I suppose I must be… Oh what is it that your people call it…


    Is that the word?

    Or perhaps, if you’d be so kind as to listen to this philosophy, I am the one who sees, and everyone is ‘blind’. Perhaps this darkness is the truth. This horrendous gloom all around, is what is truly meanT to be seen.

    I am the seeing one.

    You are all being pummeled with the blasphemy, not I. I know it.

    I am not blind. This is not a sense taken away from me, rather a gift I’d just received.

    Dare I say, the wrapping isn’t too fancy. Not too ruffled, not to skimpy, for lack of a better word.

    For I am not blind you see. Oh no, no the pun is not part of a bitter ironic sense of humor that I’d decided upon whim to create as I speak to you. Oh my, it is all part of the insidious planning my dear. All part and parcel of the plan. Soon it will come to pass, the objective of the creator onto her creation.


    Yes, I did say her.

    What? You thought the creator was an almighty Him?

    My, my… You truly are the blind one. For it is quite clear, what’s going to happen soon enough.

    This grey orbs you are looking at as you listen to me? A mere disturbance in what you perceive to be truth of my frame.

    These grey hairs, scraggly and wrinkly skin you also must be observing from that distance in which you stand? All lies that your brain has been washed into believing that is my given form.

    Oh no, no dear.

    You must remember… You are the one who is blind.

    Did you really think, that all you see, is, all you see?

    Did you really believe in your sight?

    Trust in it perhaps?

    Ah… How long have you in blindness been?

    By R.Dwyn on 09.16.2012

  26. Blindness is many things. It can be not to be awake, not to see what reality is. I want to stay awake!

    By Ray Alex URL on 09.16.2012

  27. In ability to see
    lonilness, heartbreak.
    To have no sight but only to feel, to feel with hands and nerves and your heart
    to rely on others for physical dangers
    not knowing how you look.
    i would be devasted.

    By Elizabeth Wright URL on 09.16.2012

  28. Not being able to see. could be mentally or physicly.

    By Alice on 09.16.2012

  29. i was blinded by our love, too blind to see the bad, but blindness was a blessing because in the end i’m not that mad. i’ve always been oblivious but maybe it’s just blindness. i can see when and what i want.

    By Ashley Kervabon URL on 09.16.2012

  30. when i look at the word the first thing i see is a woman and her name is bess I do not
    have to look v har for her surnam and it is lindn. She is of the pudginess that is irriesistabl. Although she isnt v fat she isnt ver thin. I got that phrase from Count Curly.
    that word count… goodbye

    By jack blake URL on 09.16.2012

  31. You can hear but you can’t see,
    do you feel lonely?
    Dark. Afraid.
    doesn’t always mean you cant see with your eyes
    lost into a dark abyss
    Where am I? Without you.
    Are you beautiful? or is it just your personality.
    To me it doesn’t matter. Because it cant.

    By Pua URL on 09.16.2012

  32. They been following a presence, not even a true physical form, for so long.
    She thinks she’s gone blind in this darkness. It doesn’t really matter, since there really was nothing worth seeing in this place.
    She can feel the chill of terror, the sweetly false beckons of siren-like music, but it all doesn’t matter to her anymore.
    There really was nothing to see here.

    By Izumi URL on 09.16.2012

  33. I am blind. in that i lack the prospective that, all things die, I will die, and he will die, and my dreams will perish long before either of those things.

    By Elizabeth Wright on 09.16.2012

  34. A severed optic nerve causes total blindness. There will be no black and no dark as if our eyes were shut. If born this way, a person will never see their world, but they will hear it, taste and smell it and touch it. This means they will never know colour. Imagining nothingness replacing the images in my mind is difficult. My pictures exist because I have visual knowledge. But the universe being an expanding infiniteness and blindness causing a nothingness are two concepts for which I have no images, just as blindness has none of yellow or blue.

    By rhyme79 on 09.16.2012

  35. the fact when you can’t see.
    being blind.

    By mary on 09.16.2012

  36. I was so blind to my mistakes, I just kept going with what I thought I knew. But compared to them I knew nothing. I only knew that my brush was my guide onto unexplored canvas. I couldn’t express what I was doing. I hoped the piece would speak for itself. But they wanted a dissection of my process. Something I couldn’t really give them.

    By Ruben URL on 09.16.2012

  37. Everybody has a blindness. It’s a weakness you can’t see. Others can see it better than you can. Its analogous to a driver’s blind spot-.

    By dan URL on 09.16.2012