September 17th, 2012 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “together”

  1. people are always together , animals are always together , things go together

    By Breanna L on 09.18.2012

  2. aaaaaaaaaa tow people.tom and jeri or jeare

    By williamb on 09.18.2012

  3. Together. To-get-her. Do you think that was done on purpose? Funny isn’t it, how we made up words in this language? Do you think these things happened in the formation of any other language other than ours? Or is ours just goofy in general, like more than the average language? I mean, that would make sense for as often as English speakers are portrayed as a source of comedy rather than a credible source. Hm.

    By Lex on 09.18.2012

  4. going through hard times shouldn’t be done alone… going through good time is more fun when you have someone to share the good times with… the body of Christ… the church… God called on us to walk together… we will have bad times… we will have good times…. God gave us each other to lift up…. to celebrate with… to respect… to love… together…

    By Michael on 09.18.2012

  5. Together we can always achieve more than that of being alone. That is very true for many occasions. By working with others, we can avoid our own weaknesses or drawbacks, by using other’s strengths. It is like a single chopstick is susceptible to be broken, while a handful of chopsticks is unlikely to be broken by bare hands.

    However, sometimes we do want to work alone. You can focus better without other distractions and hence working alone may be a bit less time-consuming. But well, if one can actually utilize and organize teamwork efficiently, working together is definitely far more effective than working alone. But still, it depends on whether you possess that skill.

    By ifyouknowwhatimean on 09.18.2012

  6. we’re united,
    on the same team,
    fighting under the same flag.
    we stand back to back,
    joined in values
    and in fellow feeling
    that no matter what the world may throw at us
    neither one of us will ever be alone.

    By NuSol URL on 09.18.2012

  7. Some things are best done alone or solo. Others are best done with one or more people or together. Essays don’t fit into either catagory. They are just too hard.

    By Orion on 09.18.2012

  8. We walked down the road together, kicking stones and looking behind at our dust. We were leaving a place that held both good and bad memories, wanting to forget all of it and begin the next chapter.

    By Deb on 09.18.2012

  9. Together we lost what we left behind in Chile. Together we teeter along the edge of a green pool, burdening each other.

    By Charlotte on 09.18.2012

  10. we stood together in the rain
    we wore smiles to cover pain
    the rain mixed with our tears
    washing away wasted years

    By Mary Lukaitis on 09.18.2012

  11. Being with someone you love is the ultimate pleasure a person can experience. Together can mean so many things. Together as in united. Together as in hanging out. Together as in a pair. Whatever it may mean to someone, it is universally desired by the general public.

    By Halie on 09.18.2012

  12. When we are together. It makes me feel like I could do anything. The feeling of together is so warm and friendly it reminds me about sitting by a fireplace in the winter. It makes me feel like I have a cup of hot chocolate in my stomach. It feels like santa cookies. I want this feeling and hope I can never get rid of it.

    By Sam Thammahong on 09.18.2012

  13. Together is such a cliche. But heck, so is ‘you’ and ‘i’. So is forever. But who cares about cliches when all that’s involved is L-O-V-E?

    By Yein on 09.18.2012

  14. Together again. Alone together? Across screens we stare and scream at each other, but are we together? Monitored and watched we can never be alone when cuddled by technology and marketers.

    By sadfasd on 09.18.2012

  15. Does that mean not alone?
    I’m not sure.
    Perhaps together physically just isn’t enough.

    By Astraiana on 09.18.2012

  16. There is no such thing as together. Every experience is experienced alone. Every man is alone.

    By Nico guzman on 09.18.2012

  17. To be with someone else. Together means you aren’t lonely and you’re usually happy. But when you’re together you can sometimes still be lonely and not be with people you want to be with.together can also be a vey happy, warm thing that is a good thing to be

    By Lauren on 09.18.2012

  18. two people, a gruop of people love harmony and respect. Family and creativity, mashing up and beauty. Chaos and unknown with fear and nerves but destiny and in the end an ocean which refused no river.

    By Aaron on 09.18.2012

  19. The word together means to be with someone else whether it be the opposite gender or not. To be together implies also that you are in a relationship with someone. People can be any range of emotion when they are together and can end up having good or bad memories together.

    By Carli on 09.18.2012

  20. Together forever
    Scissors and fluff
    The lies cut you
    The fluff stuffs you
    And pancakes make you fat
    Together we can
    Jump off a cliff
    It will work
    Mutten chop

    By recogirl URL on 09.18.2012

  21. Together, we make a great team. Apart, I am nothing. I miss you each and every day and although I know our time is limited, I appreciate you. Our love will never have a real chance to grow, but what we have nonetheless is special. Please stay…

    By Pamela on 09.18.2012

  22. together
    we shoot at the stars
    we load our cannons
    we hide ‘neath trees

    we die by the hands of Nebuli

    By gavelbrook on 09.18.2012

  23. i wanna be with you.
    i want us to be TOGETHER
    but i guess alot of things happen for a reason
    reasons to why we cant be together.

    By sweetsubstance on 09.18.2012

  24. together. i am not together with anyone but myself. sometimes it feels like that i am the only one alive. but it is not the truth.

    By KAM on 09.18.2012


    By Zara-Rose on 09.18.2012

  26. This is so awkward. I wish his cold, clammy fingers would get out of mine. I have to exert so much self control just to keep myself from squirming uncomfortably. I don’t like being together, I have to break up with him.
    But I can’t.

    By Isis on 09.18.2012

  27. Together we run around under the stars. Together we fight for our rights, holding picket signs and shouting. Together we try to play Quidditch and laugh when we come crashing down. We’re not magical, but that’s okay; we’re together.

    By Isis on 09.18.2012

  28. Tasha was most happy when Daniel was in her space. She could smell, touch, see, and taste him. She tasted him a lot. That was when she felt they were really like one person. When he was inside of her. But sometimes, when he left, she wondered how whole she could feel if he never came back.

    By Soft URL on 09.18.2012

  29. We were. Must be. There’s always a plece for us. Doesn’t matter anything when we are together.

    By Jack Myller URL on 09.18.2012

  30. It’s nice, you know? Staying together, it’s a different state of being than just being by yourself. And it’s got to be “being by yourself” now, because when you’ve got a together it doesn’t go away. Even after things are over, if they end. It’s still there with you, this memory or feeling or impression of a time when you were a half or a part and the “together” was part of who you were. It’s kind of completion. Even though, obviously, you were a whole person before it started.

    By Grace on 09.18.2012

  31. together we can make history. together we can make conflict.

    By Lauren on 09.18.2012

  32. Together we will achieve whatever we want. Because together we are stronger. Two stars, shining as one.

    By Marie on 09.18.2012

  33. i feel resolution in my bones. whatever is not yet done, is alive in the future. the pattern is not yet complete, just a little more. i am slowly, more than ever before in the past few years, becoming a resolute whole, it’s just a passing thing, this darkness. and when the sun shines again it’ll shine all the brighter. im getting it together, and the one-word for that would be, peace.

    By meliora URL on 09.18.2012

  34. keeping balance and forming an alliance.
    showing you care and being there.
    helping others and building structures.
    bringing the world together.

    By Tori on 09.18.2012

  35. looks like god left me out
    when he split our souls in half

    misery went down on one knee
    asked me to wear its ring

    flattered and sad i knew
    no one else would do the same

    so i said yes not feeling shame
    > this loneliness again

    By isa on 09.18.2012

  36. together, we can change the world. we can reach an goal that we set for each other. i feel that we are real with each other when we are together.

    By emily ann on 09.18.2012