June 7th, 2013 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “alarming”

  1. a sudden surprise or something unexpected happens,,,,, the fire drill bell was very alarming because it woke me up during the math lesson

    alarming: fire drill
    smoke detecter
    alarm clock
    school bell
    police sirens

    By jassyboo on 06.08.2013

  2. “The alarm rang loudly frightening everybody around!”
    “Alright Mr. Su that’s enough, you can sit down now,” my teacher mumbled erasing the word ‘alarming’ off the board. I made my way to my seat, a smug smile on my face.

    By Fancy URL on 06.08.2013

  3. It was alarming how cold the weather had gotten in just a few short hours. The deck of the frigate Stella Lorna Donna was quickly becoming slippery as the spray turned to slush in the arctic winds.

    By teresa on 06.08.2013

  4. it is alarming
    just how
    disarming and charming
    you are
    don’t come too close
    I might burst

    By Aley URL on 06.08.2013

  5. Shock and awe
    Explosion everywhere
    The magic show was nothing but exciting
    But other than that, it was nothing.
    Gerry sat in the front row,
    Desperate to be picked for something,
    But everyone around him became “volunteers”
    And he was left once again alone.
    He almost had a chance to be a part of something,
    But it was gone in a puff of smoke.

    By Siege URL on 06.08.2013

  6. So I am usually able to so gracefully cover up these alarming scars and hurts with my own chainlink fence, my own barbed wire and sharpened tongue. Quick to strike and dart away, like the hornet. Then I hedgehog sleep, curled around in my own insecurities, reluctant to break that hold. But when I wake, my heart is shredded and flaps like rags in the wind, and I know my dreams have betrayed me.

    By cmsiena URL on 06.08.2013

  7. this is so alarming! It is raining outside and I don’t know what to do. I wanted to go swimming today but the news alarmed me by saying that it would start raining Saturday. It is going to continue through the entire day. How alarming I hope it doesn’t flood.

    By Christa on 06.08.2013

  8. Why do I keep coming back? I’m the oldest guy here, and even I’ll admit that it’s a little creepy for a thirty-five year old to be bouncing on the dance floor next to the high-school candy kids with fake IDs. The answer is in the first song of the night.

    By Chris Clow URL on 06.08.2013

  9. akari has never imagined that he would end up coming to terms with things quite like this. no, in his dreams it was never this miserable. in his dreams there were confessions and feelings being returned. he’s imagined that maybe they would both be smiling when all was said and done. maybe he could reach out and touch tokitatsu and for once feel connected, but all those little fantasies have all been shattered by the time he realizes just why there’s no answer no matter how many times he rings the doorbell. no matter how hard he knocks.

    the act of understanding has never been so painful before.

    By erishuka URL on 06.08.2013

  10. It’s alarming
    how much I
    love you
    you let
    them kill you
    is beyond me.

    By Noufita URL on 06.08.2013

  11. It was alarming to wake up and find out that my cat was double it’s normal size. Moreso, three days later, when it had doubled yet again.

    By Matthew Thomas on 06.08.2013

  12. I felt a poke. Naturally, I jumped. I quickly decided it must be my brother teasing me again, so I turned around and started to laugh. But I was cut off by a cold hand covering my mouth. There were words said, but I couldn’t make out what they were. It was all very, foreign.

    By Annee on 06.08.2013

  13. It’s an alarming word. It causes fear. Panic. Terror. Even in smallish doses, people don’t like the word. It raises the hackles. “That’s alarming”. You are alarmed, you are scared, frightened. Even just a little bit is too much. And fear is the mind killer.

    By Jen B. on 06.08.2013

  14. I woke up this morning and needed to catch my breath. Everything was so overwhelming to my abilities, nonetheless, i felt weaker than a monkey with an unfit tail. I reached for the cup of water i longed for by my side. Hopeless.

    By Gionna URL on 06.08.2013

  15. She speaks but I can’t hear. She’s telling me this and that. How it happened. The car slipped on the ice. The man with the knife. I see her mouth move to form the words yet all I can think is nothing at all. I feel blank. Like a page without words or a picture without colours or faces.

    “Alex is dead.” She said.

    She tells me of funerals and flowers and a memorial service and meals for the family… but all I know is one thing. My entire existence has me come three words.

    She said, “Alex is dead.”

    And that is all that matters anymore.

    By Ami on 06.08.2013

  16. When I woke up on Saturday afternoon, I saw something I never thought I’d have the chance to. My grandfather whom had dies last year was standing at the foot of my bed. At first it seemed alarming, but I soon realized it was just what I needed. He looked at me with wonder in his eyes, and I looked back with love.

    By angel on 06.08.2013

  17. I was really here. The buildings covered with snow glistened in the distance. I smelled butterscotch from the butterbeer and overheard chatter among the crowds. The Hogwarts Express was to my right and Honeydukes to my left. You could see Hogwarts in the skyline, in all its glory. I couldn’t believe my dreams were finally coming true.

    By Lydia B. on 06.08.2013

  18. i woke up and all i could hear was the alarm buzzing. i didnt want to get up but i had to. i could tell today was gonna be a horrible day just by the way i felt when i awoke but id have to struggle through it anyways, just like any other day.

    By Brittney on 06.08.2013

  19. Terrifying was our experience.

    By khadija61 URL on 06.08.2013

  20. The world has become very alarming. Children are growing up into adulterers and there s nothing we can do to correct this. What can we do? Ship them off to camps? No that would be inhumane.

    By Sydnie H. on 06.08.2013

  21. there are stars in your eyes
    that you stole
    on your way down

    (yanked them from their perches,

    By h. b. URL on 06.08.2013

  22. it was really alarming how i got my result the other day…i mean pone min im rejoicing tht yayyee no result today and the next BAM!!!
    results out!!
    i mean y would they do something like that to me.

    By divya gupta on 06.08.2013