June 7th, 2013 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “alarming”

  1. Johnny walked into his girlfriend’s bedroom and was immediately shocked. Amanda was making out with her twin brother Adam! Her shirt was half-off, her bra strap dangling, and Johnny could tell she was more than into it. Suddenly, his jealousy got the best of him: he screamed and bolted out of the room with flailing arms.

    By Hannah on 06.07.2013

  2. It’s alarming how fast his fingers can move. My money was wadded up in the heel of my boot, I’m sure. At least that’s where I left it. But now the familiar clump of bills is held between those long, dammed fingers of his. He waves it in front of my face jokingly, his freckled nose scrunched up with laughter. “Thanks for that.” He steps out of the way as I lunge for my money. “I’ve been looking for someone to buy my lunch.”

    By WearyWater URL on 06.07.2013

  3. Alarm clocks. Oh god how i hate waking up in the morning. Why is it so annoying? Why is everything and everyone so annoying. I find it alarming how I much everyone isn’t depressed. Why am I depressed. What’s different about me than them?

    By Justin on 06.07.2013

  4. It is alarming, how quickly I fell for you and the smile that didn’t reach your eyes and the rich brown mop that was your hair, and your eyes that seemed as if they were the sky hiding behind the fog on a Monday morning.

    By anonymous on 06.07.2013

  5. this is a word used by the media in order to get people’s attention usually with a negative connotation. it also represents disgust from the perspective of elders when they talk about how the younger generation has self-destructive habits that will lead to the downfall of humanity. It also represents trends going down a slippery slope that are dangerous

    By Vinay on 06.07.2013

  6. its alarming to realize how much of life is out of our control. we fight for freedom but in the end, we are slaves to our fate and we can never fully understand why. we are alarmed by what we already know. in the end, we alarmed by fate.

    By maggie. on 06.07.2013

  7. I woke up to the sounds of the alarm, it interrupted my dream as it does every morning. “Shutup.” I mumured into the air, sliding my finger across the phone. It’s alarming how I’m turning into

    By Charenee Hamilton URL on 06.07.2013

  8. I do startle myself on occasion, with my anger. I never get angry, but oh, sometimes, you hurt the heart I don’t have, that heart outside myself which I can only speak to…

    the bell song, that sweet talking alarm, will burst your eardrums.

    sometimes, in protection of my own fledgling body parts or the large eyed minds curved under my wing, I give straight ticker tape answers and let you figure out how much I can never care about your wit…

    because your eyes, they have no virtue.

    By Saudade URL on 06.07.2013

  9. Here I begin. That sound. Not of birds, or wind, or words, but instead a sound that digs into a part of my brain strongly associated with the dread of a new day.

    By Lilly on 06.07.2013

  10. Their savings were being depleted at an alarming rate. The job loss — unexpected, though not entirely — had thrown their expenses into a new kind of relief. The essentials — mortgage, cell phones, cable, water, electric, car payments, medical co-pays — off course had to take priority. The trick now was to decide how many curtailments to their normal spending they could comfortable absorb, and how much suffering they were in for.

    By Lisa on 06.07.2013

  11. I should have taken note of the red flags alarming me of what was to come. But instead I dove head first into everything that you encompass; consuming me in your love.

    By Pip URL on 06.08.2013

  12. my mindset, sometimes. I feel like I’m always all over the place, you know? I can be falling apart, really really falling apart for a few minutes and the next the crisis has been averted and I’m looking at pictures of chinchillas in party hats and feeling like it’s not so bad after all and maybe things might actually work out.

    By Sarah on 06.08.2013

  13. Alarming once the harming starts the harvest. Forestry lonesomeness upon the hardest working Spartans.

    By juan on 06.08.2013


    By Olivia Henigman URL on 06.08.2013

  15. Alarming. That’s what the news was. It had all the ingredients of things that had the scent of disaster, the smell of a catastrophe waiting to happen. John could not believe it…Who on earth would do such an insidious thing?

    “So who was it that suggested Marlene to do the cooking?”

    By Tsoon Liang on 06.08.2013

  16. It’s alarming. To think that today I turned 21 and this is the last birthday I’ll ever look forward to. Alarming, life’s hitting me like a brick and I can’t seem to remember where I put my goddamn keys. Or my goddamn shoes. It’s a cycle. A shitty cycle. Goddamn

    By HoldenLyric URL on 06.08.2013

  17. Alarming. Frustrating. Defeated. But, never really defeated. Just waiting, learning and growing. Hoping and healing and poised to jump again. Into…

    By Ruth on 06.08.2013

  18. Resounding. Re-finding. Alert and investigating. Invigorating. Body and mind shaking.

    By Ruth URL on 06.08.2013

  19. Alarming. Alarming. Alarming. Alarming. Alarming. Alarming. Okay? Okay.

    By Raymund URL on 06.08.2013

  20. i woke up to the alarming sound that was coming from the kitchen. distraught by the horrendous night prior, i didn’t realize i fell asleep with the oven on. there was smoke all over, leaving hardly any room to breathe. scared, alone, and shocked… i ran

    By Joel Mandujano on 06.08.2013

  21. Your lack of caring is alarming.

    By Jason URL on 06.08.2013

  22. The opening of the pit. The stench that rose from it. Both things churned in his gut – nothing like this was supposed to happen, but just like in those crappy movies he was usually coerced into watching, it did. And his breath was caught in a mix of terror and slight curiosity. This was a marvel, after all. There was nothing else like it in existence. Supposedly. Sure, the damn thing spawned insanity. But it was almost cool.

    By katy URL on 06.08.2013

  23. Its alarming how easily I forget that everything is in motion for a reason. That I’m loved by something more than just the people around me but by everything that ever existed. I am a part of something bigger and better than my mind can even comprehend.

    By Elizabeth on 06.08.2013

  24. everything was so worring in the world i live in. nothing was safe everything meant disaster was coming. what were we meant to do? run and hide? or try and be free? run and hope that we could figure out how the save the rest of the world! i didnt want to be the one who did nothing.

    By Cordelia Volkov on 06.08.2013

  25. alarming polica car, sally alarmed for the murder of her brother. her brother was alarmed when he saw the killer. the killer alarmed the sister not to call the police. the police alarmed sally that what she did was the rihgt thing . the emergency room was alrmed when they saw her brother. her mother was alarmed to know about the incident.

    By Solafa URL on 06.08.2013

  26. annoying

    By nanonine on 06.08.2013

  27. It was alarming, how quickly the situation degenerated. One moment it was a pleasant neighborhood barbeque, with everyone laughing and joking, and the next minute the house was on fire, the grill was in the pool and everyone was swinging punches and grappling with each other, all the while covered in mustard.

    By mrsmig URL on 06.08.2013

  28. Eyes wide open, eyebrows raised. They all stared down at scene before them. It was not pretty, it was not polite. But it was real. Perhaps the most authentic thing anyone in that town had experience in awhile. After today, going back to the cordial facade they called life would be difficult.

    By Soft URL on 06.08.2013

  29. no one quite hears the faint ringing in their ears.
    the glacial rotting of tissue goes by unnoticed.
    someone will toll the bells so that we all might wake up from the blissfully beautiful bubble we’ve cocooned ourselved in. wouldnt you agree?

    By berenique URL on 06.08.2013

  30. Alarming. An alarmed llama. It’s alarming how charming I feel! My mind is so strange right now, I’m rather alarmed myself. To alarm, to frighten, to make cautious. Yea, I don’t know anything of what alarming really can be.

    By Serryphae URL on 06.08.2013

  31. It was a scary, scary night. The huge tornado reaped havoc on the countryside. Way too much destruction for one little town. How many were lost?

    By gloria on 06.08.2013

  32. And suddenly,

    By EmbraceTheUnknown URL on 06.08.2013

  33. it is alarming how my best friend doesnt really care so much for the rules, simply bending rules works for him, but it stresses everyone out. i hope it reduces.

    By anvb on 06.08.2013

  34. My heart finds it alarming how easy it is to feel this vulnerability. I wish I could crawl inside my chest and pull out all the wires that set this time bomb ticking inside of my chest, leaving the wonderment of when.

    By Danaé on 06.08.2013

  35. alarming is for wake up early for me!
    if i don’t have alarming, i will late to school every daY!
    sometimes my phone doesn’t work well so i late to school

    By joonseo URL on 06.08.2013

  36. alarming sparming charming is what i want to be charmed i am such a snake if things dont go my way and indeed the deed may be at cathleens the house the cat the yard the child the illusion of control i am not on a roll i am barely awake at 9:05 i am alive hungovr and cast upon the heart oh the heart is heavy.

    how do we know when the time is up when alarming turns into a noun or an adjunct faculty at this masters degree what is she studying? why doenst it stop? maybe the black dot that appeared is time. i am stopping, maybe stomping outta here.

    By merbird URL on 06.08.2013

  37. The world is alarming. It happens all the time. Just when you think that you know something, the world will turn around and change it. The world can decide if they will change it to make it something good. Most often they make it surprising, or unexpected. Most of the time they make it scary, and bad for you. But you can not be alarmed. You have to stick with it. You have to get through it..

    By Sarah URL on 06.08.2013

  38. It is alarming how much people make me want to disappear.
    (I would write something more eloquent but I do not really feel like it.)

    By F on 06.08.2013

  39. it’s alarming that people walk around thinking that what they know is the best thing in the world. They are right and will always be right, regardless of the fact that there are billions of people with a differnt world view and way of doing things.

    By Charlotte on 06.08.2013

  40. “It’s alarming,” you say, poking at the lost clocks and watches.

    I keep quiet, but chuckle as you continue to fiddle with the artifacts, a pocketwatch in your hands.

    “It is,” I murmur.

    The sudden caw of a mechanical bird makes us jump.

    By Ollie on 06.08.2013