April 4th, 2015 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “copper”

  1. The gears kept spinning. Clockwork gazed at them, wide-eyed and filled with wonder.
    She’d been protecting these gears for…geez, centuries now. It was hard to believe she managed to keep them running for so long.
    She smirked to herself and put her hands on her hips. “Well, looks like it’s time for another tune-up.”

    By Mocha on 04.04.2015

  2. Crumbling and destroying is easy, but it never happens in a matter of seconds. Some things might break in moments, but many will test your patience. Depends on what you choose, to go the easier way and tear and lose all that you value, or challenge yourself with a trickier task and employ yourself into breaking the impossible.

    By kyungsoo on 04.04.2015

  3. I look at her hair, a bright coppery shade. As she comes closer, however, I notice a scent, again, coppery, like the smell of blood. No, she is no vampire. This is weird. And melodramatic.

    By Sneha on 04.04.2015

  4. Penny penny pennies.. Many many many.

    Dollar becomes dollars, nikes become Bentley

    By Tommy Canvas URL on 04.04.2015

  5. Usado em quase tudo. Desde encanamento até o 3º lugar das olimpíadas. Meu Deus, eu confundi cobre com bronze!

    By Ever on 04.04.2015

  6. copper is a really nice metal. i love copper. its my best friend.

    go the coppermeister

    go go go for the honour of copperdude

    copperinock yea

    By samuel kennedy on 04.04.2015

  7. The penny left a metallic taste in my mouth. Where else should I have put it? My pockets were full of bread and newspaper clippings, poverty and hope. I had to save it for my future.

    By Kim on 04.04.2015

  8. It’s what pennies are made of. Not dreams. Well, maybe some people’s. Maybe a copper miner. I wonder how copper is mined. I’ll probably google it after this. Lincoln is on the penny. I wonder if he particularly liked copper. Doesn’t seem to be a popular metal for jewelry…Hmm. I bet copper has a great Wikipedia entry. Well, I’m off to Wikipedia some copper.

    By Mary T on 04.04.2015

  9. The tears and blood mixed together on the glass overlay on the old yet refurbished furniture piece, no matter the condition, was now stained forever with the events that ensued the delicate body falling victim to her own demons.

    By Jess on 04.04.2015

  10. Boing.

    By Mc Murphy on 04.04.2015

  11. a penny on the ground,
    face up,
    is lucky,
    but what happens when someone turns it over,
    does that mean the luck is gone,
    or just that someone can
    make their own.

    By Allison on 04.04.2015

  12. alice

    By andrea on 04.04.2015

  13. well when i saw that word i’ve just thinked about a rock star that my sister have shown me when i was fifteen

    By andrea on 04.04.2015

  14. How my mouth tastes when I’m in desperate fear. It’s the taste that filled my mouth before I got in my car wreck. It’s the taste whenever I’m in complete fear of my life.

    By Stephanie Weeks URL on 04.04.2015

  15. “See a penny, pick it up.”

    Free form. Free mind.
    Connection, direction, dot to dot.
    Pop. Pip. Pop.

    How many bullets in a Walther PPK?
    6 in the chest. 1 in the mind.

    By Helen on 04.04.2015

  16. I could see the copper bristling from the broken cord, threatening to electrocute anyone who touched it. It was a live wire – no doubt about it. Now it was a matter of turning off the machine without getting everyone involved angry. Yes, ladies and gentleman – I had to turn off the most popular game in the arcade because some properly sized rodent had gnawed on the cord and exposed the raw, vulnerable metals underneath. This was going to be “fun.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.04.2015

  17. Hair. The color of new pennies or warm caramel. Copper hair. Shining beautiful in the sun. Matching burnt amber eyes and freckles and the most genuine smile.

    By Tiffany on 04.04.2015

  18. Copper is the name of the sink bowl color I wanted in the bathroom. A beautiful, expensive choice for our new home. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the choice. He didn’t give me the choice. “Plain Jane” was the way to go, the cheaper, more practical option. The only plausible. No risks taken. Simple. Easy. Boring.

    Where is the spontaneity?

    By CML on 04.04.2015

  19. Hair. Copper hair. Glowing in the sun as it sets. Warm smile. Freckles. A gentle laugh. Happiness in an innocent and gentle form.

    By Veronica on 04.04.2015

  20. “Half should be enough,” you told me, drunk on your success but mostly on the bottle of cheap citrus vodka littering the glass. “More than enough under these circumstances.”

    I ignored you, as I tended to do back then, and filled the cup before dumping it all on your hair.

    By Anna Meursault on 04.04.2015

  21. The strange metallic Gem turned around.
    “Who’s there?”, she said in a brassy voice.
    ” Copper… Copper…” a voice whispered.

    By xerneas URL on 04.04.2015

  22. The scent of copper
    Fills her mind
    She didn’t know how much blood there was
    In a body

    But there was so much of it
    Far, far
    Too much

    To ever put back in

    The way it pooled at her knees
    And covered her hands

    As she froze there
    Over him

    It had been an accident
    Only an accident

    By Maci_M on 04.04.2015

  23. Yusei ran his hand over Ushio’s copper-colored cheek, his thumb gently rubbing over the scar under his left eye. “How about getting to know me better?” He leaned in again.
    “Stop,” Ushio said, pushing him back once more, “stop right now.”

    But Yusei didn’t stop this time. He slipped past his large hands and kissed him.

    By Kleptomaniac Can Opener URL on 04.04.2015

  24. last summer i met a sailor boy with copper skin and blue, blue eyes. every morning he would walk alone on the docks, and at night he would trudge home with saltwater in his hair.

    By Elizabeth on 04.04.2015

  25. I gruvene i Bolivia utvinner dei koppar. Dei har store hattar, solbrune andlet og fargerrike kjoler. Dei er fattige, nokre har blikk som er prega av det. Det er kaldt i gatene, frost om natta. På dagen går dei til jobb, hoppar opp på lasteplana på bilane og lar seg bli køyrt til dei kalde, harde gruvene

    By Trine on 04.05.2015

  26. The mine was slowly being populated. The king needed more weapons, so they had to mine more copper. One miner suddenly fell to the ground. He was dead.

    The king was sitting in his room. A person cam eup from behind. The axe in the king’s back was… copper.

    By Stefan Kaleta on 04.05.2015

  27. does it mean anything?
    better than nothing or

    By addie on 04.05.2015

  28. She stood on the edge of copper canyon and felt the breeze blowing through her hair as she watched two eagles soaring through the clouds. Her spirit soared with them.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.05.2015

  29. I don’t know this word.
    what is this?

    By Priscila on 04.05.2015

  30. when you petina copper,
    you formulate a prison out of chemistry.
    you hold her sharp orange young
    between welding pliars
    and poison her surface.
    green, sick, and born anew

    By k on 04.05.2015

  31. there it is! copper. I’ve been searching for it and I’ve finally found it. I can finally buy a house and maybe a farm. I’m saved! I’m saved from my poor life.

    By Sala on 04.05.2015

  32. Clara felt that she should be nervous for their first performance, but found it hard to be so when she saw the instruments the musicians were using. Made from the copper pipes from the cooling systems of the transport ships, they were always a reminder that everything in their lives here was makeshift, a compromise; and that everything they had was a valuable resource that they had to fight for, to share with, or take from someone else. That realisation made everything seem more precious to her. As time went on, the colonists settled in to their new lifestyle, but there were the inevitable doubts. One rumour had started about an alien being that was watching them from the dark zone, but the Committee had dismissed it as an airbag from a landing vessel that had been taken by the wind and given a life of its own. Even among the highest ranking intellects they had chosen, there was superstition; – a side effect of the creative minds they had sought to include in the colony population.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.05.2015

  33. Just as glistening copper fades to a sickly green, our once brilliant, beaming love corroded into ill hue that no polish could ever restore.

    By khakicat URL on 04.05.2015