January 25th, 2013 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “ahead”

  1. go ahead theres better things ahead theres happiness ahead happiness is success success is ahead ahead is where you should want to get go ahead its better ahead

    By Li on 01.26.2013


    By RICKREGARDLESS URL on 01.26.2013

  3. What times are ahead I cannot be sure
    And will never truly know
    the prophesies will surely prove true
    But how I do not know
    I must learn
    to keep the future ahead
    And live, acknowledging my responsibilities,
    In the present,
    and make that future better for many.

    By Jess on 01.26.2013

  4. One could go on forever about what’s ahead and all the uncertainties of life, but it is useless. Live your life for others and make a good future, because no matter how hard you try you can’t be absolutely sure of everything that is ahead.

    By Jess on 01.26.2013

  5. Ahead she could see the wreckage she’d cause through bleary eyes. Her red car seemed ever smaller, curled around an SUV and as they wheeled her into the ambulance she couldn’t stop thinking of his twisted face and what she had done. He’d never come back, he’d had everything ahead of him and now he had nothing but an empty shell of death.

    By Maddy on 01.26.2013

  6. Ahead. When I think of ahead, I think of

    By Spencer on 01.26.2013

  7. ‘go ahead. do it. leave.’ i whispered. he flinched at the words i said.
    ‘GO. I DON’T NEED YOU.’ i screamed at him, i couldn’t handle it anymore. the lies, the chase, the non-official love. he obviously doesn’t want me. he blinks at me for moment, and then nods slowly. he walked away with his head down. when i can barely see him, i dropped my body to the ground and cried desperately, ”please, just stay.”

    By theresahoang on 01.26.2013

  8. I’ll keep going, even if it kills me.
    Even if it shatters my muscles, even if it takes apart my ligaments, piece by piece. Even if my bones are shattered to dust, I will still keep going. No matter what. The’re no turning back from what I’ve done. My crime cannot be justified.
    Just gotta keep going.

    By A.C. Rooks on 01.26.2013

  9. I couldn’t look back. If I did, I would lose my balance and fall. I was ahead. Ahead of all the people who told me I’d always be behind. Ahead, knowing how close I am to the finish line.

    By KJ Smith on 01.26.2013

  10. go ahead. go tell me everything.. tell me you love me and everything is fine. tell me you don’t like her or think shes pretty when I know youre lying. tell me I mean something to you and tell me we are forever anf then rip it right out from under me. go ahead. ill be waiting.

    By layla on 01.26.2013

  11. go ahead and go nonono but if i dont i wont know i dont care just figure it out but i think i like the idea of building it better than if it is already there and just finding it that way even if it breaks down and looks not the way i want it to it is still mine in the end

    By rr on 01.26.2013

  12. gogogo back it up but then youll get the lines over each other just push it on itll turn out not pretty not even but out and itll be yours better than having to build on someone elses or better than letting someone build yours if it is all you then you can feel every inch of it

    By rr on 01.26.2013

  13. go ahead. go and live your life without me. ging and that im worth it and theres nothing yo and tell me im everythou wouldn’t do for me. tell me shes beautiful, choose her over me. go ahead. you did. now where are we? everyday I fear we will break but I love you so much..

    By dance-fever on 01.26.2013

  14. If I go ahead I may miss something. I am a detailed person who wants to get everything right. But, if I don’t think ahead, I won’t be prepared. Again it’s the detail things that I get caught up in.
    I need to take a chance and jump ahead. The risk should always be worth it. Right or wrong, I’ll learn something.

    By Beth on 01.26.2013

  15. I’ve heard people say to try not to get ahead of yourself. Living too far in the future or in the past doesn’t allow you to be here, right now in the present…

    Of course that’s hard to do because throughout childhood everyones says “think about your future!” and “Plan ahead.” or they say “think about your mistakes, learn from them.”

    Make up your mind people!

    By laurenlauren28 on 01.26.2013

  16. Get ahead. Think ahead. A head taller. We seem so vertically focused in this culture, and pardon the pun, but isn’t that wrongheaded? Foundations need love TOO!

    By Annah on 01.26.2013

  17. the sky is painted rust
    the road smells like sulfur
    like the last of your skin
    i’ll never forgive you for burning
    and leaving me alone
    i’ll never forgive you for not
    taking me with you

    By isa on 01.26.2013

  18. “After you.”

    “No, after you.”

    “Oh please, do go first.”

    “Age before beauty.”

    “But really, you go ahead.”

    At this rate, they’ll never get through the door.

    By Stephanie Force on 01.26.2013

  19. She looked forward at the path ahead and sighed. It was all uphill, all filled with rocks and potholes and what looked to be the roots of trees forming barriers to stop her from getting as far as she wanted to. How would she ever make it up to the top of the mountain, where she would reach her goal, find her dream? But she knew she had to. It was meant to be. So she took the first step ahead.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.26.2013

  20. Looking ahead, looking behind. Never sure which direction to go, never wanting to look at a map. He took a few cautious steps, glanced at her, took a few more. She pushed him ahead with her eyes, encouraging him to take these first steps.

    By Sarah on 01.26.2013

  21. Up ahead, I see nothing but darkness. As much as the dark is engulfing my soul, I move towards it. No turning back. This is it. This is goodbye.

    By Skyler on 01.26.2013

  22. there is a bird flying ahead of me and there is a tree as well. My heart pounds as I think of the path that has been laid out ahead of me. My future is ahead of me and I am excited and yet afraid of it at the same time I never thought I could be both at once.

    By sally Ann freer on 01.26.2013

  23. Think ahead.
    Charge ahead.
    Like a lightning bolt
    you must take flight
    across the sky
    a jagged high
    of euphoric proportions.

    By dertoetenprinzessen on 01.26.2013

  24. ahead. I’ve seen this word before. Should I write? Just as I had done yesterday? Why? Why do waste my time sitting on the floor wondering where I’ll be in the 2024. FuckShitBugger sorry needed to type those words. to break the boundaries that hadn’t been formed. to kick the wall although its made of glass and the other side doesn’t come close to where I am. I’m being called. Someone once said, ‘Dinner’
    and I, as I have done everyday, replied ‘Coming’
    So much life.

    By Meg on 01.26.2013

  25. Ahead there is a light, a tiny pinprick in the green of the forest–so dense, and dark it’s beautiful to see such pure white within it. Who said earth tones had to be the tones of earth? I see the world in that light–and I can feel it–smell it, from so far away. It’s like strawberries and garlic together, healthy yet strange, compelling but unsavory.

    By Kait on 01.26.2013

  26. Well, I’d say that I am ahead of the game as of today, so far, already. Let’s see what I can do tomorrow to stay in the front position of my life and live it happy, joyous and free. How ’bout you? What are you ahead of?

    By charlie on 01.26.2013

  27. I was ahead in the race, and my legs were pumping hard. Faster, faster, faster, I urged myself on. I wanted to win so badly, it was what I had trained for the whole year. I would win, I would prove to myself and others that I was equal to them. My disability did not impede my strength, or my determination.

    By Kristina on 01.26.2013

  28. when you move ahead that means you’re not moving back because moving back is positive while you are doing something positive which is moving ahead, another thing is if you are ahead you are going to have jealous people that are behind, you always going to have those around you, that’s a must to have, so every time you are ahead don’t look behind and the people that want to slow you down and go ahead…

    By ouail el fssayli on 01.26.2013

  29. Look out ahead: there are wonderful things waiting for you. Just wait until you find out what’s in store for you! The days ahead will be full of a plentiful bounty of love.

    By Tiffany on 01.26.2013