October 19th, 2021 | 4 Entries

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4 Entries for “solar”

  1. Solar flare I heard your whisper burn through air
    When will I feel your lips on mine or am I to find
    The dream evaporates the moment I awake

    By Dreamer on 10.19.2021

  2. I woke to the clarity of the sun’s blood flying as mad sparks from an argon welder and the dark sister moon standing defiant, her sword dripping with dying embers

    By Hope on 10.20.2021

  3. The solar system is an astonishing system in the universe. It includes the sun as its center and surrounding planets that revolve around it.

    By HAMADI on 10.20.2021

  4. The sun. In the sky. Or, the solar system. Solar panels. Solar energy. That’s cheaper than regular energy. How much does it save us in the long run, though? I heard it take many years to just break even. I keep getting a text message from a friend’s husband who is selling solar panels. He wants me to listen to a presentation but I don’t want to spend the time to do so.

    By MsMarcia on 10.20.2021