January 29th, 2015 | 70 Entries

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70 Entries for “agenda”

  1. Her agenda was clear. She loved him and wanted her life to be with him, but until he decided he wanted her, it wasn’t clear how this would turn out.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.30.2015

  2. She shook her head–hard–and snot flew from her nose. “I don’t want to look!” she said through her sobs.

    Amanda and Rory exchanged a look. Amanda remained in the doorway, hand on hip, the thing held out to Susy.

    “Su you have to,” Amanda said. “You should know what you’ve been–“

    By Yona on 01.30.2015

  3. stranded, abandoned
    stagnant pools of high summer
    burn in the furious heat

    some things cannot be saved

    we feel the air change,
    turn toward shifting light

    the night comes down like
    a white sheet,
    covers everything

    when you reach the desert
    your only love is fire

    she awaits your yielding

    and oh, she takes
    but oh, she gives

    By david URL on 01.30.2015

  4. First on her agenda was to as the little grubby boy where it was she could find glittery eyes.
    Her mother said, “If you just ask him he will tell you where get glittery eyes too.”
    It didn’t go as planned.

    By sacaguweea on 01.30.2015

  5. He had an agenda to do. He couldn’t allow someone like her to distract him. He sighed, then shut his book. This was getting ridiculous. He should be focused towards other, more important things, such as studying for-

    By Hanna on 01.30.2015

  6. an agenda is something you write on to plan out something and stuff i dont use one tho

    By Shane Novak URL on 01.30.2015

  7. Just needed a place to write something. If I were to include the word agenda in it, my agenda is to draw birthday typography boards for my brother’s 21st birthday. And suddenly I am reminded of my 14th birthday… whereby, I went to celebrate it on my own as I didn’t know who to invite. I don’t know if I even had anybody.
    I went ice skating on my own, then I went to have dinner on my own too. I’m pretty comfortable in solidarity – very sad to be lonely, happy to be alone. But I wanted to at least be able to celebrate my birthday for myself. That very day as I was eating dinner outside alone at a cheap but nice restaurant, my brother walked in with his friend. And he saw me. He also knew it was my birthday. He even ‘teased’ me saying, are you alone? isn’t it your birthday?

    I didn’t say much. His friend even invited me to join their table – out of pity, or at least my teenage mind thought and still does kinda feel so.

    Ah… that is a time I sort of wish to forget. It was, so, depressing haha. Celebrating my birthday all on my own. Kinda did that for 4 years I suppose. 4 years I wish to forget.

    Don’t really manage a blog, just wanted a place to post it up. No one’s gonna read this anyway. But I’m not depressed haha, I have friends. Just didn’t have close ones back then. Just needed a place to let out my memory

    By jas on 01.30.2015

  8. I resent my Mom sometimes for acting in a way that makes me always consider that people have a hidden agenda. Maybe they do, and maybe they don’t, but I’m not responsible for other people’s assumptions. I wish I didn’t waste so much time thinking about it anyway.

    By itsgonnacatchon on 01.30.2015

  9. I do’nt know what is on God’s agenda these days, but mine seems pretty clear. I need to write. I need to write every day. It needs to be what I do first thing in the morning. It needs to be what I do at the end of the day. And maybe in 60 second bursts throughout the day. Hourly. Daily. It’s going in my calendar and staying there. With regular reminders.

    By Karen on 01.30.2015

  10. Whining and complaining, the little boy with the blue satchel walked disapprovingly towards the school bus. He had no agenda for the day, unlike yesterday when he managed to stick his teacher to her chair. Today was going to be boring.

    By Ice on 01.30.2015

  11. So what is your real agenda here? Who are you really serving while you take up my time? Do you even know? Are you so lost in a cloud of ego mixed with unrelenting self pity and hate that you have lost any understanding of what are you doing?

    By Beth on 01.30.2015

  12. He doesn’t have an agenda, exactly. He has intentions. He has an idea of something that could come from their interactions. He likes to think they could be more, but it’s not like he is actively planning something.

    By Larissa on 01.30.2015

  13. I dont really have much of an agenda now that I think about it.
    Days just go by and I live them. Now that I think about it I should probably be a little more organized with my time. I’m disappointed in myself

    By maritza on 01.30.2015

  14. You don’t know. I can’t hold that against you. At one point I didn’t either. But I searched. There is no excuse for not searching.

    By jar on 01.30.2015

  15. She was a busy, busy person. Always scribbling something into that little agenda book of hers. Its thick leather cover would grow warm in her hands as she entered times and dates, names and numbers. This was a woman of words. Always writing down words.

    By KT on 01.30.2015

  16. Somewhere in San Francisco, a contingent of sordid and morally depraved men, known as homosexuals, conspire and fornicate in an underground lair. Techno music throbs incessantly – if you listen carefully, you can even hear its distant beats from above-ground.

    This, boys and girls, is the truth about the annual summit on the gay agenda. Now children, let us pray for their salvation and make every effort possible to let them know how evil they are.

    By asavas on 01.30.2015

  17. “This isn’t on the agenda,” William thought as he listened to the speaker with furrowed brows. He had come here to listen to a presentation about sharks and how to use them to get environment friendly energy, but this wasn’t what he had expected. Really not.

    By Annie URL on 01.30.2015

  18. It was not on the agenda or least the copy of Teresa received. This was a setup by the evil assistant Amy. She did this on purpose so that Teresa would look foolish and not capable doing this job. Yes, it was the green eyes of envy but little did Amy know, Teresa was nobody’s fool.

    By journey on 01.30.2015

  19. ‘n Agenda is iets wat jy saamstel vir ‘n vergadering. Is baie sinvol as jy wel ‘n agenda het, maar as ‘n vergadering se agenda té lank is, verloor jy meeste mense. Die agenda moet dus kort & kragtig & op die man-af wees. Sommige mense het ook ‘n agenda in die lewe, dit kan soms nie positief wees nie & dís baie sad…hulle motiewe is meestal duister,,

    By Helené Grobler URL on 01.30.2015

  20. they had met in the sunrise to discuss the important matters regarding their big day. Alec and Mike wanted EVERYTHING for their upcoming nuptuals and they would stop at nothing to have the perfect day they had both dreamed of

    By Ellie on 01.30.2015

  21. My agenda. Carrie wanted to follow it to a T. So she did. Her fingers wrapped around her pencil, her fingernails snaked around the wood. Her eyes glued to her planner, the words blending into her eyes. Her friends spoke, she could not hear. All she saw was first novel draft due in one week.

    By Kammiedee on 01.30.2015

  22. I have an agenda that keeps all of my affairs in order. It has blue ink and red ink, black ink and green. All the colors help me stay organized too. without my agenda, my appintments would be scattered and I would be lost.

    By Madeline Peterson on 01.30.2015

  23. Agendas are creative, but are designed to maintain flow and organization. While some may feel less creative with agendas in place, they can actually bolster the creative process by identifying the things that need attention or thought. Agendas if created should be followed as to not negate their intention.

    By Richard Leach on 01.30.2015

  24. She knew he had an agenda, but the second she thought she finally had it figured out he changed everything. He either wanted

    By nerdywordybirdy on 01.30.2015

  25. As always, it was my agenda. At the turn of the century, Japan was in a state of war. Sakhalin was always a site of heavy fighting and painful battles, the true conflict lay further to the east. The Kuril Islands were invaded by the armies of the ever-greedy Russian Empire. Still shaken from the sale of Alaska the year before, the Russian Empire sought new riches to add to its stockpile.Though by 1900, the fuel source of the World economy was no longer iron. Nor, Horses, not even coal. Black gold inspired Tsar Nicholas to take the Kurils and gain access to cheaply obtainable obtainable petroleum. This, he hoped, would be the backbone to a greater Russian Empire, which could, as easily as the powers of the Occident, bribe, control, and persuade the “primeval” countries of places such as Africa and Southeastern Asia.

    By Todd H. on 01.30.2015

  26. “What have you been doing?”
    “No, look, just don’t say anything. I can’t believe I didn’t expect this! You always have something hidden up your sleeve!”
    “Listen, I didn’t mean for-”
    “You didn’t mean for me to find out, huh? Well obviously that part didn’t work out too well.”

    By Imaginings URL on 01.30.2015

  27. I don’t know what can I write here, but I just want to you know that I need practise more English, I need be good untill 21 of february, I really like to learn English

    By Marília on 01.30.2015

  28. What is the point of an agenda? I don’t understand. You plan out your future in a small book that is really just composed of lines and large numbers. Planning for a future you take for granted?

    By Ditto on 01.30.2015

  29. Everyone who’s befriended me has had a hidden agenda.
    I truly believed in my so called “best friends”, who turned out to be the best backstabbers I’d ever had.
    You wonder why I can’t trust? Ask them.
    Everyone has a hidden agenda.

    By SR on 01.30.2015

  30. although the hiding and sly words of this determined speaker were clear still there was an air of a different agenda

    By beth URL on 01.30.2015