January 28th, 2015 | 48 Entries

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48 Entries for “metered”

  1. I hate the meter. The meter stick has haunted me my entire life (I’m 8 years old now) every time I think about having fun I’m threatened to be metered. What makes you so worthy of dictating fun Mr. Meter stick? When I grow up I will do away with every meter stick that exists.

    By hellok on 01.29.2015

  2. günümü en önemi dilimi harcadığım saat ve okul…

    By can on 01.29.2015

  3. The metered maid is metered. What does that even mean? I don’t know this word. I can’t help it if I make mistakes. But anyway what the hell am I supposed to do with this word, this is nuts, this is crazy. But it’s fun to see how many words I can get out before the time runs out or the meter.

    By Kammiedee on 01.29.2015

  4. makes me think of meters where cars park, which then makes me think of metermaids, and then tickets that come from them when we don’t pay the meter or forget about it. i’ve dealt with that issue a good deal working in downtown.

    By Cat on 01.29.2015

  5. The dark next door barked constantly. I went to check on it, to make sure that it wasn’t hurt or frightened. It wasn’t. The dog was old and one of his eyes had changed to a murky blue, that hazey look eyes get when they no longer function the way they are supposed to. I wanted to make sure it was OK, but the closer I got the more it barked.

    By Beka on 01.29.2015

  6. I saw his camo hat float down the hall, and I rushed through the open door. I felt people watching my frantic face, but I kept pushing, kept trying to recognize him. But down the hall he went, baggy jeans, familiar hand gesturing in conversation to his friends. It could have been him. I stumbled down the concrete stairs, hating myself. I was in love with someone else, someone who treated me better than I ever imagined. And yet, my inability to close chapters of my life left me chasing after shadows in the dark.

    Measure your steps, I told myself. Measure your thoughts.

    By Marissa URL on 01.29.2015

  7. I am everywhere, each time he tries to find out – but that is not to say that it lacks ‘control’. The whole result of reality is just a bit abstract…

    By Samsara on 01.29.2015

  8. Looking everywhere, just trying to find a spot, I finally find a free space. Eagerly, I attempt to park. After parallel parking, I get out, then realize this meter only has one hour available! That will never work! The show I’m going to is three hours!

    By Owen on 01.29.2015