November 26th, 2010 | 183 Entries

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183 Entries for “affection”

  1. No species on earth shows affection like the dog. having a dog in your life is like having a warm furry vitamin that loves you. They make you feel happy and healthier every day. unless you have a bad dog i guess. but they are usually a victim of circumstances.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 11.27.2010

  2. una verdadera forma de expresar sentimientos

    By tahuro URL on 11.27.2010

  3. “The longing in my eyes was not one of affection but rather contempt. I wanted you to suffer. But that’s all blood under the bridge, to the bride and groom!”

    By Jack Wynn URL on 11.27.2010

  4. sentimientos, unión familiar, miedos, maternal, de hermanos, amigos, material

    By joel URL on 11.27.2010

  5. So this girl octopus walks–swims, actually–up to this boy octopus. Who was very attractive, I might add.

    And she said,

    “I want to hold your hand hand hand hand hand hand hand hand.”

    And so they held hands hands hands hands hands hands hands hands.

    By Emily Duvall URL on 11.27.2010

  6. A single brush of a hand against her cheek and the child once suffering from insomnia finally reveled in a long sleep filled with sweet dreams.

    By all-shook-up URL on 11.27.2010

  7. I wish I didn’t have to all but beg for it. I relax next to him and pull his arm around my shoulders. I pull him into hugs when I’m happy. I kiss him when we’re alone, but it’s not the same as if he were to start it-at least once. I stopped doing it and he hasn’t started. I don’t know that he even wants any affection, since he certainly doesn’t know how to give it.

    By Andelia URL on 11.27.2010

  8. A direct cause of love. An actual display of love, rather than a description. It can make someone feel wonderful, or it can make someone feel used. True love never uses.

    By James on 11.27.2010

  9. Impractically with class, baby. We’re talking about taking your sweet time to let that person know you care. Simple things. SO very simple. And yet so under rated. It’s too bad its one of my stronger suits.

    By Mike M. URL on 11.27.2010

  10. Affection is definitely not what I was expecting. I wanted something about guilt, so I could continue to bash myself about all the things I haven’t done in the last three days that I was supposed to be doing. Hell, the last WEEK. I’ve just been goofing off. But affection? Can I manage to feel affection for anything today? Maybe for me, who perhaps needed the goofing.

    By Barb URL on 11.27.2010

  11. affection is far more about love than sex. I like to show affection to members of the our family through smiles, hugs, a loon in the eyes.

    By Scott URL on 11.27.2010

  12. They have an odd way of showing their affection. I mean, they’re brothers, so any overt showing of it is taboo. So they merely stick by one another. Nothing is said, nothing is suggested. They just stand side by side, and each takes comfort in the other’s presence.

    By Julia A. URL on 11.27.2010

  13. The effectual effect was that her affection effectively affected his affect.

    By Devon on 11.27.2010

  14. I can never get enough, and I don’t know why.

    By Sofi on 11.27.2010

  15. Affection, it seems to always come down to this. Be it the lack of of constant quell of, affection looks to be the hidden force driving all other motives. It seems unfair, it being such an elusive and mysterious force, but it is, and that will always remain true.

    By Elizabeth URL on 11.27.2010

  16. The lack of affection I feel towards certain people is remarkable. I know I should feel these deep bonds but I don’t. I’m empty.

    By Ophelia on 11.27.2010

  17. I’m a person open to fate. I believe true love and soul mates. I’m not scared that I won’t find it, I’m more excited for when I do. That moment in time that changes everything. That’s affection for ya.

    By kaylee ray URL on 11.27.2010

  18. This is the word that just came up and I will write about it. Affection has something to do with love I believe. It is a very powerful word and everyone should feel it before they die because it is a wonderful thing. It is greater than hatred, though hatred is strong. Affection towards each other is a strong bond between two individuals, making them higher and more important to one another.

    By kevin on 11.27.2010

  19. el afecto es un sentimiento muy utilizado. se tiene afecto por las personas, amigos, mascotas, cosas, familiares, equipos deportivos y estrellas

    By josems70 URL on 11.27.2010

  20. hugs and kisses and cuddles. Wiggles and giggles and licks.

    By Doreen Lombardo URL on 11.27.2010

  21. affection is quite possibly the most important trait in a person. if you don’t receive it, you get needy. if you don’t give it, you get lonely. or dumped. i crave the daily confirmation that i am loved. don’t you?

    By taryn on 11.27.2010

  22. one in a while affection should be granted to those who deserve it. show someone affection, and receive affection. why can i not follow my own advice?

    By sarah on 11.27.2010

  23. Love, My baby, I can’t live without you. My better half. I love you. Human. You and I. Making Love. Please. Scratches. Kisses. Moans. xoxo. Embrace. Heat. Warmth.

    By Rodney on 11.27.2010