November 26th, 2010 | 183 Entries

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183 Entries for “affection”

  1. Her caress was as gentle as a rose petal brushing against my skin, so it’s understandable that I didn’t feel it at first. After all, she didn’t want me to. She wanted me to keep sleeping while she just watched me protectively, with a perfectly content smile on her face.

    By vish URL on 11.26.2010

  2. affection is something that a kid should always have. Without it, he/she can live a life without meaning. Without affection the whole world would be dysfunctional.

    By carla rubio-lamas on 11.26.2010

  3. affection;
    is what I wanted
    but never got from you

    just a word
    not a feeling
    because to feel,
    there has to be something there

    but there isn’t
    there never was

    three syllables.
    three wasted breaths

    By candice on 11.26.2010

  4. lounge

    By alberto on 11.26.2010

  5. I don’t really think that affection is used enough as a word. I think that feeling you get when you just think something is so cute and you’re proud of it is the best feeling in the world. That
    ‘s affection, not love. I think that affection is where you like something for what it is on principle.

    By Chiara on 11.26.2010

  6. my affection for her was more than I could bear. I found myself constantly thinking about her, about where she was, what she was doing, and when I would be able to see her next. I always thought about touching her and holding her close enough to synchronize the beating of our hearts.

    By Lindsay on 11.26.2010

  7. Affection is killing me. I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t know how to control my needs. ‘Cause I’m so fucking needy. I’m so fucking needy. I keep telling myself: “you have what you deserve, even more”. Yet, I constantly ask for more. I’m a tyrant for affection.

    By Rafael Zamudio URL on 11.26.2010

  8. I wanted to come closer. I wanted to be accepted. I wanted that moment to last forever. It didn’t, however. Nothing was said, and nothing was done. He left, making me feel empty and wanting more. I couldn’t wait. I wanted to run, catch more of that moment, and capture it forever.

    By Marissa URL on 11.26.2010

  9. Affection is the glue that binds all superfluous human relationships, it taunts us, rewards us, and casts us away when in want for it.

    By cameron gabriel on 11.27.2010

  10. jkh

    By Parktone URL on 11.27.2010

  11. kisses, snuggling, hugs, faces, happy, smiles, beautiful, people, perfect, everything, my love, pictures

    By kaylen on 11.27.2010

  12. A life without love is a life I would prefer not to live, I’ve realized. I like the little words we share between each comfortable silence when he’s listening to music and I read, and I like it when we’re angry at each other because even though we don’t think we like each other at that moment it reminds us that we are human, and because he is a human and I am a human I can ask from him a little affection between the ice and the fire.

    November 27th, 2010. 3:51am.

    By Christine URL on 11.27.2010

  13. its said that affection is a coping mechanism. you are supposed to both give and receive affection every day. every damn day. do you get your daily dose? and no your cats dont count.

    By stephanie on 11.27.2010

  14. They laid there in front of the fireplace, Julie’s boyfriend’s arm was gently around her as he placed soft kisses of effection on her lips. She smiled at him, love in her eyes and kissed him deeply. Amazed that she could have ever gotten a guy like him. And now they were engaged.

    By Anon182118 URL on 11.27.2010

  15. SLASH. BBC’s “Merlin”
    If you don’t like slash, DON’T READ THIS.

    Merlin closed his eyes. This kind of affection was new for him. Arthur has always been so secretive about it, hiding in closets, quick stolen kisses. But with Gwaine, this was real. Merlin could hardly fathom that someone he loved was holding his hand– in PUBLIC. But Gwaine didn’t care what people thought, only what Merlin thought. So he Held the Sorcerer’s hand.

    By hayley URL on 11.27.2010

  16. The man on the corner was waiting for the woman he had only ever had true affection for. He loved her very much, but she left him on his own. He waited for ten years on that corner, and was still waiting.

    By Pallin on 11.27.2010

  17. my name meaning, the colour purple, this is too slow i dont knwo what we are doing.

    By sneha padiyath on 11.27.2010

  18. It grows every day
    stronger, higher, deeper
    than I ever expected.
    I’m trying to open you up,
    get a glance inside
    the shell around you.
    Because you have done
    the same for me.

    By Ali G. URL on 11.27.2010

  19. You were the one who saw the pain shedding down my body. My heart was crying tears of blood. You indeed turned out to be a little Angel who healed my heart with the sweetness of Love and Affection.

    By Aakash Kokz URL on 11.27.2010

  20. the affection I felt for him was more than I had ever felt for any human before.With his soft grey fur and large green eyes, I knew he was the companion for me. I had never been a cat person before.

    By Hadia on 11.27.2010

  21. His strong affection for guinea pigs grew as quickly as noone could assume. Soon, he had like 25 of them, each of different colour. Of course there are not 25 basic colours but who could ever care if it’s all about guinea pigs?

    By Anette on 11.27.2010

  22. Affection is the emotion felt between two people when they are fond of each other. It is in general a positive feeling and tends towards nurturing and caring. It is a requisite of beeing a good parent

    By asdfgh on 11.27.2010

  23. She showed her affection through touch, soft gestures, a brush of a hand across an arm, a squeeze of a hand in a moment of pain, hugs for everyone, even strangers.

    By Rachael URL on 11.27.2010

  24. False affection he had brewed in his cauldron in the depths of the cobwebby castle… She gulped. Thea was not really in love with Jon, she noted. Not at all. The sickeningly sweet pungence of the potion swilled in her nostrils, making her recoil.

    By Scarlet URL on 11.27.2010

  25. You know that I love you. My affection has not been diminished by anything you have done or might do. I miss you terribly. How I wish we could go back a few years and start over so that the road wouldn’t fork with you going away — away — and out of sight.

    By Terese on 11.27.2010

  26. warm love and still wondering how this works and what will happen at the end of sixty seconds here goes then.

    By Giles on 11.27.2010

  27. It was a sign of affection. On the door. It hung there. “Do not enter.” They must have been making love.

    By wemuma URL on 11.27.2010

  28. affection is an odd thing. we either show too much or too little. is a perfectly balanced relationship filled with affection? yes but somehow we settle for a lacking or smothering of this commodity. I think I would prefer to be smothered, but I guess everyone yearns for the opposite of what they have

    By Lizgirl on 11.27.2010

  29. affection is like a flower, it starts out small, expands, blooms. Eventually dies, crumbles into the dust of past time.

    By sarah on 11.27.2010

  30. like a flower, it peeps its head into the world, expands and blooms. slowly, it fades, color diminishing until it falls, crumbles into dust, becomes time past.

    By kii URL on 11.27.2010

  31. How can i show my affections when the cost of your freedom means that you imprison me?

    By I bet you think this song is about you on 11.27.2010

  32. I’ve got nothing. The word bounces around in my mind, yes, ravaging the place, but making no meaningful connections whatsoever. Maybe there’s something in there about the futility of affection. That’d make a great cynical article.

    By Dante Howles URL on 11.27.2010

  33. affection. No thank you. It’s harsh and it’s just a heartbreak. Who even needs it.?

    By Danielle on 11.27.2010

  34. well, if you were thirsty and love was sweet tea and affection was fried dough, which one would you want? see, no matter how much fried dough you ate, it’d never quench your thirst. i’d want sweet tea and more sweet tea!
    wouldn’t you?
    or perhaps you’re not thirsty anymore.
    maybe your thirst has already been quenched.

    By Rayne URL on 11.27.2010

  35. love is good and affection is like hugging.

    By ruby on 11.27.2010

  36. Affection is the showing of love to another person. How does one show affection? You can hug, kiss, pat, any touch. I show affection daily to my kids. I love them and my affection for them is how they know it. Affection works in an interesting way. Sometimes affection goes unnoticed for what it is. A hug that is meant to say “I love you, see me.” doesn’t say it loud enough and it actually sounds like, “Hey friend, what’s up?”. I’ve been there. Affection can be used to express what you feel and what you don’t. What’s strange is that when you don’t show affection, it sometimes says just as much as when you do. My dad does not show affection. He does not often hug.

    By Catie on 11.27.2010

  37. It’s hard for vampires to feel affection toward another, not to mention love. But when we do stars tremble. The last time it happened, it started a rumor about a savior in a manger.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 11.27.2010

  38. Hugs and cuddles, warm embraces that envelope the whole world. Playfully rubbing noses in public. Without shame. Lets just lay around together. Holding hands. Its nice and I like it.

    By Korinn on 11.27.2010

  39. Lingen, Frisierzimmer 27. November 2010 17.22
    bitte mach, dass ich es nicht versaut habe. lieber gott, lass ihn sich heute bei mir melden. ich haße dieses beklemmende gefühl in der brust. meine finger sind auch kalt und ich kann kaum bzw. nur steif schreiben. lass ihn sich melden. du kannst doch sowas lieber gott!

    By miss unknown on 11.27.2010

  40. bad thing

    By DANILO URL on 11.27.2010