September 25th, 2012 | 255 Entries

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255 Entries for “affairs”

  1. I had to put myself in order, before he discovered the affairs. Me and that guy, and me and that other guy, well at least it was fun. Can he see it in my face?

    By nadia on 09.26.2012

  2. I’ve been thinking for awhile now. The international affairs in the world today affect us all, and though I hope we can overcome that as the younger and newer generation, I can’t help but think how divided our world really is.

    By Brennan on 09.26.2012

  3. affairs of all sorts occur at all times stemming from other affairs. affairs can be pointless or important and big or small but affairs exist everywhere

    By John on 09.26.2012

  4. Wow, that is always the thing that men do. Of course woman do it to, but the men is way better in having affairs. They always make it a secret and then at one point the woman founds out. BIG FIGHT after that!!

    By Brandnetel on 09.26.2012

  5. the ministry of foreign affairs appears to offer exciting jobs…however, im not sure if that was a good thing to do. first and foremost because of the kids….
    would they cope with living without home?

    By mertel on 09.26.2012

  6. I hate my wife. She is the eqivelent to the devil. She just doesn’t nag all the time, she doesn’t cook or clean around the house That’s her only job. This is why I love Candy, she doesn’t complain.

    By Rodney the Cheater on 09.26.2012

  7. You look at me and tell me that it meant nothing to you, that it was all just a game. You can’t expect me to keep falling for that line. You were in love with him. He had you wrapped around his finger, and you will go to your grave denying that fact. I wish I had the strength to forgive you–instead, I’ll have to settle for pity.

    By Sean on 09.26.2012

  8. Seriously? this word? Gosh, I think it might be the perfect word that explains my situation right now. And then again, there’s so many meanings or context to this word. It’s.. weird.

    By AlexS on 09.26.2012

  9. This word brings a lot of thoughts into one’s mind.
    The first one being the kind of relationships but mostly it makes one thing about extra-marital affairs. But there’s more to this word than what pops into one’s mind. And one needs to take a deeper look to analyse what this ‘affair’ is really all about. But affairs is one’s own personal deal and nothing the rest need to talk or worry about.

    By saanchita on 09.26.2012

  10. she has lipstick stains on her throat i don’t remember giving.

    maybe it doesn’t matter; it’s the same shade as mine.

    maybe, just maybe, she was still thinking of me.

    (or maybe it’s time to let it go but definitely,
    indisputably, i am not ready).

    By isa on 09.26.2012

  11. affair in paris. what will happen. we will see the world inside and out. rub my fingers along your spine. here it goes. no going back. paris is in the light of your eyes. it is blinding.

    By Elizabeth W. on 09.26.2012

  12. The last affair was the grandest of all. We gathered most of the prominent and powerful to be seen and compete….leaving everyone bare and vulnerable to who has the most, who pretends to have much, and who has completely left their integrity on their hat rack.

    By Melanie Schefft on 09.26.2012

  13. i don’t like anybody interfering in my any affairs.nobody does. but for some people its their favorite pastime. it just annoys me.the reason for divorce seen in most cases is affair.i also want to have an affair some day-an affair to remember!:P

    By kiren on 09.26.2012

  14. She couldn’t do it anymore. Sure, it was fun. It was a laugh. But Jeremy. Sweet, loving, tender Jeremy. He was the one she loved, and she knew in her heart she couldn’t continue with her endless string of affairs.

    By daryn on 09.26.2012

  15. In all affairs of change and movement there will be loss. The intrinsic quality of alteration, though often subdued, is timely deletion. It’s a dispossession of unknowingly brief states that the channels of grief will bleed onward. Change is abrupt and bludgeons. Or, however inevitable, change is accidental, unstable and arrogant. Often the apparent is ignored and self-deception enables the continuation of contented ignorance in the face of a natural force. But eventually, biting and snapping, new shapes power through. Change, charging, not stopping but dropping remnants of its appearance on the floor as its busting and bursting through doors, and crashing through windows knocks pictures off the wall. Still, some adjustments are elderly, overdue, gentle and meekly culpable. A waft of acceptance settled upon the aged dust and blended sympathetically but silently with the layered evidence of expectation and framed retrospection. It’s a metamorphosis of drying, crackled skins floating on the air. Thereon, these old days land and are kicked under the furniture as the moment rages on, obliviously. Sunken, silken shells remain as an elected amnesiac’s flashback to front-line warfare. A memory laid, converted and compartmentalised to shade the summoner from intolerable pain. And so, our perseverance is rooted in ignorance, always. But change itself will never change .

    By rhyme79 on 09.26.2012