July 11th, 2012 | 313 Entries

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313 Entries for “adviser”

  1. Listening to my financial advisor was difficult when I was young. But I did, putting away a penny for every penny earned. Little did I know forty years later, those pennies will have accumulated into a nice big sum,making me a very wealthy woman.

    By Sheila Good URL on 07.11.2012

  2. The adviser’s incisors gleamed like a geyser – what shiny teeth for the wiser miser.

    By Marianne URL on 07.11.2012

  3. You advised me to do this. To do that. Anything and evrything you have always ever wanted, but did you think of me? No. You didnt. It was always about you and never about my feelings. Like the Cee Lo Green song goes, Forget you.

    By Andrea on 07.11.2012

  4. He was not the type of person you would visit for advice. However, it was his occupation. He showed high school students the path to their future. Even if he had no clue how to foresee what would work for them and what wouldn’t. Advisers were paid $40K per year and that was better than McD’s.

    By RK on 07.11.2012

  5. He sits upon her shoulder, a small thing, a wisp of a being really. She doesn’t notice him often, and sometimes he gets lonely. Soon, however, her head turns to meet his eye and she asks him plainly, “Should I?” His heartbeat quickens and he advises her in the best way he knows how. “Take chances, you should give that thing a try.”

    By cam URL on 07.11.2012

  6. She stood next to him, smiling, proud.
    He never looked at her, but took every single word of hers in stride. She never got any thanks, nor did she get any compensation.
    But she was just happy enough seeing him smile and be successful.
    Of course, until that day when he came to her, asking about a beautiful girl.
    What kind of adviser would she be if she betrayed her own heart?

    By Izumi URL on 07.11.2012

  7. The man who stands over my shoulder
    He is dressed in black
    I trust he knows the way
    As I watch his back

    He leads me through the dessert
    The road of dusty death
    I know my adviser well
    A cloaked and hollow chest

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 07.11.2012

  8. Her adviser looked up from his desk. “Don’t you think it’s time you made a decision?”


    “Gina, you’re an adult. You have to make up your mind about what you want to do. I can’t do it for you.”

    By Annie on 07.11.2012

  9. I wish I had a permanent adviser. One who could constantly tell me all of the positive and negative consequences all of my choices would have on my life. Instead of having to go blind, I could actually KNOW if I was making the right decision.

    By Larsen on 07.11.2012

  10. I advise. He advises me. She does it too. When in need I go to them and I suddenly everything makes sense. It’s crazy. Every. Time.

    By Nabilaa on 07.11.2012

  11. friday is the day. all my problems will somehow disappear, disintegrate into yesterday’s world, and i’ll be happy. that’s what i’ve been promised. friday is the day.

    By olive URL on 07.11.2012

  12. He told me I shouldn’t do it anymore.
    I told him okay, knowing inside that even if I wanted to… I couldn’t stop.

    It just feels too good.
    I feel alive.
    I feel relaxed.
    I feel like I can breathe again.

    By Nabilaa on 07.11.2012

  13. My adviser told me the end is here, I have failed monumentally. How could I? o thought I was doing well. Apparently I was not. I was crushed, devastated. What will I become.

    By Aaycle on 07.11.2012

  14. I have been told I should obtain an adviser; a spiritual teacher
    I was later told not to look for one- which i hadn’t done anyway-
    and one will come naturally
    well in the meantime i am rather satisfied being my own adviser
    i think i do a pretty good job at it
    I also advise others
    but do they take my advice?
    do they take what i say seriously?

    By jill URL on 07.11.2012

  15. The adviser advised the student in such a manner that irritated her. He looked at the teenaged girl with a cocked eyebrow, a bit intrigued by her reaction to his words.

    He himself didn’t consider what he had said too rude.

    Or perhaps it was.

    By Justine URL on 07.11.2012

  16. Someone who is supposed to teach you. Someone who you can go to for help with whatever you need, may it be school, heart matters, life, anything. Sometimes they teach you in ways you cannot come back from. Sometimes, you fall hard. And then sometimes they leave you behind. It’s when you fall to the ground on your back instead of ready, being prepared, and already running that the hard becomes harder. And the fall becomes more than just a fall. My adviser was. Just was. He taught me. He taught me to feel. And then the wild called and he was no longer my adviser.

    By Anndi on 07.11.2012

  17. looking at people causes random pieces of advice to pop into my head. when i look at the people around me, i am advised to feel grateful for everything i have been given, but when i look at the person in the mirror, i am advised to feel grateful for everything i have to give.

    By Melanie on 07.11.2012

  18. School advisor. She always told me to look for ways to go to college. Didn’t give a damn about what I wanted in life. Or if I could afford college. So long as I went. And oh by the way. May have made a huge mistake. Did it cost me my future? Am I going to lose everything I wanted in life because I didn’t get the kind of training or connections I’ll need?

    By Michelle on 07.11.2012

  19. “Put your hand here…lean over here…arch your back like this…more…perfect!”

    She needed him to be her adviser so she would know exactly how to please him. His pleasure was her pleasure. She couldn’t wait to feel him against her while she was in this position.

    By Kayla Lords URL on 07.11.2012

  20. Is it adviser or advisor? I don’t quite understand the difference. I remember in sixth grade I had a homeroom advisor, but I never recalled having an adviser. Or maybe they are both the same? Words like “adviser” and “advisor” are the reason I pity international ESL students at my school.

    By Viv URL on 07.11.2012

  21. advice should be given only when asked. most people need to know that you know they can work it out themselves before they ask from anyone else.

    By casey on 07.11.2012

  22. I’ve never been good at advising.
    Be it in terms of relationships, an area I have little to no expertise in, or in terms of clothing, hobbies, movies, books, I’m insecure in what I like.
    About ‘real’ advisers, I dunno.
    I’ve never had a great academic advisers.
    My adviser in high school seemed afraid of children, and though it wasn’t long ago, I can’t remember grade school advising.

    By Anne URL on 07.11.2012

  23. She never had one, never had anyone talk to her or help her in the least. Not that she was complaining, it was better this way, taking risks. Like taking the toaster out of the wall and dragging it to the bathtub.

    By AZ on 07.11.2012

  24. i’ve never figured out exactly what you want. yes, you’re supposed to teach me. yes, you’re supposed to tell me what i can do with my goals, to point me in the right direction. but this chemistry weirdness between us is too much, and, quite frankly, you’re less of an adviser and more of a fraud. i wish you would just tell me hwath’s going on. that would be so much simpler.

    By Miranda URL on 07.11.2012

  25. alright I sit at the desk, th e ocoffee cup with stains sloshes as he sits oposite me . I know what’s comming. I know the last desparate indication in the sublte clench of his fingers around the papaer. I’m being dispatched. Off to the building only ten blcoks away. But it’s more than that, it’s my lost chance at regaining my career, scuttled by the adviser.

    By maurice on 07.11.2012

  26. Terms73

    By julian cuervo URL on 07.11.2012

  27. My adviser is a total bitch. She is single handedly trying to ruin my life. She is currently trying to kill me. Yep. Cold hard murder. This will probably end with me on the grand cold, dead, bloodless. I will never see the light of another day. Sigh it was such a nice pay.

    By Lauren on 07.11.2012

  28. “My tooth hurts,” I complained this morning.

    “Soak it in warm water,” you advised.

    And so I gurgled warm water like you said. “It still hurts,” I complained a second time.

    “Lie down and rest and elevate it on pillows.”

    And so I stack a couple of pillows up and lay my head on it. “Nothing’s happening!” I called out, irritable now.

    “Maybe you should massage something onto it,” you replied back.

    “Like what?!” I hollered.

    “Anything for muscle pain.”

    “What muscle pain?!”

    You appeared on the door, akimbo and frowning at me like I’ve just said something dumb, “Your foot hurts right?”

    I growled in frustration and threw a pillow at your face.

    Talk about the deaf leading the dumb.

    By madpocky URL on 07.11.2012

  29. he told me he was my adviser.
    “i am helping you” he would say “i am protecting you from the terrible monsters that await you outside.”
    But if he was helping me, why was i always in pain?
    and if he was protecting me, why did i always feel the need to run away?
    “what if the world is wonderful?” i asked him. “what if i don’t need your help?”
    “listen to me,” he said. “would you rather be here, or would you rather be out there with the monsters?”
    i made the fatal mistake of not answering.
    by the time i realized he was the monster, it was too late.

    By Melanie on 07.11.2012

  30. the adviser. an adviser for a college? Maybe an adviser for high school, in IB. I’ve never met my advisor, but she seems really nice. She’s one of the coordinators for GSA. Well, I guess she isn’t exactly MY adviser, but she’s the nicest one, and my assigned advisor was absent for most of the year.

    By aefgad on 07.11.2012

  31. An adviser is supposed to help you. But they just end up confusing you. They try to give you advice. In reality, advice doesn’t help much. You make the same choice you would have when you started; the right choice for you.

    By Emma URL on 07.11.2012

  32. I do wish I knew what to do with my life. I know what I want, I do know that, but not what I /should/ do. It’s scary, to want so much that goes against what you’ve always believed to be true. How can I love you so, when I’ve sworn things like this never work?
    I’m scared I was right.

    By Nicole URL on 07.11.2012

  33. i need a good adviser to support me with my studies, otherwise i can make it

    By Yasser on 07.11.2012

  34. I have so many advisers, solicited and unsolicited. The question is, “Shouldn’t I be my own adviser?” and if not, why not? I can’t see reason because I can only see from my own perspective. So forgive me if I think all advice is irrelevant.

    By Christina URL on 07.11.2012

  35. why do you act like just an adviser to our love? close your eyes, open your heart and feel it – it is our love; we are in love! why can’t you accept that you love me?

    By tericampos URL on 07.11.2012

  36. Help me with a problem, sir. I have no money to give you. No money to pay for your services, but I think my arm, that is connected to the pepper shaker of my brain, is trying to kill me.
    There’s a lot going on right now.
    I was assaulted just yesterday, and now I’m afraid for my life.

    Well this is crappy. Hey, at least I stayed away from real life!

    By Siege URL on 07.11.2012

  37. Adviser is a boring word. Advise is only important with important decisions and I haven’t made any of those for awhile. I’ve never needed an advisor either. I make my own important decisions. Blah college is important. I am scared for that.

    By Alison on 07.11.2012

  38. An avdviser, a helper one could say. An advise giver, a person who helps when someone needs such things. A caregiver almost. When something went wrong I could turn to that person, ask them questions, talk about my problems, my difficulties, my struggles. The person that had the answers and if didn’t they cared to listen. A person that was just there to help. Pure and simple. An adviser.

    By Savanah on 07.11.2012

  39. some one who gives you hints and advise when needed. Someone you can depend on. A helpful person. A person who gives you an opinion or option when needing assistance.

    By Steph on 07.11.2012

  40. Someone who can provide you information and lead you into the right direction with the suggestion of good advice. An adviser once told me that its wise not to put all your money in the bank, this was unadvising and very bad.

    By sillygirl URL on 07.11.2012