July 11th, 2012 | 313 Entries

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313 Entries for “adviser”

  1. “So you really think you could be my life coach?”


    “My adviser?”


    “With no setbacks to your mentorship whatsoever?”

    “Of course.”

    “Then why in God’s name aren’t you wearing any pants?”

    “Alan, Alan, Alan…since when were pants a pre-requisite for being wise and experienced?”

    “Since I had to see your – “

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.11.2012

  2. She scowled as her adviser talked. Thoughts ran through her head, unhindered.

    “You’re the moron. I’m not stupid. I know what I know.”

    She never should have told him about the voices she hears when no one else hears them. The people who talk to her that no one else can hear or see. She should have kept that to herself.

    “Know what, Mr. Peterson?” She blurted out in the middle of his monologue, “I think I’m cured.”

    Grabbing her book bag, Karen flounced out of the office without so much as a ‘Good Day.’

    By Eileen Maki URL on 07.11.2012

  3. someone who helps you out when youre in trouble
    can be someone you can trust or someone you just met
    good advise, bad advise, both possible
    usually dont follow their own advise
    seem to help you out when youre stuck

    By Anonymous on 07.11.2012

  4. Jafar was his name and he had a golden snake. It was as tall as he and weighed just as much too. When it swung through the air it made a low deep ‘woos’ and usually ended on a shattered skull.

    By -Stan- on 07.11.2012

  5. I should probably get someone to help me with this, I thought as the papers fell out of my hand onto the ground, spilling across and getting in the way of some very important people. I should also get an adviser for the divorce, I think.

    “You’re getting divorced?”

    I probably shouldn’t have said that out loud, in front of the cause for said divorce.

    By Annie P URL on 07.11.2012

  6. I wish I had one. No one seems to take much interest in me. Perhaps that’s how it is for everyone. Some people demand interest. some people don’t realize no one’s paying attention, even the person they think is paying mind, their back’s turned too. Their ears are shut off. No one’s listening. I want someone to hear me and tell me what to do. But no one’s listening. The only people who ever have were listening for all the wrong reasons. At least the wrong reasons for me. They weren’t advising me for anything real, they weren’t thinking about me, they were advising for themselves. What they told me, what they got me to do was for them. Not me. A subtle form of manipulation. At times subtle at least.

    By Meg on 07.11.2012

  7. this reminds me of a professional. and a black suit.

    By Bianca on 07.11.2012

  8. Em sat waiting for her adviser to return with news about the company’s outlooks for the year. if she was correct the company would only survive for about 6 months til it had to declare bankruptcy. She had started this company after working for a top advertising agency whom seldom thought to make a network with their clients.

    By Katlyn on 07.11.2012

  9. I honestly don’t know what to say…um, academic advisers–they help you or they don’t?

    By J on 07.11.2012

  10. A person who gives advice to people who seek it when in need of help or guidance. Black suit. Fudge yeah!

    By Bianca on 07.11.2012

  11. A person sought out to bring peace to the kingdom of the little people. Often dressed in yellow, they resemble shiny mankeys. men in black muda foocker

    By Bianca on 07.11.2012

  12. someone who helps you with problems or questions you have. a shrink could be considered an adviser.
    someone who acts as a third party and can therefore see things clearly when you cannot. like a shrink. that’s all i’ve got.

    By Jan on 07.11.2012

  13. She was so fearful of being exposed she took an adviser with her on safari to Namibia. Out there in the vast tracks of desert and nothingness he was hired to make sure no one recognised her.

    By sharon london on 07.11.2012

  14. it was a cloudy day and my luck was getting worse. the only person i knew to help me was my adviser at the international import.

    By Amanda on 07.11.2012

  15. Sometimes I wonder why I even took this stupid job. It wasn’t like I was being paid enough in the first place, but now I was finally being pushed over the edge. Who did he think he was anyway?! Making me run all of his stupid errands and doing his stupid work. What a major jerk, my adviser was.

    By Kendra on 07.11.2012

  16. A person who gives their upinion based on their experience and the situationa at hand. They provide an external perspective

    By John on 07.11.2012

  17. the adviser stared at his client, in distress. She was sitting there acting like a bunch of cows were about to fall on her head. ridiculous. get a grip, the adviser thought. He hadn’t seen cases this bad since Vietnam. Oh wait, she remembered. She wasn’t born yet. Maybe she needed an adviser herself

    By Madison on 07.11.2012

  18. I stared at the paper in front of me until the words began to blur and crawl away like ants. I still had no idea what I was doing there. As highly as the guidance councilors thought of themselves, the only thing “our little talks” made me think about was my growing irritation. Not my all-important future.
    They were still droning on. “…And let us be your advisers for college applications! You know that we just love to…”
    I stopped listening again and looked up at the clock. I’d been there for well over an hour. I wanted to scream.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.11.2012

  19. The school adviser thinks I need therapy. So does he.

    By Spaceghose on 07.11.2012

  20. its someone who is there to help you. To be your mentro. They wants whats best for you. They advise ypu on making the correct choices and not screwing up. Many schools have them to help guide their students.

    By Yurema Perez Hinojosa on 07.11.2012

  21. Advisers advise, quite obviously. An adviser can take the form of a friend, family member, and occasionally, a stranger. Sometimes a stranger is the best kind of adviser for the simple reason that they are unbiased in every way. They know nothing about you, your life, or anyone else concerned in the matter that you are seeking advice for.

    By MD on 07.11.2012

  22. The professor walked a few paces ahead of us.
    “And this,” he says as we pass a young man seated behind a desk, “Is my assistant and most trusted adviser.”
    The desk is placed in the unlikely area of the middle of the hallway, so our group splits to walk around it. I pass the desk on the inside, my hip brushing the wooden corner. As i step pass the young man, his hand darts out and slips a note into my pocket, so quickly I doubt anyone sees it. I suck in a breath. Is this the sign they meant?
    Alone in my room that evening, i open the slip of paper.
    But it is blank.

    By Dulcie URL on 07.11.2012

  23. The Queen’s adviser told her, “It would be a good idea to get married to someone wealthy, quickly. Our kingdom is going bankrupt, m’lady.” The queen replied, “I’m not going to marry the first prince that comes waltzing in here. I have to know him.” The adviser countered, “Well, you may have to do just that. Doesn’t the good of the kingdom come before anything else?”

    By quicksilver on 07.11.2012

  24. You’ll need to speak to your adviser first. Do you know where to find him? Third sub-basement, follow the long corridor past the machinery, and knock lightly on the second door on the left. He gets pissed if you pound on the door, so be patient and respectful, otherwise you’re on your own.

    By Amanda on 07.11.2012

  25. This is a word that invokes a certain level of respect and disgust. To the extent that the adviser can illuminate and advise, the adviser is wise and good. Otherwise not.

    By rammer on 07.11.2012

  26. advisor. I have just spent three days with an advisor. Giving tips on study skills, planning, time management. There are lots of people who are prepared to give you help, but its only you that can choose to take their advice and put it to good use.

    By sarahsarahsarah on 07.11.2012

  27. I had a strange adviser as a young woman. He was an exacting task-master who suffered no foolishness. He specialized in teaching young woman the secrets of true happiness in order that they choose their path and companions in life wisely.

    By Shirley on 07.11.2012

  28. One word Umm I say that one word is..Happiness. Learn to live life happy. Happiness is the key to everything. You decide if you are happy or just depressed. You chose.

    By Britt on 07.11.2012

  29. Her adviser came into her dorm room. She was shocked. “I left the door closed, I thought I lock-” Then suddenly her adviser kissed her with eyes closed. She closed her eyes back. She pushed him off. “Get out! What are you doing???” He smiled and walked out. She felt a sensation and clogginess fill her neck.

    By Belluh on 07.11.2012

  30. Go see her adviser? For what? She was Queen and the decision was hers. Quell the rebellion, save the empire. She may not be the greatest law-maker but the kingdom needed a leader, certainly not anarchy.

    By Dean Praetorius on 07.11.2012

  31. I advise you to reconsider your life. Are you doing what you love to do? Are you happy? To be happy, you must do what you love to do..even if it’s once a day. Do what makes you happy. And all of life’s problems will seem like nothing to you. You can over come anything.

    By Britt on 07.11.2012

  32. The adviser slowly kissed her neck, his arms around her. As they enter into the room, he lays her on the bed. He rips his shirt off. They keep at it. The door is shut with a “Please do not disturb!” Sign on it.

    By Britt on 07.11.2012

  33. My adviser, my friend, told me to let go, and move on. I don’t know why I believed her, and did what she told me to do. Now I am stuck with another person I don’t love as much as you, while you’re out there, waiting for me to find my way back to you. But you were wrong to let me go first, and come running back to me after I’ve had someone new.

    By Miri on 07.11.2012

  34. my adviser is my heart, i guess. i stare at it like i would a bad parent. i’ve got crack pipes for aortas and my veins pump heartache to the rest of my body. i should stop listening to it, but it’s at the center. aren’t we supposed to stay away from the edge? the center is safe?

    By emma on 07.11.2012

  35. My college adviser is supposed to be meeting with me soon… I’m nervous about picking out my classes for college. What if they’re really hard? What if they are all super early in the morning? I am NOT a morning person. Then I may start skipping class… GAH so many things to worry about. I hope I do okay.

    By Riley on 07.11.2012

  36. I think of my high school adviser and wish she would have advised me to apply to a better college than USC since I didn’t know any better. I don’t regret going to USC, but I often wonder what my life would be like now if I went to an Ivy League school.

    By Amber on 07.11.2012

  37. He stoops his perch as a heavy-set bird, hunched on his branch as though the weight of his beak would drag him to the ground. His squaks fill the ears of the king, who dismisses his ideas with a wave of a hand. “Don’t bother me, I’ll do this my own way.”
    The banana beak bird can only squawk in distaste.

    By Mary on 07.11.2012

  38. advisers are people that help you. give advice. i need advice. counselors are good advisers, especially mrs. hall. she was a great mentor. i hope i have a good counselor in college… i’ll need it. that will be very important to me.

    By Virginia on 07.11.2012

  39. I went in to my adviser and asked what kind of job I’d been doing. she said since I let the crocidile out and didnt feed her coconut that i’d been doing kind of slackerish. I promised her I’d do better and I told her I appreciated her feedback. I will never let the crocodile go hungry again. Altough I dont think coconut is filling.

    By Kayla URL on 07.11.2012

  40. He advised her to close the window drapes at night, but she didn’t want to bring every fantasy of mine to an end. Some people love being watched. She begged of it. Husbands should never lose interest, otherwise they’ll lose everything.

    By Kiss_My_Freckle on 07.11.2012