February 9th, 2012 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “adopt”

  1. Tracy Beeker feat like she would never find a new home. She had spent countless years being the butt of all kinds of twisted plot. It was only until the kind hand of fate had it that she found her new foster parent in one of the volunteers at her home. —> (1 min) It was only until now that she knew what she had been holding out for all these years.

    By MagnusGames on 02.09.2012

  2. They were brainwashed, they unknowingly adopted a whole new set of principles. Their mouths moved and spoke words, but only imitated what they heard, all stammering like a flock of parrots. Uncertain but comfortable, they repeat to please the others, if to please themselves.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 02.09.2012

  3. Adopting is like giving birth without having to go through the pains and rigour of child birth and yet you can enjoy all the positives of parenthood. The first thing that strikes you about the wor

    By Viki Saigal on 02.10.2012

  4. When I was six, the lady down the road adopted a kitten. She was so cruel to it. In the end, it was run over and killed. I’ve always thought that life is sometimes kindest when it seems the cruellest.

    By Christine Leigh Langtree URL on 02.10.2012

  5. I think we may have to adopt an attitude of neutrality here, We don’t want to get caught up in a very nasty political push/pull, and that is where it looks like this issue is headed.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 02.10.2012

  6. I had to adopt this new way of thinking. That I didn’t have to look, act, or feel perfect at all times. That I could just be… human.

    By Raahs on 02.10.2012

  7. I adopt a multitude of ideas. To adopt only one is obviously holding yourself back from where you both should and could be.

    Without adopting more and more, taking in as much as you can, you can’t ADAPT. . . which is actually what I thought that word was, as first.

    By Travis URL on 02.10.2012

  8. I need to adopt an idea because I don’t have one right now, and I desperately need one because I have four to five pages of some shit to write before 4 PM tomorrow. O God damn me, damn me to hell. Damn my procrastinating soul. Why does this always happen? Even when I know it’s going to happen. It happens. I’m getting stupider as the night goes on.

    By procrastinator on 02.10.2012

  9. It was mine intention to adopt a boy from a children home, however the task proved to be to complicated with a lot of red tape and negative advice I had received as to what I have to do.

    By victor walkes URL on 02.10.2012

  10. Good and quick service of courier people

    By Sonal on 02.10.2012

  11. a dog is for life and other stories. Adopt is a scary word, painful for some, I don’t want to touch it. Like an unexploded bomb.

    By Mike Munn on 02.10.2012

  12. “Are you really sure?”, Maddy asked. “Do you think, the girl could be ours? Will you be willing to love her as much as you would love your own flesh and blood?”. Mikey looked at her in silence. He knew her dream. He knew her pain.

    By Wildwrites on 02.10.2012

  13. I want to adopt the little one in the window. The one with the cute black nose. The furry white fluff ball with the black coal eyes . I want to take him home with me.

    By Sheila URL on 02.10.2012

  14. One should not adopt anything, whether values or children, blindly. Adopt anything on the basis of logical and empirical evidences.

    By prabhat parmal URL on 02.10.2012

  15. adopt a dog. adopt a cat. my girlfriends mom once tried to adopt a child thru world vision, she got sent a picture and a letter…her mom then signed up….and got the same letter and same picture sent to her in the mail..

    By Brandon on 02.10.2012

  16. I think I’ll adopt the way you look
    at the bed sheets when you pull
    them back & slide your whole body
    in, fingers in a glove, heart in a
    rib cage

    By Amanda on 02.10.2012

  17. I think I’ll adopt the way
    you look at the bed sheets
    when you pull them back,
    slipping your whole body in,
    fingers in a glove, a heart inside
    a rib cage

    By prettyfnmess on 02.10.2012

  18. I don’t…want to face it

    picked and prodded

    just adopt me already!

    By Nadirah Van Beverhoudt on 02.10.2012

  19. I dont like the word but i like the idea of adoption. In india there is a lady who adopts girl children because many poor parents see a girl child as burden here.

    By prabhat parmal URL on 02.10.2012

  20. I need to adopt a new philosophy on life. The one I have now hasn’t been the best. I know that once you choose a way of life it’s kinda hard to switch it up, but it must be done. We could all use a fresh take.

    By t URL on 02.10.2012

  21. you could adopt someone from africa and send the things. and lets see… i am not good at writing things fore that.

    By harhodes on 02.10.2012

  22. I had adopted this type of fun two years ago. It is very fun, and I’m glad I did it.

    By Marie Grace on 02.10.2012

  23. I adopted a puppy. A sweet little girl who brings love, joy and peace to my heart, even if only for a moment at a time. She’s sweet and snuggly, hyper and crazy. She pounces around like a ballerina, and falls over like a clown.

    By Nina155 URL on 02.10.2012

  24. When I was a kid I used to think I was adopted. I didn’t think I looked very much like my mom or dad and I used to wonder if they just pretended I had always been theirs.

    By robin on 02.10.2012

  25. I could almost feel the cry for mercy, for hope, for love, pouring out of the silent little eyes that stared at me through the bars of the orphanage walls. But helplessly, I had to move on. I had no home, either.

    By ritajuanita URL on 02.10.2012

  26. and then she said marry me ! we were talking about a panda, a tigress and a chifu ! it was more of a roleplay and kingfupanda was her favourite.. she just had to say it when i called her my tigress and asked if we could adopt the panda ! :D

    By Gaurav Joshi URL on 02.10.2012

  27. Adopt: to take me away from my brother and my sister. To make us forget each other. To make us forget our departed parents. To make us different.

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 02.10.2012

  28. To adopt the idea of equality, it must be understood that we all work equally as hard as those we claim not to be equal to. To adopt a tree is a lot easier.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 02.10.2012

  29. I want to adopt a puppy. It will bring me joy, happiness, love and a reason to go outside and get some fresh air and exercise. To adopt would also mean a companion to share the lonely times in my life when I don’t have anyone else to do things with.

    By j.renee on 02.10.2012

  30. She adopted her from China, the little girl with the two pools of ink for eyes. She called her Maria. Her mother had named her Y-Ching but she would never know that, only growing up in Kenosha, in the prairies of Wisconsin, so far from her native home.

    By Scriptor Obscura URL on 02.10.2012

  31. I was adopted at birth. I knew from a young age. I met both my biological parents as an adult, both instances threw me into a tailspin but served to define me.

    By artifact on 02.10.2012

  32. A pet, an idea, a way of doing things…
    A child, creating a safe, loving home, making family…
    Adding new things to your life, that make it richer, better, more meaningful…

    By Shifra on 02.10.2012

  33. I paced up and down the hallway nervously, waiting for someone to arrive, not that I knew who I was waiting for. I looked up as the door opened. I went to open my mouth to say hello but realised that no one was there. “So you’re the new member of the family.” a voice said playfully. I spun to find a boy, about my age, standing at the back wall of the room, grinning as he threw up and caught a ball of water that he had moulded in his hand. “Let’s see what you can do.” He hurdled the ball towards me and within seconds it turned to vapour. His eyes widened as the smirk left his face and appeared on mine instead. “Game on.”

    By VanessaTechlan URL on 02.10.2012

  34. For her, it had to be adoption. Wouldn’t even give birth to a child, couldn’t even go to the pet store and get a dog or cat. There’s enough suffering in the world already, she said. He felt that she was too good for her.

    By Holden URL on 02.10.2012

  35. adopt? all i want to do is adopt a dog. not a cat. cats are horrid. i want a dog. a dog that can love you and even be there when everything fucks up and falls apart. I’d always thought dogs were God’s mini angels in animal form. but that’s not in the bible and i’m probably ranting my ass off here. anyhoo, i love dogs. they’re so adorable and i wish they’d understand what i have to say.

    By Nicholas on 02.10.2012

  36. adopt. all i want is to adopt a kid. a kid to love, to nuture, to care for. kids are such angels. and it’s a joy to bring a kid up all by yourself. i just want to impact that kid so much so that he won’t ever need to feel bad about himself.

    By Nicholas Ng on 02.10.2012

  37. adoption can be a blessing or hell. being sent away from a family that has fallen apart and no longer wants you, and later sent to one that cherishes every moment with you is beautiful. but being left behind at birth because no one wants you is a curse.

    By Madelin on 02.10.2012

  38. i adopted my dog

    By cayle URL on 02.10.2012

  39. i am adopted and so is my four year old brother i think being adopted is awsome i am so happy with my adoption so adoption rules.

    By jdog on 02.10.2012

  40. Im adopting myself. Taking myself out of this addiction riddled enviroment and giving myself a new life. Adopting more breaths that are real. Adopting raw emotion. Adopting genouinity. Adopting myself so i can grow up for real. Adopting the me I know is still there it was just hiding.

    By boobies on 02.10.2012