February 9th, 2012 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “adopt”

  1. When we adopt an attitude or a way of beingness when it works in a particular situation, we need to remember to turn it off so as to not use the same tool for every situation. every event and person is different.

    By Lucyac on 02.09.2012

  2. I adopt kids all the time. I take those kids that I think no one else sees or hears and I make them mine. I look for them, I look into their eyes, I see them. I see their faces and I tell them what I see. Their are serious tragedies walking the halls at my middle school.

    By J O'Neill on 02.09.2012

  3. a child was adopted he loved life but was sadly given to a family of cruel parents. he tried to stay positive about the situation but it was very hard. on his first day of school he met a very nice girl, her name was Isabelle.

    By jen on 02.09.2012

  4. We learn to adopt at a young age. Oh, wait, scratch that. I was thinking that you said, “adapt.” Well let’s adopt a new direction to this post and think about it for a little bit before we get ourselves in more trouble.

    By Chris Rogers URL on 02.09.2012

  5. splattering
    white paint across my face
    dripping streaks and blotches and mistakes
    i wiped it off with my hair.

    the nails on my left hand are dark blue
    over charcoal stains and
    and you know standing five foot two
    i felt big.

    you threw me in the shower, pulling
    at this and that
    pouring ethanol into
    all orifices
    my eyes wouldn’t open

    i kept quiet
    i wept
    and you-
    you hummed
    a private melody

    By tiffanylu URL on 02.09.2012

  6. a child was adopted he loved life but was sadly given to a family of cruel parents. he tried to stay positive about the situation but it was very hard. on his first day of school he met a very nice girl, her name was Isabelle. they played together everyday and soon both grew up then, terror struck, the poor boys family would no longer tolerate him being with isabelle so the moved to new york

    By jen on 02.09.2012

  7. Adopt a character that is a true reflection of me. Better yet create one of my own. too adopt is to copy something else and make it my own. But I no longer want to copy I want to be my own reflection

    By Christian Zoll on 02.09.2012

  8. I slowly adopted all your traits without even realizing it. It started with something little like your use of “eh” proving how wonderfully Canadian you are. Then gradually grew into me using the same hand gesture as you, and the same phrase; “Jesus, Mary and Joesph” when I had never heard that before you. All these quirks of yours I now possess but what do I do with them now that I don’t have you?

    By Brittface URL on 02.09.2012

  9. I am adopted, but that’s a story that I haven’t told to most of you. I’m like the dog from the shelter – picked up on the last dregs of life and given a second chance. Maybe it was a third chance, too. I’m not exactly sure. They don’t tell you about what’s going on every time you switch out of foster care, and into a real home. Then if you go back into foster care, it’s a different family, and you never know quite if you belong, or if you’ll be given up again.

    By Thirteen URL on 02.09.2012

  10. Adopt a monster, or leave them homeless i dont know, but homeless monsters cause so much pain, and pain is the cause for all these monsters the perpetuals monstrous cycle.

    By jam on 02.09.2012

  11. He dropped his book on the floor. “I’ve had enough of this,” he said. “I’ve put up with all of your shit. I’ve tolerated you, I’ve adopted your beliefs, I’ve done everything I can for you. I’ve had enough. I’m leaving.”

    By Amber on 02.09.2012

  12. Adopting a puppy is a great thing to do. Really. I’m just not so sure it was the right choice for me. Not today. When I want to kick the little brat across the room. Seriously? The antique sofa? The Grandfather clock? My favorite angora socks? And those flowers. I really hope those weren’t poisonous…

    By Jessica on 02.09.2012

  13. giving love, new life, being accepted for who you are, giving new opportunities, new chances. Glory, love, growth. Unconditional, planned, forgiving.

    By g-love on 02.09.2012

  14. The couple sat down at the table, across from the woman. She asked question after question, trying to gauge how well suited they were for parenting. The pair gleamed with smiles that spread from cheek to cheek, and she realized there was no one better to give her baby to. The dog barked in the other room, and the woman smiled to see the delight on the couple’s faces.

    By Kaylyn URL on 02.09.2012

  15. Adopting a new attitude about life every day is a hard but fulfilling task. Sometimes we adopt bad attitudes or imitate bad behavior.

    By Karla Arostegui URL on 02.09.2012

  16. If I had the money, and a life partner who wanted children, I would adopt as many as we could afford, and then some.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 02.09.2012

  17. My mother: fair skinned, blonde hair, blue eyes, white.
    I: tan skin, black hair, brown eyes, hispanic.
    A whole lifetime had passed by and I had never known the truth. What my mother had kept from me years after years had finally caught up and as I began to see the truth I started to weep. As I shuffled through papers, along with her will, I found it. The one paper I never thought was actually real. I was adopted.
    I had been adopted by my “mother” because the woman who had given birth to me wanted nothing to do with me and now that my mother was dead, I had nothing left. I had been living a lie, living in sin and now everytime I look at the horizon I think of her.
    My mother: cold, thin, rotting, pale, dead..beneath the ground, lovely.

    By Mandie URL on 02.09.2012

  18. There are certain traits of yours that I want to adopt; well, there’s one. Your ability to forgive people in an instant.
    Other than that, you’re a huge bitch who loves causing problems and agitating people. I guess people like you have to be able to forgive quickly, if they ever want anyone to forgive them.

    By catyeah URL on 02.09.2012

  19. i feel like that weird girl in the fake eharmony video.
    i want to adopt all the cats (and dogs) in the world and give them a wonderful home.

    they get me more than people do.

    By sarah marie URL on 02.09.2012

  20. In the words of Bob Dylan “things have changed”. So I suppose I had better change with them or risk being left behind and appearing out of date and out of step. I’m just not there yet, so I’m going to adopt the philosophy of fake it til you make it. I’d better get a Logie for my performance.

    By EllaDee URL on 02.09.2012

  21. Adopt a practice
    Adopt a philosophy
    Adopt a value

    Adopt a child
    Adopt a pet
    Adopt the future
    Adopt the present

    Gather in all, the anxiety, the tension, the exhaustion, the love
    Adopt yourself
    Adopt life

    By Sarah Flick on 02.09.2012

  22. It’s been like 30 seconds and all I can think about is the cat we got from the pet store–my one and only foray into adoption. We named her Fuzzy Butt. She liked sitting on top of my head–when I watched TV, when I walked around, when I folded laundry. That’s where she would sit.

    By Krista URL on 02.09.2012

  23. Adopt a new attitude. Grab one that needs your support and guidance and bring it up to change the world.

    By Lana B on 02.09.2012

  24. Adoptions are a very tricky thing. Lately I’ve been reading about secret underground adoption rings that smuggle, kidnap, and murder in order to basically buy and sell children (foreign children especially). It’s a horrible practice, yet most people in this country know little to nothing of it.

    By mieko URL on 02.09.2012

  25. She had to adopt an new attitude. She knew that was the real problem, as she had always been taught that you create your own life. Somehow, though, she doubted the Commanches who held her captive would appreciate the new reality.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 02.09.2012

  26. So much change occurring. I get to respond and remain relevant, to adopt a fearless sense of bold daring and deep faith, or become obsolete and face deletion.

    By Alison on 02.09.2012

  27. She adopted a new manner of dress– gone were the long-sleeved, black lace ensembles, the thick black boots, the dark and smudgy eyeliner. She slipped into the crowd easily, no more than a nice cardigan and denim most days. And her friends were angry, so angry.

    By Annie P URL on 02.09.2012

  28. He could do anything but adopt. To adopt and accept the fact that he was wrong and there were other people out there who were a lot better than him. His pride kept him high but it also brought him down. He couldn’t seem to accept it.

    By charlene URL on 02.09.2012

  29. Tiny brown eyes, large and watery, gazed up at her from the small basket on the floor. Three puppies snuggled in the wicker box lined with blue velvet, each with a tiny bow around their necks. The vague note gave little clue as to who had delivered the puppies to Sam, but she wasn’t going to complain; how could anyone, with a box of free puppies on their doorstep?

    By Zoë Aiko URL on 02.09.2012

  30. I adpoted a new lifestyle. The lifestyle where people learned to give up the frivouslous things and only take in the necessities. Similiar to buddhism, I strove to be living off of what I needed, instead of what I wanted. I didn’t care. I just wanted to live as simply as possible,

    By josephwinlove URL on 02.09.2012

  31. Put away those three loads of laundry, finish my history assignment, sew those pointe shoes for tomorrow, dance, don’t forget you have to dance. I guess I’ll have to adopt my schedule for the night…

    By Otiitii on 02.09.2012

  32. a little stray dog. A white terrier type in need of a home. But what about yellow cat? he is so happy as an only pet. And what about work; I’m gone a lot, not the best time to adopt a dog. But then back to walking. Mornings on the beach looking for treasures. watching out for eagles that may swoop down. Looking for seals and orcas. And afternoon walks along the paths, the scent of fir, the changing seasons. Watching for speeding cars and strange dogs. Ah, adopt so tempting. So much easier when things are just stumbled upon.

    By KSA on 02.09.2012

  33. Adoption is a beautiful thing. It gives otherwise “unwanted” children a loving home. They are brought into a beautiful family that will love them as their own. And they become their own :). Adoption <3, not abortion.

    By Acela URL on 02.09.2012

  34. There was a small dog near the side of the road. Michele looked at the animal. “Damn, I want a dog too.” Her mother wasn’t really big on having pets. She was allergic. Her father however grew up on a farm and had lots of animals around. If Michele was allowed to have a dog, adoption would be the best option.

    By Jim Truong on 02.09.2012

  35. We tied rings around our fingers,
    to remember our ideals,
    Adopting those of structure,
    Those angular squares
    of neat corners,
    of life to die at another’s command,
    Until our rings were alike
    to alters.
    To the Greater Good.

    By Jocelyn URL on 02.09.2012

  36. adopt two kids instead of one
    people should think better
    let two kids be happy
    let you be happy

    By hugoeduardo on 02.09.2012

  37. The generosity and the love that make someone adopt a child exemplify what humans can be in the world for the world. It’s a warm word and a warm concept, a consummation of values devoutly to be wished. I wish that children could live happily, or at least safely, their whole lives.

    By emily on 02.09.2012

  38. this is what we do when we want to include something in our lives in an important and intimate way. it could be a child, a habit, a practice, whatever. hopefully it’s a good thing

    By Jonathan on 02.09.2012

  39. A Baby because they will have no one else. You want to make someones dreams come true. You cant have your own. Better life, better home… They need you more.

    By Peyton on 02.09.2012

  40. She had never thought to adopt the new trends. To her they were ridiculous and she needed that old comfort that came with the well worn clothes and styles of the times she was happiest. Nothing made her feel lighter then a pair of pale blue bell bottoms.

    By EmilyJ URL on 02.09.2012