February 9th, 2012 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “adopt”

  1. To adopt is to make something our own. Whether you adopt a child or a principle or vice, we make it our own. It’s a useful thing to do. When you have a problem, adopt it. Make it your own and find the opportunities that exist within that problem and within it’s solution. When you make a problem your own, then it becomes less of a threat and more of a learning experience.

    By ignominius URL on 02.10.2012

  2. “We can’t just adopt it,” I said. He wasn’t happy. It was a policy he’d been working on for some time and thought my reaction was given. Now he looked at me as though I had just shot his hamster and then trod on it.

    By zebra URL on 02.10.2012

  3. some people adopt animals.

    By just582 URL on 02.10.2012

  4. children
    way of life

    By Sara Crittenden URL on 02.10.2012

  5. adopt why why is this when students cannot do this!

    By ptrask on 02.10.2012

  6. I know a couple of families that adopt kids. Most of them are from Haiti. THey are so nice and cute. I know a friend who was about to be adopted than the parents didn’t want her anymore at the last second:(

    By Mak on 02.10.2012

  7. My cousin was adopted from Togo
    A tiny country in Africa
    Where he surely would have died
    Had my Uncle not taken him back to the USA

    My friend in childhood
    Was adopted from Louisiana
    The youngest of five
    Her birth parents could take care of them all

    By ellie griffith on 02.10.2012

  8. We walked into the pet store. All I had on my mind was finding the best pet. I was going to adopt the cutest softest sweetest pet I could find! I was determined.

    By Ilsa Doxsee URL on 02.10.2012

  9. “These are your choices, Corey. I really don’t see any other options here.” Matt looked at me with a stern resolve resounding from his deep blue eyes. I had to turn away. “Fine. I’ll adopt your conditions so long as you give me just a bit more time to get my affairs in order.” “Will two weeks be enough.” I turned back to him. “I suppose so.” He stood, the chair squealing across the linoleum floor, and walked out of the room without another word. I put my head in my hands. This is it, we’re finally done.

    By Nikki on 02.10.2012

  10. It was shortly after I was born, that my Parents decided that they loved having kids so much that they were going to adopt another one. She was going to be older than I, and I wanted her to be kind and to love my parents, and I with all her heart.

    By Ilsa Doxsee URL on 02.10.2012

  11. adopt new practices. adopt a new life. adopt new style. adopt new way of doing things. adopt new work. adopt new peace. adopt breathing. adopt peace. adopt peace. adopt my way. adopt being present. adopt my style. adopt my way. adopt new life. adopt my peace.

    By Avery on 02.10.2012

  12. There once was a young woman that hoped for a place to call home, she knew she was too old to be adopted but she couldn’t help but fantasize about the family she always wanted and yet never had.

    By genevieve on 02.10.2012

  13. I adopt my carelessness,
    while you examine the cutlery, looking for the knife
    that cut the dinner table in two,
    where we once sat glued to one another.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 02.10.2012

  14. Dont care. It makes me think of kids not being wanted…dont like this word. It
    does not give me a good felling when I see it

    By Patricia on 02.10.2012

  15. i always wanted to adopt a dog, a puppy. anything, really that i could take care of and spoil to bits and pieces. it may not be dorned in luxury designer goods but it would not be in rags either. my ideal dog species is a yorkshire. they are adorable and i love everything about them.

    By jen on 02.10.2012

  16. Adopt? When I was littler I was always curious if I was adopted or not. I always asked my parents to figure the truth but Ialways got the same answer. As I grew lder I egan to look more and more like my dad nd the fact that I was not dopted became more and more clear. I am glad I was not adopted because you often get the brand that your parents don’t love you. Without love what is in the world?

    By Imagine URL on 02.10.2012