February 9th, 2012 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “adopt”

  1. Foward, he said, you must go forward. It’s the only way to see clearly what has happened in the past.

    All this sounds so complicated, but I figure if I adopt this way of thinking I might understand what has happened to me. I hold my breath, step into the future. And there you are, just like you said you’d be.

    By Kristen Leigh URL on 02.09.2012

  2. Adoption is something that we traditionally consider with children, or maybe pets. But don’t we all adopt each other? I was adopted into my group of friends, and we have adopted other people. The beauty of adoption is that it takes a collection of people and makes them a family. And that is beautiful.

    By Jessica Harwick on 02.09.2012

  3. I walked into my mother’s room, a small girl with a big fear.
    “What is it? She asked, her brown eyes smiling.
    “Madre, am I adopted?”
    “No, you have hair just like your Padre’s.”

    By Deliah URL on 02.09.2012

  4. Man sagt so oft, dass adoptierte Kinder immer auf der Suche nach ihren biologischen Eltern sein werden. Sie wollen einfach wissen, wo sie herkommen. Klar haben sie die Furcht, dass das total unausstehliche, hässliche, lebensuntüchtige Menschen sind. Aber lieber wollen sie es wissen, als weiter in der Ungewissheit leben. Und vermutlich haben sie alle die Hoffnung, dass ihnen da etwas ganz Großes entgangen ist.

    By Lisa URL on 02.09.2012

  5. D regrets very little in his life. He especially regrets nothing about his decision to adopt the girl that Tom brought home with him. She needs a father and honestly, he’s always wanted to be one. It helps that he understands her, that he loves her already like she really is his daughter, there’s barely a difference. She is his kid.

    By Cassie URL on 02.09.2012

  6. he stared into the faces of the puppies and just couldn’t bear to take only one home, those other six puppies would just sit here in this awful little caged room for who knows how long. He wanted to adopt them all. But alas he could only take one back to Ohio with him. Puck picked up one of the dogs and looked him square in the face. “Are you my puppy?” the animal gave a small whine, and he knew this was the one he was going to get. For Rachel.

    By Jenny URL on 02.09.2012

  7. adopt an idea. travel to space and please bring me with you. i can’t stand this place anymore. the clouds are pretty, the sun feels good, but there is absolutely no one i care to keep a conversation with. i feel like i’m adopting the mindset of a loner and it is the most friendly feeling i’ve felt in a long time.

    By Abra URL on 02.09.2012

  8. I’m going to adopt a dog, and you’re going to adopt a new attitude. Stop fussing around, and put away that upper lip. I’m getting one whether you like it or not – and I think, in time, you will find that you actually do like it, so just hush now, why don’t you.

    By NJ Lee on 02.09.2012

  9. wouldn’t be funny if your parents adopted me? then we would actually be brother and sister. i don’t know why that scenario comes to mind, but it does. maybe because deep down, I really wish I could say you actually are my brother. =]

    By laughalot on 02.09.2012

  10. There wasn’t a moment during the whole process that you voiced your fears. It wasn’t until a little 6 year old girl refusing to hold my hand walked in that you stared and went right upstairs. Later when I asked what happened all you could say was, “She’ll never be ours, she’ll never be mine.” She’ll be mine forever; you won’t be.

    By Anabel Crowe on 02.09.2012

  11. Zastosować można wszystko.
    Każda komórka ma zastosowanie.
    Ma ich wiele.
    Po pierwsz to właściwe
    a po drugie to altenatywne
    wiele alternatywnych zastosowań
    To cudowne nieprawdaż…

    By Żebro on 02.09.2012

  12. Immediately, I think of who I know that’s adopted, and they’re all pretty messed up people! I don’t know if there’s anything to take from that.

    By BradleyJamesArcher URL on 02.09.2012

  13. somalia reve haras dur parent maigre ver je sais pas i dont want to thinj kjhert miatumbo

    By Jo on 02.09.2012

  14. I stood in front of the older gentleman before me questioning why he didn’t want to adopt me. I lived my teenage life as his daughter and he shared his life with my mother. He loved me yet he didn’t want to adopt me as his own. I couldn’t own his name but again he assured me that he did love me.

    By Adell URL on 02.09.2012

  15. My sister and brother in law can’ t get pregnant. They have been trying for years and have tried invetro. Nothing works. We thought for awhile they might adopt but wonder if they will. I hope they do but it makes me wonder about kida and do we place too much on having/not having them?

    By Tasha on 02.09.2012

  16. It always amazed John when a situation arose which called for Sherlock to adopt an alternate persona… The change in his behaviour from cold, calculating sociopath to scared pedestrian, or sympathetic friend, or playful tourist could almost be considered a disguise, though his appearance hardly changed. John knew he shouldn’t be surprised that such a brilliant mind would be able to pick up these social facades… But after having become accustomed to Sherlock’s usual, uncaring persona, it was still a shock to his system every time.

    “You’re staring,” Sherlock murmured from behind his textbook. “You only do that when you’re making an attempt to think.”

    “Yeah,” John sighed a bit. “Just considering myself lucky that you’ve adopted me as your audience.”

    By floppybelly URL on 02.09.2012

  17. Cuando llegó mi primer can, lo vestimos de minifalda y lo sacamos a talonear. Se veía hermoso como el tiempo y azul como el vómito de un yonqui con el que hemos consumido demasiado LSD. El can había pasado demasiado tiempo entre la gente, no tenía ninguna costumbre ni tenía tiempo de soportarnos.

    By m.Isaac.VR URL on 02.09.2012

  18. “You should have met me a year ago.”
    No, I like how you are now. If this is your transition period, if you are in the process of adopting a viewpoint on relationships completely opposite than what you used to have, I am glad I caught you in the middle of it. I am glad we talked today. I am glad I was able to voice the fears that have been eating at my mind and keeping me up at night. No one is perfect so you do not need to wish you were, because you’re enough of what I need and that is perfect enough for me.

    By Laurie R. URL on 02.09.2012

  19. I adopted a dog when I was 5 years old and he is still alive today…he is my best friend so I highly recommend you adopt a pet today. I have wondered for so long why more people don’t adopt a better attitude to adopting? What do you think?

    By Maria Persson (mariap) URL on 02.09.2012

  20. one word is pretty dope, i look at a word, listen to a nice beat, and adopt some words to freestyle over it.

    By grldg on 02.09.2012

  21. I walked through the lonely halls. Strangers staring at me from every doorway. Bold, colorless eyes, questioning me, asking me who I am, where I’m from. I don’t know. From a far away planet I suppose. A place where parents don’t exist, where children are left abandoned and alone in a shallow dumpster. The filth of the world purveying every crevice. I’ve finally been adopted, but after seeing the future that lies ahead of me, I think I prefer the filth.

    By Mike Thompson on 02.09.2012

  22. Who will adopt this heart? For it is dull and shattered, not quite like the young pretty new ones. Someone out there though, must want this little heart. Fix it up and show it love and it will work just fine, even better than fine. Who will adopt this heart?

    By Olivia URL on 02.09.2012

  23. It’s always weird when you try to adopt principles and adjust them to fit your life. It almost seems wrong. Like adopting diets to lose weight to fit in with society. It’s weird. The only thing we should adopt is children and puppies.

    By Kayla on 02.09.2012

  24. He would adopt any opinion that made him seem more radical. I couldnt help but feel sorry for him, even though this was a conscious decision on his part. I simply inquired one day as to his lack of identity, and questioned at what age he forgot who he was. What happened to the boy who climbed trees and stayed there til dusk? The boy who made mud pies and rainwater soup for his friends, and brought dandelions to his momma? He stared blankly and replied; “the world is a dangerous place.” I never felt that statement as strongly as I did in that moment when I realized the truth, as cliche as it sounded, was that this world really does destroy us.

    By under that tree URL on 02.09.2012

  25. well my uncles were adopted I have a friend who was adopted my moms cousins daughters adopted father may be related to my best friend

    By amanda on 02.09.2012

  26. Adopt on the new ways and habits that we want. It sounds so easy, yet I know it’s hard to attain. Take on everything you want, everything you need, to save yourself, this country, this planet. Save everything. Adopt what you need to save, to save yourself.

    By Baylee URL on 02.09.2012

  27. adopt meaning making one’s own. adopt is to take responsibility and nurture and care and foster and nourish.

    By Raji on 02.09.2012

  28. I adopted Korean culture more than my own culture, and not only because my soon to be husband is Korean, but I, myself love the Korean culture. Learning such a thing makes a difference in my life

    By Hannah on 02.09.2012

  29. This is such a close topic to my heart. When my mother was a teenager she had 2 boys that she had to give up for adoption. She only told me about my half-brothers when I turned 18. It was quite a shock to know that my whole life was a little bit of a lie. The pain my mother had in her heart was palpable.

    By Sarah Prout on 02.09.2012

  30. i am not adopted…i wonder how that would be.kelly is not adopted either…i think….there was that mailman.ap

    By dylan on 02.09.2012

  31. I want to adopt a child when I’m married. Maybe one from the U.S. or maybe one from another country. There is nothing more beautiful than someone capable of loving a child who they didn’t have as if they are their own flesh and blood.

    By Kathleen URL on 02.09.2012

  32. As if my fingernail-biting and stress-snacking habits aren’t enough, I’m considering adopting your tendency to not give a fuck. Does that make you nervous at all? That I’m becoming the type of person you told me never to become?

    By Jessica Bang URL on 02.09.2012

  33. She wanted to adopt me, I think. I had a mother, what I needed was a friend. I kept saying this over and over, telling my friends that she drove me crazy. Really, though, I was lucky to have her. My own mother is nothing good, she’s been a horrible influence on me all my life. I was lucky to have a friend like her who cared so much about me, and wanted nothing but good for me.

    By Sar URL on 02.09.2012

  34. He adopted a new personality for every situation. He changed his selves like clothes, and burned them after wearing them once.

    By maureen on 02.09.2012

  35. I quickly adopt a smile to hide the sour look my face begins to fall into. I lick my lips and look nervously around the room. I count the people. I count them again. I’m thinking about things that no one else here could or will ever know about. In a room full of people, living in a different world, I am still alone.
    I lick my lips again, tasting the salt on them, I let them part and I breath in deeply.
    My eyes are closed but I can taste and hear and feel the sea. It pulls me towards it.
    Somewhere, someone makes a sudden sharp noise.
    My eyes flash open. I am here again. In this place that I shouldn’t be.
    I lick my lips. I taste the sea.

    By Lili on 02.09.2012

  36. I adopt my own beliefs and sometimes I don’t have any idea where they little baby suckers come from. Best to be conscious- no?

    By vanessak on 02.09.2012

  37. It’s funny how the longer you know some one, the more you start to realize that the behaviors and habits you thought unique to you were simply subconsciously observed and adopted.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.09.2012

  38. I adopt my own beliefs and sometimes I don’t have any idea where these little baby suckers come from. Best to be conscious- no?

    By vanessak on 02.09.2012

  39. She doesn’t want to let him go once she has him. He’s soft and sweet and his breath is hot against her throat where he pants and shakes like he’s scared- and maybe he is, or maybe he’s just excited- but she doesn’t care because she’s not letting him down either way. He whines when she squeezes too tightly, but she can’t HELP it. He’s just so sweet, cuddled up on her shoulder with his wet, cool nose sniffing under her ear.

    “He’s beautiful,” she says. Her mother beams proudly, obviously proud that her gift is so well received.

    “He is,” her mother agrees, and reaches out to scratch behind the pup’s ear. “And he’s all yours.” The idea is incredible, and she’s suddenly so excited she can’t speak. All she can do is hold him even more tightly to her chest, even when he yelps and scrambles to get away.

    By Jade on 02.09.2012

  40. I always wanted children. When they told me I couldn’t have them, I felt worthless. Useless. What good was I if I couldn’t do the very thing my body was biologically designed to do? It didn’t occur to me for several years that I could adopt. By the time I started the process, my husband had divorced me for a woman with a working uterus, and I was looking at life as a single mom.

    By Jenna URL on 02.09.2012