February 2nd, 2019 | 25 Entries

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25 Entries for “adapted”

  1. She squinted at the shelves, letting the dimness of the store adjust her eyes. The sunlight outside had made it hard to read- but she still felt at home.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.02.2019

  2. Se adaptó tan bien al ambiente de su casa que poco a poco se convirtió simplemente en un mueble más.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 02.02.2019

  3. Recently I moved house. DO I need to adapt to my new surroundings?
    No longer can I waltz to the shops to buy a treat, or knock on the neighbors door to get my ball back. I have to build up new courage to adapt to this place. This place that is new. The new place.

    By Rebecca on 02.02.2019

  4. getting used to, adjusting to, blending with, merging with, melting together, agreeing with,

    By Levi Jane URL on 02.02.2019

  5. ive adapted to the way it feels
    to be lonely
    when you think of the people in your life
    do you wonder if they feel just as alone?

    By Annika Webster, Clark Univ. on 02.02.2019

  6. The light turned on. Standing behind an old wooden desk, the crazed psychopath from her dreams gave a menacing glare, a knife firmly in his left hand. This was gonna be fun.

    By Jacob on 02.02.2019

  7. spectral tongue

    across the lunar code we beam
    our breath swirling into the desert
    to return wicked
    when the stars have clumb
    to full magnitude
    and we lay doggo
    return’d to our spirit ghosts
    for we are never still
    wandering like campsmoke
    in thin strands
    out to the stand of york gums
    where honey possums hide
    along the tangled seeps
    fringing the floodplain

    By david URL on 02.02.2019

  8. Michelle Ferris’s popular book was adapted into an Oscar-winning film, which was adapted into a novelization, which was adapted into an HBO mini-series, which was expanded by other authors in sequels and companion novels, which was ultimately criticized for going too far beyond the source material, which was eventually lost in the sands of time, but meanwhile, Michelle Ferris was keeping to herself in her small cottage on the edge of New Mar, writing something entirely new.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.02.2019

  9. she tried and tried to adapt to this lifestyle but she just couldn’t it was too hard for her no matter how hard she tried she would never be this way and everyone need to accept that she was never gonna change for them she was this was who she was.

    By Kaity on 02.02.2019

  10. to say he adapted to this life was… ill fitting. it wasn’t adapting as much as blindly trying to keep himself alive in an alien environment. doing things he’d never done and would hope to never do again.

    By basard on 02.03.2019

  11. I’ve adapted to this modern existence. Tied my shoes. Avoided addiction. Yet I still fill unfulfilled, perhaps its because I’m a millennial, perhaps it’s because I’m just a regular 20 something year old, perhaps I’ve yet to ever achieve a gold. Never been at the peak, just falling in the medium. I kind of have to say that’s okay. I’m coming to terms with it. I’ve adapted.

    By Eric Harrell on 02.03.2019

  12. So you go to the movies and the film is adapted from a book and most of the time, that means it will be awful but sometimes, it works. Like Prince of Tides was adapted from a book and the
    movies was more enjoyable than the book. Or so I thought.

    By Robin Stein on 02.03.2019

  13. Adapted is a word that I don’t use very often or even think about but it is a word that we should use more. It means to adapt to something that you aren’t used to or sometimes that you are used to.

    By Sophie Harris on 02.03.2019

  14. I’ve changed since I’ve been here. No longer am I content to sit and be taken advantage of by nature’s top dogs. Consciously or not, my skin has grown thicker, my tongue sharper in a last-ditch attempt to be able to protect myself. I’ve adapted to be a better me.

    By Jordan on 02.03.2019

  15. As the world speeds up, all the life slows down- the cells, dividing as always,
    mechanic in their organics,
    at the same pace since the first split in the universe,
    but in the last word of the tome of existence,
    the fires were lit,
    burning the oil and firing the pistons,
    fighting disease and making revisions,
    and the cells, ripping genes from one into two,
    now too slow to grow defense against the fire new.

    By Ai URL on 02.03.2019

  16. white man white man
    can you here me calling
    i’m subjected to an objectification
    and the ramifications
    to the realizations
    that we’re all pretty much the same
    absorb me
    adapted to the family tree
    take me in
    spit me out
    when it gets too real
    accept me once again
    if you need my mass appeal

    By matt m on 02.03.2019

  17. Sometimes we don’t wanna do something. But sometimes we need to adapted.

    By freyst on 02.04.2019

  18. She quickly checked her surroundings. there were trees, vines, and lots of animal noises, but nothing that she recognized. She quickly tried to adapt to her surroundings. Who knew what was in store for her if she couldn’t assimilate into the area.

    By Savvy Jones on 02.04.2019

  19. I am perfectly adapted to this.

    The stalk, the hunt, the kill. My blood sings with the movement of the moon and the scent of the rainwater on the grass. The scents of the night pass under my paws and I leap with the joy of being alive.

    But this cannot be all.

    I have a human mind, and I refuse to be ruled by the scent of blood and terror. I refuse to be what my blood says I am.

    Human, and wolf, knitted together. Fangs and hands as needed, and never otherwise.

    Only once have I ever failed and woken up with the taste of blood on my teeth, and I never will again.

    By Sparklespirit on 02.04.2019

  20. adapted! what a word! it has many meanings: a animal adapted to it surounding or idapeted to my new position in my job!

    By deann on 02.04.2019

  21. i could talk for hours of the silly ways my heart has adapted to the weight, the heavy and unstoppable squeezing on my arteries and in turn, my cells. i swear to you, it takes my breath away when certain looks meet my face. strangers and lovers bring those looks to the dinner table. they are salt and pepper and the basil in your soup. this makes no sense, none of it does. the brain is syrup and oats and the heart is just lemons and pears. the legs are milk and orange peels.
    my voice is just rice and pasta and my soul a bruised and dark berry. none of it makes any sense. none of it. but we keep putting the compost in troughs and feed it to the young. we serve it all on fine china, throw it all in the sky and watch it fall. we are the pigs, the bottom feeders, the algae and the top of the food chain. we are the sense that just can’t seem to be made.
    ring the dinner bell and you will see how they come running. starved, and deprived, thirsty for melons and juice. we need the nutrients and the schools of fish. we require the bones and skin and all of the parts of the puzzle. we need the overarching theme, the big picture, the orchestra. without it, we are brush strokes and beans.

    By neutral-dick-hotel on 02.04.2019

  22. Some animal have adapted to their surroundings when they were moved out of their previous habitat. Other animals have not adapted, and they can die out because they simply cannot survive in their new habitat.

    By aprilstone80 on 02.04.2019

  23. I have adapted to having a cat. My life has changed drastically since I got him but it is for the better. I love my Mittens with all my heart.

    By Naomi Comeaux on 02.04.2019

  24. I have adapted to my schoolwork so it will be difficult to stop for two months then have to start all over.

    By Naomi Comeaux on 02.04.2019

  25. I will have to adapt to the new house once we move. It will be difficult but i will have my family to help me.

    By Naomi Comeaux on 02.04.2019