January 31st, 2019 | 26 Entries

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26 Entries for “premium”

  1. I’m too cheap to buy anything “premium.” I’ll go for the experience without premium. I’ll go without the textbook and hope for the best(because that sucker is 95$) I’ll download the app to by-pass the adds before I pay for your premium

    By Valentina on 01.31.2019

  2. I have no idea what to wright…I probably would have to look the word up then think of a story that always seems to flow freely from my mind into my hand, then from my hand to the keys and finally on to the computer screen. The transition happens so fast and I don’t even process it until i read over the fun and twisting story my mind created.

    By Sydney Erbe on 01.31.2019

  3. She scanned through the plans, trying to see if there was anything she was missing. They continued to chat around her, but she didn’t pay them any mind. It was her money, wasn’t it? So she could basically do whatever she wanted with it. That nibbling sense of duty sat in her left ear and she brushed it aside.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.31.2019

  4. opening the app for the fourth time that morning, the frustrated man sighed, resignedly. he’d paid for premium membership and was disappointed that his favorite model was not updating more frequently. in the last picture, she wore a gauzy floral top, flashing perky pink nipples

    By ari on 01.31.2019

  5. wish not want not
    the price of fame
    is famine
    the change
    charged charge card
    premium pay for
    priceless pretty faced
    a broken break back borderline
    whatever it takes
    whatever we can do
    to make your dreams come true

    By matt m on 01.31.2019

  6. It’s a better version of a item or a site ex. Spotify

    By Nolan on 01.31.2019

  7. Life has a premium on it.
    You never know how it will bend,
    You can’t return something that you didn’t understand in the first place.
    I don’t want a premium on life,
    I want to live it the way it was meant to.
    Not at a premium…but with more understanding

    By victoriabean URL on 01.31.2019

  8. We cannot let our hands touch.
    We cannot let our eyes meet.
    These are the terms and conditions.
    This is the premium that we must keep.
    Do you cross my mind from time to time?
    Criss cross, zig zag, double dutch…
    In your eyes I want to be.
    In your hands: clutched.
    In your ears: all permissions granted.
    Within me finally a bloom so sweet.

    By Flux URL on 01.31.2019

  9. i’ve forgotten why
    the words aren’t quite
    quiet enough
    to fill my ears
    is there a smile
    or a framed frown
    a cherished moment
    hung upsidedown
    are you no better
    than a premium
    because i’m cheaper
    and i’m staying mum

    By matt m on 01.31.2019

  10. A silver plaque balanced precariously on the windowsill, striking against the deep, smooth brown. Cursive was engraved across it, detailing the membership to some place the man had never since been.

    By snowthatremembers URL on 01.31.2019

  11. The wine was at a premium and you placed your bet on the magnum. The perfect price for a night with the one who put that twinkle in your eye, my friend. Did the silk in her voice put that flush in your cheek —- it rises and creeps with every twist and turn of phrase, yet you dare not speak for the silence you bought was your own, don’t you agree? These are the terms it seems: spend a night with the grace of an orchid placed precariously between teeth, while the star in your sky drinks and then sighs, spills it all and tells you everything.

    By Palate URL on 01.31.2019

  12. “This was supposed to be premium value.”

    “What was?” I asked with a sneer. “The cheap steak, or the even cheaper bubbly?”

    “Honestly, cheap bubbly is way better than cheap steak,” remarked Cassius from where he sat in the corner, caressing an empty bottle of what used to be red wine. “Don’t ever go cheap with red meat, man. It’ll f***. You. Up.”

    “PREMIUM VALUE!” screamed Martha.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.31.2019

  13. “just for you, ma’am,” they cooed, pressing their lithe bodies up against her own.
    warm, enticing. flesh against flesh.
    “premium service. anything you could ask for, you’ll get from us.”

    By basard on 02.01.2019

  14. The fancy resturaut offered premium meats, and fancy everything, meaning fancy appetizers, entrees, deserts, and anything in between. She had never seen anything like it, and most definitely never tasted anything like it.

    By aprilstone80 URL on 02.01.2019

  15. Después de pagar el paquete premium de vacaciones, el nuevo socio quedó enganchado a 30 años de esclavitud en un hotel de lujo.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 02.01.2019

  16. Upgrade? Suffocation. I’d rather ride a Filippino bus next to chickens and children. That’s my kind of premium.

    By and& URL on 02.01.2019

  17. Premium beef. That what we all like. A good well done steak or hamburger unless you’re a vegan. I love vegetables but i cant live off of them.

    By Briana Jo Dailey on 02.01.2019

  18. My car insurance premium keeps going up. I have been with the same company for over 5 years and it keeps increasing. This also makes me think of gas. Like if I put premium gas in my car will it drive better? Is it filtered to not have as much sludge and buildup for your engine or is that only for luxury cars?

    By Jenniva C on 02.01.2019

  19. The premiums are too high, everything’s too expensive, life sucks, yada yada yada.

    Whatever, dude.

    The trees are free.

    By Sparklespirit on 02.01.2019

  20. i love spodify premium so much. i can listen to tunes in the car without wifi! so amazing!!!! i listen durning school and all the jaz

    By deann on 02.01.2019

  21. I got a visa premium with a lot of benefits. But they stole it. They even stole my life. How can I get it back? I called visa to make a claim.

    By Jazmín on 02.01.2019

  22. I love Spotify Premium! I can listen to all my favorite songs at once without having to hear those stupid ads. Music is amazing and Premium makes it even better.

    By Peighton on 02.01.2019

  23. premium

    By Ariana Mishchenko URL on 02.01.2019

  24. a fine. nice and fine, and premium. forget it, soon to dust, degrading as soon as its still, before and after. always a dance with creation, with decay

    By smurfstoestar on 02.01.2019

  25. I love premium products that do have genuine value, such as the Mercedes Benz car and luxurious houses in Vegas

    By SENAR NON RROR on 02.02.2019

  26. premio

    By neila URL on 02.02.2019