November 13th, 2009 | 317 Entries

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317 Entries for “acting”

  1. Acting up, acting out, eating your words and letting them shout. Repeating what others have written before, out loud, to yourself, the latter before. Acting is a profession unlike any other, so let me tell you, it’s quite likeable, brother. Don’t go and act on your own in a closet, share your space and throw it on stage.

    By Daniel on 11.14.2009

  2. Hmm, acting must be the word of the day. Is there a new word everyday? I like watching plays where people act, but I don’t have an interest in acting. Acting looks fun. My sister was always in plays. Speeding is not a good thing. I like you.

    By Hmm... on 11.14.2009

  3. acting is a form of destress. why do actors like to act? it’s acting for money, but i guess they kind of have some passion for acting right? you’re always acting cute, maybe you should be an actor. who knows, you can make it in the acting industry.

    By samantha on 11.14.2009

  4. Time trickles triumphantly through tragedy.

    He stands with arms open against the the wall. His hands are loosely placed in his baggy pockets as he looks at her tears stream

    By donk on 11.14.2009

  5. The curtains fall over he eyelids as she struggles to stutter out a response. He stands there wit his hands in his baggy jeans fiddling with his pocket-knife as she avoids eye contact. He tilts his head to the right in the dimly lit hallway as he takes a final gulp and haphazardly blurts, “I love you.”

    By Jenna on 11.14.2009

  6. pretending to be something that you are not playing the part of another . being that which is not your usual self what you somethings would like to be but is not in the real life. ho

    By Coco on 11.14.2009

  7. Its like in every movie. Or in every day life. Acting is not what you are but what you project. It can be funny, terrible, great, somber. But it is never true. It is constantly trying to become truer, but it can never reach that point. Its value comes from that fact. Because nobody can experience everything ever.

    By Jessi on 11.14.2009

  8. i am terrible at acting, yet i think it is an amazing arts as i have a great appreciation for the arts in film and television. I do think however, some actors are paid far too much. I believe FFC who directed the Godfather revolutionarized method acting.

    By Grace on 11.14.2009

  9. It seems that some individuals by acting themselves really don’t do much. They just wither away with the falling of the snow. They fall and fall more and more and they don’t really go anyway. In acting like obscure individuals they fall once again and they have no clue what they should do. It’s like saying that they just don’t know what to do what to say and just end up in despair

    By Melisa Garcia on 11.14.2009

  10. You’re acting as if you don’t hear what I’m saying to you. You’re acting as though when I just said “Go to your room” there was silence. I said go, so stop acting as though you’re deaf. You’re not you know. You actually have two functioning ears, the doc said so. You know, b/cause I asked why you were acting like you couldn’t hear me!

    By Jamie B on 11.14.2009

  11. I’ve never thought about acting. Well, not myself acting. And yet, I’ve done it my whole life. I paste a plastic smile on my face and show the world what they want to see. But I’ve never been so sure of myself until I realized that I had this confidence all along. Even if it was all an act.

    By Sarah B. on 11.14.2009

  12. but of course.

    By Bee on 11.14.2009

  13. drama. stage. theatre, movies. actors. emotions. feelings. anger. happy. crying. trauma. accident. intense. creativity. action. awesomeness!.

    By Bry on 11.14.2009

  14. I was just acting,
    only playing,
    tauning you from afar,
    with my eyes.
    I saw the surprise
    in your eyes.
    No, don’t touch my arm.
    Don’t sit too close.
    I was just acting.
    Close your eyes
    and slip into the dream.

    By Rosie on 11.14.2009

  15. So I know some people who like to act. In particular my first ex-girlfriend. She was sweet, in retrospect. Over enthused, but sweet, like a cherry.

    By Russ on 11.14.2009

  16. acting is synonymous with behaviour.

    how else does one conduct oneself in the stage called society.

    but anyhow, the cardinal rule is.

    life is way too important to be taken seriously.

    By evan on 11.14.2009

  17. what i do everyday-paint on a smile, smirk, give a unwilling glance. Acting is dangerous, and powerful once mastered. I acted in the 8th grade, yet nothing ocmpares to my true life drama.

    By rebecca on 11.14.2009

  18. You are an actor. You act as if you havent got a character of your own. You don’t. As a matter of fact, you even suck at playing that character.

    By Christy on 11.14.2009

  19. acting is something my friend ora wants to do. I dont really like it but it looks like fun I’m more good at singing then acting. acting is something people do in chracater, people can also act a certain way. its an interesting topic i guess. acting is something people do to cool of .. they get paid way too much. actors are usually attractive unless their roll is to be unattractive. yes?

    By Zoe jacobs on 11.14.2009

  20. Look at me, up on a stage, prancing and cavorting for your senile amusement. Laugh! Chortle! And cry, weep tears for me as I die the death of a tragic hero, poisoned by my own poor luck and pride. But I was never real.

    By Sam Riedel on 11.14.2009

  21. Demonstrating the ability to be someone else

    By iki on 11.14.2009

  22. acting is the process of beidfgdgh

    By Anonymous on 11.14.2009

  23. generally being someone you are not.

    By Beau on 11.14.2009

  24. “Have you?” I asked quietly.

    “Well, yeah, I have!” He cried, not matching my tone. “God, I thought that’s what we were doing here. Acting. Pretending. Make-believing. That’s what we decided. And then you…then you up and decided something else.” He glared at me, his hateful eyes cutting me deeper than his accusing tone.

    “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I just up and decided to be in love with you. Guess I should’ve checked myself beforehand. Sorry. It won’t happen again.”

    By Julia on 11.14.2009

  25. Acting, they say, is just pretending.

    I have always wondered if maybe they were wrong.

    That maybe acting is lying.

    By Noelle on 11.14.2009

  26. people are actors everyday!

    By gj on 11.14.2009

  27. I think you’re acting like a good girl, it’s me the problem… really I don’t want to hurt you, please just leave… and remember you’re beautiful, never let anybody to tell you a

    By YamilG on 11.14.2009

  28. acting on instinct you dont have the time to think about it just DO IT! If you always think and never act you’re just a waste.

    By Amy on 11.14.2009

  29. i like acting acting is the shit through acting i can express myself sometimes people who act can be gake

    By shiv kehr on 11.14.2009

  30. I love to act and spend my life on the stage. When acting I can become a whole new person and take on different personalities. It gives me the freedom to become someone I am not.

    By Lynn Smith on 11.14.2009

  31. The art of lying on screen and portraying fake emotions to an audience without any semblance of personal understanding. Lying. Acting. The only thing that differentiates the two are the fact that acting is a form of lying that is acceptable because it is socially understood.

    By Rob on 11.14.2009

  32. canter

    By Anonymous on 11.14.2009

  33. the man was acting so oddly in his smalll apartment in new york he ahd a simple life he was and antrepenuer of sorts going from city to city trying to make his life worth and to puruse his dreams

    By brenna on 11.14.2009

  34. actin is important to show and enlight others people around us. Myself I

    By hans on 11.14.2009

  35. is the one word that comes to mind when I see two people look at each other with “love” in their eyes. Love is non-existent never has or will exist. My family does not love. I dont love.

    By Lindsay on 11.14.2009

  36. Acting is an art and a craft. It takes dedication and preparation. I am an actor. It is a difficult life. People glamorize it, including myself, but it is simply story telling. I’m in it for the chicks and esteem. Obviously not the money. I don’t think I actually could do anything else.

    By Michael on 11.14.2009

  37. Here i am for acting which is in my blood. an actor can perform any act as if he is

    By Aditya on 11.14.2009

  38. Acting like I’m indifferent is impossible. I want to let you go, forget about it completely, and I convince myself that I have. But then you walk in late with your lion’s mane and duck boots, and I can’t keep up the act.

    By Alice-Henley Tanwen on 11.14.2009

  39. Acting is an amazing talent. Acting takes much a lot of talent to become really successful at. You have to be believable and convince other of this talent.

    By gs on 11.14.2009

  40. The stage, lights, lines rehearsed for weeks, months — and now the test: speak, say something that moves me, makes me laugh, cry, think about the world and why we’re here in this theatre, not outside and with the world but observing a created version of it, made of paper and paint.

    By Pamela on 11.14.2009