March 29th, 2016 | 82 Entries

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82 Entries for “accused”

  1. Jay Ray was accused for murder when he stabbed the butter he was surrounded but lucky his second accused friend Damen Asher took a bullet for him and jay ray ran off

    By Ethan Mayes URL on 03.30.2016

  2. sitting in silence.
    Learning to only speak when spoken to
    I was accused for murder
    The sad part is I don’t know if I did it or not.
    The judge just stares into my soul
    I wonder if he knows the truth

    By Brittany Turnbough URL on 03.30.2016

  3. Trouble, blame, Troublemaker, lies

    By Alexa Hampton URL on 03.30.2016

  4. She stood bare and vulnerable, even in her tweed and coiffed hair. They were all blaming her, practically pelting her with stone words that visibly bruised her skin.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 03.30.2016

  5. l was accused of stealing a pen from my sister when i was 17 years old, i was very sad…

    By Renata Gazola on 03.30.2016

  6. I have been accused of many things, but one thing I have never been accused of is being too positive. I mean is that even possible?

    By trkstr67 URL on 03.30.2016

  7. You are accused YOU.

    By Sameeka URL on 03.30.2016

  8. The accused stood before the judge, in order to fingd who was right or worong. the judge looked at all her sins and said you’re forgiven again. the accused walked away free from her charges because was forgetting her sin.

    By Amanda on 03.30.2016

  9. On tv a man was being accused of stealing from a bank the man plead not guilty.

    By cad on 03.30.2016

  10. I was being accused of stealing a couple of candys from the pantry. But I didnt do it because I know who did.

    By cad on 03.30.2016

  11. The accused man stood before the judge and tried to plead not guilty but all of the evidence said otherwise.

    By cad on 03.30.2016

  12. the man was accused of stealing from the local grocery store he was later found inoccent

    By mackenzie grace URL on 03.30.2016

  13. I have been accused of spilling coffee on the carpet, but in fact the dog did it. You see, the dog got overly excited when she saw a mouse run across the floor, and ran into the side table that had my coffee on it. Spash!!

    By mackenzie grace URL on 03.30.2016

  14. Accused I stand
    in front of a judge and jury
    they look at all that I have done
    and declare not guilty

    By Amanda on 03.30.2016

  15. Some are
    Many feel like there’s nothing left
    Everyone has something to give

    Nations are freed
    Accused are wiped clean
    Many are that are gulity are found guiltless
    Every one is freed and forgive

    The same name that raised the dead to life, is the one that frees us from our sins.

    By Amanda on 03.30.2016

  16. Guilty cried the accuser she is guilty
    Sinner, liar, irrresponsible, painfilled

    The judge looked at the accused and then to the accuser
    But I have ransomed her, he said, she is mine and she is guiltless.

    By Amanda on 03.30.2016

  17. I’ve been accused of many things in my life. Some of them were warranted, other’s not so much. The earned accusations were by far the most fun.

    By Jennifer Webster URL on 03.30.2016

  18. one word is all it takes for the foundation to crumble
    an attitude, maybe, when you’re no longer humble
    respect each other and remember to trust a little too much

    By molly on 03.30.2016

  19. i was accused of eating the last donut but i don’t know why because clearly jessica ate it. can some one please tell her to fess up because it wasn’t me

    By madeline jones on 03.30.2016

  20. once i was accused of beeing a robber. I went home and got some black cloths on and went to the bank and robbed the place. It was very interesting because when i was there i was a big fat cat and it sat on me and it felt like i got hit by a boulder. It was all going bad until i took the cat home and gave it the name bubble. I gave it food and it began to get smaller and so i just went with it then it died so i went to the bank to get another but i got arrested so let this inspire you to rob a bank.

    By Jessica Neiefrt on 03.30.2016

  21. There was once a man that was accused for killing a man. He didn’t really do it, but everyone thought that he had done it just because he was always the bad person in the village. There was only one person that believed he wasn’t a murderer, but he was also condemned.

    By Jose Sulca URL on 03.30.2016

  22. He had been accused of so many things before. And yet he had never caused harm to anyone. Somehow he just couldn’t understand why everyone would turn against him like this. Indeed, he wasn’t the most noble or kind person and he could be quite rude at times. But he would never cause any harm intentionally. So why was everyone so set on the idea that whenever something bad would happen he definitely had to be at fault?

    By Anaid Skylight on 03.30.2016

  23. My friend accused me of stealing their pencil.

    By Ballislife22 URL on 03.30.2016

  24. She got accused of something she didn’t do. It upset her a lot. She wondered if her life would be over, if people really think she did it, if she will go to prison.

    By Sisley Pryor URL on 03.30.2016

  25. Dylan accused me of chewing gum in class. so i got in trouble and jose did too

    By Zachary Setzer URL on 03.30.2016

  26. She got accused of something she didn’t do. It upset her a lot. She wondered if her life would be over, if people really think she did it, if she will go to prison. But I guess she did okay in the end and was proved not guilty.

    By Sisley Pryor URL on 03.30.2016

  27. i was accused for something i didnt do
    this was bizzare and i havent gotten far
    i cant scream because im apart of a team
    im not so proud of the crowd i run with now.

    By Madalynn Todd URL on 03.30.2016

  28. accused for something you didn’t do
    it hurt you why where you accuse

    By mariah coleman URL on 03.30.2016

  29. They were accused of the crime they didn’t commit.
    The crime was an unspeakable one.

    By Cora Martin URL on 03.30.2016

  30. “Are you accusing me of being heartless?” the boyfriend screamed “Yes I am!” the girlfriend screamed back “well since you figured it out I guess I can finally kill you” the boyfriend replied with a smirk on his face. He then grabbed a knife and stabbed the girl in the face until she was unrecognizable. “now its time to eat” the boy dug in and ate her face off.

    By Abigail Miller URL on 03.30.2016

  31. When you are accused of doing something
    No one really knows if you did it or not
    they just believe you did.
    but what if you really didn’t.
    And you took the consequences for it.
    and it was all not even worth it

    By Andrea Blount URL on 03.30.2016

  32. I walk to the steps as the crowd shouts and spits my name. My hands are raw, burned from where my ropes have tied my hands. The gallows hover like an ugly storm cloud, threatening to pour any minute. The guard shoves me up the stairs towards the noose and he begins to heave me onto to box, but not before I get one ounce of freedom in my hands. I reach up and touch the rope that will end all that was Janie Tucker, the most infamous women outlaw in all the Country. And then I pray.

    By Emilia Morton URL on 03.30.2016

  33. cameron was accused of being ugly
    they said his mom dressed him funny and he went home and cried to his teddy bear

    By Landon Jimmerson URL on 03.30.2016

  34. Do you know what it means to be accused?, asked the Lion
    Only when lie’s are made, said the Man
    So you have never done anything wrong in your life?, asked the lion
    Yes but never accused of doing anything wrong till… now
    then you must see the other side of Mankind for yourself!, said the lion ( with his loud roar )

    By Zerak Thomas Brown URL on 03.30.2016

  35. landon accused the pot head of smoking
    the joint was smoking
    landon thought he was smoking

    By Cameron Payne URL on 03.30.2016

  36. so i was accused of being a bad boy but they were wrong it wasnt me it was jose he broke a teacher phone and accused him

    By Dylan Montgomery URL on 03.30.2016

  37. The officer accused her of committing a crime in the parking lot. She refused to listen to the officer. Later she was brought to court

    By lucy on 03.30.2016

  38. The screen offers a stage for this horror team of seven letters. Amazing how this set of black on white stripes give me the shivers and make me just want to disappear.

    By Katja URL on 03.30.2016

  39. “You filthy, back-stabbing, liar!”
    I turned around at the sound of her coming down the hall. “What are you talking about?”
    “You know exactly what.” she spat in my face. “You said nothing was happening between you two. You said she was just friendly. How could you do this to me?” She was pretty much in tears at this point.
    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
    “You cheated on me!” she accused, yelling again.
    “No I didn’t. Why would I do that?”
    “I don’t know, maybe because she is prettier. Stop lying. I have proof right here.” She shows me a picture of Julia and someone kissing. You can’t see his face, but he looks like me from behind.
    “That is not me. I would never cheat on you.”
    “Prove it.” she said. And I’m going to do just that.

    By Caeli Wells on 03.30.2016

  40. I knew that anything I said would only be used to prove my lack of humanity. The deepest and truest song in my heart would only breathe more heat into the fire.
    Once you’ve been labeled non-human, everything you say is only a mechanical imitation of the humanity of others. There’s only two things I can do now to prove what I am: I can let them see me bleed, lay down and die, that’s what they want… Or, I can take up arms against them, outsmart and outwit them at every turn. Crush their pride and show them that everything they know is a lie, and when they see in their heart of hearts the works that I have done, they will break, they will be the ones who want to die… And when they are begging at my feet, I’ll show them the mercy they could never show me.

    By Daniel Damian URL on 03.30.2016