• Rose commented on the post, disciple 5 years, 10 months ago

    I was never the kind to be a disciple of anyone, though there was an english teacher in college who made me wish I was. He told me in his preppy east coast accent that I was a rebel without a cause. There have been very few times that I haven’t proved him right.

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    My daughter has been living in London for over five years now. Five years when you are in your twenties feels like a choice. When she lived there for the first couple, it felt as though she had chosen to be European, and rejected us in the States. I think that’s just being young though.

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    Scout was the epitome of a Border Collie. She had the stare. She could control me with her thoughts, and she always knew where everyone was. She was also terrified of storms, and i think it was because she had premonitions of her death. It had been a drought, and then lightning struck and the thunder began, and she ran out into the blinding…[Read more]

  • Rose commented on the post, baffled 5 years, 11 months ago

    I sometimes sit down to write, hoping for inspiration, looking through files of things that have inspired me in the past, and most often discover that I’ve got no idea what I was thinking. I would love to just be one of those together writers, who just know what they are doing, but I confess, I’m just baffled.

  • Rose commented on the post, instructor 5 years, 11 months ago

    It isn’t that i don’t like her, it is just that her style of teaching doesn’t match with my style of learning. I want authority, discipline, organization. She wants to be popular. As such, she has lost control of the class.

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    If the mind is a reservation, brainwashing is like slitting open the scalp and purging the individualism from it. Brainwashing isn’t something used only to torture, unless we count fox news…

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    The machine buzzed through my arms from where the handcuffs, for safety they said, tethered me to the monster. I fed the sheet metal through, pulled back and the press stamped the shoe horns from the feed. Thousands of stamps later, the box was full and an hour had passed.

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    The train from Des Moines to Chicago isn’t reliable. If there is bad weather or a lot of rain, they often shut it down and put you on a bus instead. But I don’t buy a train ticket to ride a bus. It isn’t the same, even if they say “all aboard.” Nothing on a bus can replace that feeling of anonymous freedom that a train gives.

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    The moon did it. It had to be the moon that took me out on the beach that late, where the waves were whipped into a frenzy and the creatures on the sand skittered across my bare feet. I wanted to dive into the waves, feel the cool water and swim across the sea in the moonlight. We all know where that kind of thinking leads though. It’s the…[Read more]

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    The plates were yellow and orange, amid the green foliage and blue water of the pool. The napkins and forks were tied together, purple plastic inside grass green paper and the pary was ready to go. Except no one remembered to check the forecast.

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    Tank was a cat. A very big cat, owned by my sister and fed by her in the fashion that our mother fed us. Basically anything we wanted, without regard to the girth of our bellies. For most of us, it was unhealthy and we pay the price as adults, whether it be through disease or the extra charge for Extra Large. Tank got caught laying in a…[Read more]

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    They say to handle every paper on your desk only one time to be efficient. Not stack it in another stack or put it in a miscellaneous file. The problem with that is that then you must actually make decisions.

  • Rose commented on the post, seldom 6 years ago

    Never. I’ll never give in to what your expectations of me are.
    Why? I don’t ask much.
    Because, it is presumptuous that you have expectations in the first place. Deal with your own problems.
    They are your problems too.

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    Gordon was just a country kid, growing up in Indiana in the seventies, and the only real talent he had was his height. He could pick up any rebound the region gave him, but he just wasn’t tall enough for the college teams.

  • Rose commented on the post, aura 6 years ago

    There is the sun, the streaming mist of dawn slipping over the horizon, bathed in pink light as soft as a tear. There is the morning, creeping into our room, lighting the windows, it’s aura folding over us like sorrow.

  • Rose commented on the post, railway 6 years ago

    The tracks divided our side of town from the good side, though you had to go through the industrial park and the ghetto to get to the good side even after you crossed the tracks. The Monon was the railroad that went through sometimes, mournful at night, and frightening.

  • Rose commented on the post, intrigue 6 years ago

    She flipped her auburn hair behind her shoulders and lifted the round blue and black patterned sunglasses from her eyes. She tilted her head, like a puppy who doesn’t understand, and said the only thing she could to such a dubious offer. “Why should I go with you?”
    “Because you can’t resist.”

  • Rose commented on the post, dogmatic 6 years, 1 month ago

    My puppies are dogmatic. They know when to wake up and to paw the sides of my bed to wake me. They know they go outside then, and bark at the neighbors. They know that if i put my shoes on, the black addidas witht he colorful soles, it is time to walk. They know what truth is, dogmatically.

  • Rose commented on the post, savage 6 years, 1 month ago

    The animal had four rows of teeth, bare legs. No hair at all, but the coat on its back and head was like that of a dear. The buzzards had done their savage business to it, and the photographs were grotesque. They say it is a chupacabra. But what is that?

  • Rose commented on the post, infinity 6 years, 1 month ago

    Looping, always turning right, or left, it doesn’t matter, a symbol for things that do not end. But I am preoccupied with endings, and afraid to face infinity, afraid to think beyond my fingertips, because really, what if?