February 22nd, 2024 | 9 Entries

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9 Entries for “wolf”

  1. The wolf was ferocious in his quest to find food. Desperate almost. His hunger took him further from his usual paths than he was used to going. But the pain was unrelenting, and he traveled along paths with his nose in the air, following scents he hoped would lead to a satisfying meal.

    by Rocky on 02.23.2024
  2. wolf skin shaw to slow on the draw put that devil on pas never to clause

    by Samuel on 02.23.2024
  3. the boy
    who cried
    wouldn’t seem
    to get out
    of my dreams.
    he grabbed my ankles
    while i tried to run
    “i promise it’s true,
    i saw the wolf”,
    he cried.
    i sped the pace
    and lost him
    after several miles.
    my legs were covered
    in nail marks
    and i could hear him
    howl a few miles back
    my heart shattered
    and pieces fell
    while i rushed
    i hope he kept my bits,
    i’m sorry
    i can’t believe him

    by mfgm on 02.23.2024
  4. The wolf prowls, slinking, lonely, voice calling, not coyote clever, for he is not meant to be alone. Big Bad Wolf, we talk about. Shirtless men on instagram with stock money photos claiming to be a “lone wolf” truly know nothing. A wolf alone means something is wrong. The strength of the wolf is the pack.

  5. I still feel it,
    The call of the wild,
    When the big, round, Silver
    In the sky
    Burns primal into my
    I still feel the wolf in my
    In the depth of my
    Sense of self,
    Like the echo of
    An almost forgotten dream,
    Tantalizing me with its
    Fleeting memory fragments.
    Now trapped in human skin,
    And in this living human meat,
    I cannot run barefoot through forests
    With my sisters and brothers,
    Fur glistening in the light rain,
    Hearing the howls of friends
    Far distant.
    But I can still stand and watch
    the Silver
    and I feel
    the Wild,
    And for now it is
    that I

    by Solar Flare on 02.23.2024
  6. a grey animal that live in other countries, they have sharp teeth and long hair, there eye are in front of their head because their predators

    by cameron on 02.23.2024
  7. The wolf howls at the strike of midnight, the leaves rustules as the wind blows .
    the darkness welcomes the animal

    by Joshua on 02.22.2024
  8. The meal look delicious, but she was nervous about starting to eat. She was on a blind date and she didn’t know about this man. He looked perfect, and already his interests were similar to hers. When he got up to go to the bathroom, she leaned over to wolf the food down.

    by Chanpheng on 02.22.2024
  9. There’s a wolf in the woods; one without teeth, without eyes, without a snarl or a bite. It’s claws no longer drag the damp earth, it’s hair no longer collecting the dew of the meadow. It wears a cloth around it’s neck, covering most of it’s body in a color once vibrant red.