February 20th, 2024 | 8 Entries

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8 Entries for “lake”

  1. The breeze swept over the lake and lightly tossed the curtains of the open cottage window.

    by William Ruhl on 02.21.2024
  2. i waited
    by the lake
    and got my socks wet.
    soaked feet
    and soggy fabric:
    one of the most
    uncomfortable feelings
    a human must endure,
    almost as unbearable
    as your absence
    that august

    by mfgm on 02.21.2024
  3. The lake waits under the sun, pontoons bobbing, red-wing blackbird in the rushes singing his summer song, always cold when you plunge in, shoes to keep your toes from the mussels, blue-gills with fluorescent tails guarding sand circles, turtles sliding from warm sun to cool secret

  4. this place was where i had my only haircut. the black and shimmering surface from which yellowed reeds poke through, like alien fur. had i seen the photo of us together, i wouldn’t have done it.

    by 999 on 02.21.2024
  5. Small , sparsely surrounded body of water to sit and blow away.

    by Eric on 02.20.2024
  6. The lake sat in a pass between two mountain peak, set in a granite basin. With the reflection of the blue sky and clouds, it looked less like water, but an opening in the rock, into another, upside down world.

    by Chanpheng on 02.20.2024
  7. Black and dark blue ripples. Cold usually, warm if we go in July. I miss camp. I miss Caroline and her little brother Jack. There were red birds in the trees and all of us could swim.

  8. Blue black water, cold or warm if we go in July. I miss the sand. I miss camp. There were red birds in the trees and all of us could swim.

    by catherine on 02.20.2024