• Bones..
    Well, at this point in time, I don’t like bones. They hurt when you break them.
    Yuck. Or like the Lovely bones?
    That is an alright Movie I guess.
    Bone. Bone Bone. I do NOT Like Bones.

  • Crew?
    Like dance crew? Or like a group type thing? I think that this is what this refers to. Like in 8th grade there is groups, my group is pretty legit, not gonna lie.(:

  • Camp?
    Well, I like camping. if it is not like 2 degrees outside. that is so stupid when you are outside and you are so clod that your feet sting. I don’t like feet. AT ALL> They are nasty. YUCKY! :D

  • Bandana? Well, I don’t think that we are allowed to wear Bandanas at school.I Don’t understand why. I mean, They don’t lead to Gang violence if they are colorful. Right? Just my opinion anyways.

  • Deadbolt? I don’t know, like a screw thingy? I think… NO!! I knnow it is the thing on the door…The…The Lock! Thats it a deadbolt is like a very protective lock on the door. Right? I think YES!:D

  • Well, trailer. is like trailer park? Those scare me for some odd reason that I will not understand? I am always scared that some creeper guy or something will come out and punch me in the eyebrow..Weird, right? I dont know, I guess it is just me. I am crazy paranoid about stuff like that. […]

  • Like toy Gadget? I don’t know, I call everything gadget. like a phone I am always like hey can I use that fancy little gadget of yours? Its just my thing i guess..

  • …Well when you are determined, to me it is like my motivation to succeed or even just like little things you could be determined to do and maybe even just things like “Hey I am going to be a 40 yr. old person that lives in my parents basement!” Hey, Its possible(:

  • Well, at the top of my head…..Strength is like a power or a weakness…Wait that doesnt make sence.. Well In my opinion people take strenghth to the wrong point..it is not just muscle but a power of will when you are strong you hold in tears and what not (:

  • Plans…… Yeah uhh… Count me out. When it comes to plans I like epicly FAIL Its horrible. I am more of a last minute person or a procrastonator. I cant say I like it, I cant really change it either…Trust me I have tried.. Oh well(:

  • Digital… Like camera…..Or like the digital world.. Technology. Like ummm. Some weird creeper guy could use technology to like take pictures of every thing that he sees. Something along those lines..:D Or like some kind of uh, up to date technology that like helps with the future. Whoa…. That would be cool. I bet TED […]

  • Gym..
    Well all that is on my mind is cheer right at the moment and when I think of cheer and gym i think of tryouts and how i am going to like pee my pants dude. NO JOKE. This stuff is for real! Ugh, it make my nervous.

  • Heels? Like high heels or like the heels of your feet. I guess they fall into the same catagory though. I like high heels I don’t wear the on a daily basis but i like the look of them you know? That what I think about when I think of heels.:D Like a special ocasion […]

  • Wand? Umm.. Magic. Maybe I think that when I hear wand i think of like fairy tales and what not. I think that it is make believe what do wands even do? Hmmm. Now I am thinking about wands. Thats not weird.

  • Claudia Promise(: commented on the post, outlet 9 years ago

    Outlet… Like. …Ummm. The thing that you plug things onto?
    I think That I dont like those very much… like I would but they are like really dangerous. and like you have to cover them for babys and stuff.

  • Claudia Promise(: commented on the post, wool 9 years ago

    I dont really know what that is… I cant even think of what that is. uhhh…..Isnt it like of a sheep or something..Are we supposed to know this? Cause if we are then that shows how smart I am(:

  • Claudia Promise(: commented on the post, chocolate 9 years ago

    Chocolate? Yuummm! I am a choco holic! if that is a word…Thats me mann! I absolutly love chocolate..My favorite chocolate bar is a butterfinger..Or hershys with almonds! OMG! my mouth is watering just thinking about it man oh man! I wish that there really was a chocolate waterfall…you know, like willy wonka. I think that […]

  • Claudia Promise(: commented on the post, revolt 9 years ago

    Revolt? I dont even know what that means… Does it refer to revolting…Like Gross? I dont know…I am clueless…..huh… Some things are revoting…Like onions.Yea. Those are pretty gross. Im not gonna lie.(: What else is revolting? I don’t know… I cant really think of anything else. Thats revolting at least(: Thats really all I know […]

  • Claudia Promise(: commented on the post, pills 9 years ago

    Pills are… Ughh…
    I quess you cant really judge pills off of first sight because some pills are healthy and I quess it is bad if you are taking them inapropriatly, but other than that, its whatever.

  • Claudia Promise(: commented on the post, boost 9 years ago

    Like those chinese camertials about the juice that have vitamins in um…?
    Thats what I htink of. Like when he goes you need a boost…BOOST!
    Haa. its just really funny(: I love it.(: