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    “As you can see on the timeline, there have been three murders, with the people having no connection whatsoever.” My companion looked awfully fidgety, with his voice being somewhat a pitch higher than usual. His arms flew everywhere as he talked, “The only thing we /do/ know is that each murder had an interval of six days, at the same time: 4:44…[Read more]

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    Anyone who saw that sight would liken it to
    two atoms in a molecule, with their bodies
    together, and their arms and limbs
    completely entangled with each other

    As a mere spectator, you would never know
    how their hearts followed the same rhythm, and how
    their souls dissolved into one another

    You can never see things for what they…[Read more]

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    “I’m warning you now,” the gruff voice penetrated through the thick glass that surrounded me. “No one can guarantee what will ensue from this… this mess.”
    My eyes were closed and I could already feel myself wandering through nothing and everything. The cushion under my body was already slick with sweat, though a serene calm swept across me. The…[Read more]

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    You locked me out of your heart
    And I found myself alone with the wind and the moon
    Greeting me like old friends

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    With electric waves flowing down my veins
    I tried to get out of this demon I’ve made

    Ravenous, lost, angry, and wild
    I refuse to look back: I’ve done what I’ve done

    At first, the thought, so frightening yet bold;
    Then the hand, then the chest, then the head swallowed whole

    That was the start of this hell that I’ve made
    No exit, no…[Read more]

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    “We’re just going bowling, mom.” I said through the phone, exasperated. I was /not/ getting a sermon — not when I was about to have the night of my life. “I’ll be back before eight, I promise.”
    In the dark, I could feel Devon looking straight at me.
    “Eight, really?” He was smiling, a mischievous spark in his eyes.
    “Yes, why?” I said…[Read more]

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    “Turn left. Okay, right. Now two blocks from there, drop it.”
    “Roger.” Static crackled in my ear as the transmission ended. With wailing sirens coming after me, I ran towards my destination.
    It was an abandoned alleyway. Without wasting any time, I assembled the weapon. A wire here, a button there… The cry of the sirens became louder by the…[Read more]

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    Someone lay shackled on the ground with his arms and feet restrained. With his head bowed from exhaustion, he let out a mournful cry. From his position, several wounds became exposed to the waning rays of the moonlight that passed through the open hole above him.
    A door opened. The man looked up in a flash, his eyes dark with rage — all the…[Read more]

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    The room smelled of ancient moth balls and dust particles long sheltered in the corners of the house. Every piece of furniture had a thin cloth of white, covered by another layer of filth. The floorboards creaked, the windows shut, and the doorknobs jammed. There was no source of light; even the shutters have blocked out the gentle fingers of the…[Read more]

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    Though dusk had only broken in for a few minutes, the metro was overcrowded with men and women and children — as if it were already the time to return to their homes after an exhausting day from work, excited to seeing their families once more. Policemen were stationed around every entrance and exit, searching for an unusual suspect amidst the…[Read more]

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    The wolf’s cry followed me through the forest.
    It was now or never.
    After dashing through the thick foliage, the tiny pinpricks from the twigs and branches that clutched to my skin and my clothing became visible. My breath was heavy, laden with fatigue and fear. With nothing but a stone dagger to save my life, I had no doubt that the wolf could…[Read more]

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    I struggled to keep my tears from falling as I listened to her talk — though mumbling would have been more accurate. She was a lovely woman, with sharp features and a charismatic personality, although her skin showed evidences of having been long subjected to the hands of time.
    “After that fire, that… dreadful tragedy, I lost everything — my…[Read more]

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    “Yes, that will be worth much…”
    The merchant continued on grumbling to a customer, immersed in defending the quality and affordable price of his apples. A little girl crouched beside one of the fruit crates, listening intently to the two men talk. She had a good leverage; perhaps she can get away with this one easily. Soon enough, when the…[Read more]

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    The gentle sound of the water dripping from the ceiling reached my ears. They fell slowly, like a solemn symphony of raindrops on the ground. I frantically blew into the lamp as its fire threatened to flicker out at any moment. There was no way I was going through this tunnel without any light, I thought nervously.
    Several insects and other tiny…[Read more]

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    “Where’d you get that?”
    I looked at my passenger; his finger was pointing at the fluffy red dice that hung above my dashboard.
    I didn’t answer.
    “Something personal?” At that moment, the cemented road in front of me seemed much more appealing than his face. I continued driving, feeling his eyes on me. I pursed my lips. Why can’t he see that I…[Read more]

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    Frustrated, I threw my binoculars on the ground. The sea of people below me continued the monotonous rhythm of their boots striking the pavement. How was I supposed to find /one/ man among all of them? Aside from his incredibly tall height, pallid complexion, and dusty brown trenchcoat, I had no means of identifying him. He could be anyone!
    I…[Read more]

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    A bell announced my arrival in the cafe. Immediately, the aroma of coffee and of freshly baked pastries filled my nose. With an air of pride, I strode towards the counter, listening to the gentle clatter of the coins in my pocket. This time, they won’t shoo me out, I thought.
    I waited there for a few minutes, waiting. A gruff man who just came in…[Read more]

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    As my fingers felt the coarseness of the red brick wall, uninvited memories inevitably came to my mind… An elderly woman grasping a meter stick, snapping at the children — snapping at me. A little girl swallowing her fear, letting the tears escape while she silently sobbed in the corner. The other children pointing and laughing, whispering and…[Read more]

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    It splattered.
    I felt the tiny pellets find their home on my skin.
    I could feel them slowly rolling down my arms, legs, face.
    The sticky consistency remained in my fingers as I fingered the splashes delicately.
    Could be pain.
    Could be bliss.
    What am I feeling in the arts of this art?

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    As I sat there on the bench with my arms and legs crossed, my eyes wandered over to the sea of people that passed across me. Unconsciously, I tried to look at each of them in turn. The men, the women, the […]