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    Don’t go.
    Be slow.
    Be flash.
    Humming electricity
    that’s thrumming on
    piggyback waves of a
    Strum drum trance
    Shooting constellations
    Into projections behind the eyes

  • Intuition commented on the post, studying 2 years, 5 months ago

    i’m studying the bond
    between the body and the spirit
    it’s a first hand experience
    to recognize the terror
    the widening of the eyes
    adrenaline fevers
    lullaby cleavers
    unsheathed in the night
    can you feel the sliver
    A glint of quivering light

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    I think it’s interesting that depression’s sunk more than a few brilliant writers. To this murky end I think of Virginia Woolf. She wrote “To the Lighthouse” as a way to examine certain aspects of her parents. It’s not an autobiography as much as an exercise in memory and perception. Experimental literature is an attempt at art more so than an…[Read more]

  • Intuition commented on the post, weave 2 years, 7 months ago

    You know it’s been coming. Weaving in and out of traffic, like a kite in the air, no like a starling chased by the hawk. It’s on your heels. Anticipation. Tingles down your spine, cold sweat on your back. Reflect. In the rear view mirror it grins. Brandishes its scythe like an oncoming truck you didn’t see entering the intersection this time.

  • Intuition commented on the post, centered 2 years, 8 months ago

    The question centered on the tense. What context is this? Anxiety thrummed as the unknown spiraled out like great and vast universe. Galaxies rose and fell. In time there passed a countless dawn and an innumerable dusk. I cleared my throat and repeated what I’d said to another friend, “No. For all my time here I’ve never actually been to the HiLo.…[Read more]

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    It comes to pass that I am lost in a river bed at sunset. I feel you in the mud and water seeping up my calves then rushing past my thighs. More than anything trying to keep me in this place by the time you reach my waist. “Don’t leave”, “Don’t go” – don’t ask me how I know. It’s not a nightmare but an irrational dream nonetheless. By the time the…[Read more]

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    One’s taking a shower
    Another’s wanting for a book
    One’s in the mirror defining a look
    This one’s on the bed strumming on the hour
    That one’s in the kitchen looking at a flower
    One’s soaking feet in a tub
    Another is writing on a wall
    One’s in the car like it’s a concert hall

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    I nip his ear. “Ow, you’re hurting me.” He doesn’t flinch and keeps reading the news on his phone. I nip at his neck. “Seriously, ow.” He doesn’t even bother to roll over on the bed to stop me. I nip my way down his arm before sinking my teeth into the side of his stomach. “Ow, I said you’re hurting me.” He still doesn’t put his phone down and…[Read more]

  • Intuition commented on the post, dating 3 years ago

    The wife now sits back in bed reading a thick book on some subject the husband finds interesting, but tedious. He’ll get the cliff notes over coffee later. As it is she’s recently returned from picking up a new album and some last minute groceries for tomorrow’s breakfast. Her dark hair is pinned so that it frames her face and her makeup is still…[Read more]

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    I watched her eyes narrow as her companion for the evening unsuccessfully attempted to blow smoke away from their table. The wind, hot and humid, would not comply tonight. I pitied her for there was no way to avoid the plumes that ghosted over her hair and through her clothes. I couldn’t discern if they were more than just friends. Her eyes said…[Read more]

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    “In answer to your question, yes, if we were ever dating, then there would be a lot more touching. But we’re not sooo…”

    “Ok, well let’s date! I’d love to finally get a hug from you. Even friends give each other those and you’ve never given the impression that I was ever allowed one. Hell just brushing hands with you sometimes felt like an…[Read more]

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    I look at the antenna and hope this works. *Please, let it be enough to amplify the signal.*

    “What did you say?” He looks at me strangely. His eyes fixate on my lips. I keep them pressed together firmly. This is how it must be. There is no other way to test the silence.

    *I’m a freak. Do you understand me now?*

    It dawns on him what I’m…[Read more]

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    The demon enters the room unceremoniously and an exponential warmth spreads over every surface: wood, glass, metal, stone, wool, cotton, silk, canvas, nothing is left untouched. I feel flush when she stops a foot in front of me. There in the depths of her pupils radiates an intensity, not hate, but something much more tender. I would ask her to…[Read more]

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    Would you like me to clarify the Wealthsimple company ad plan to get people to invest with their Canadian firm? So hip and cool their strategy, clearly. Simply ask musicians, some from privileged backgrounds who don’t know how to save or spend wisely, to explain their money history and poor financial choices even though they ultimately attained…[Read more]

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    It’s wrapped up in my hands and threaded through my fingers this curious ribbon I’ve found. I don’t know exactly how it got here. I let the knots and bindings slip down as I gaze up at the air vent. I’m told there are ceiling goblins that hunger after silk. So it is to be as these things will. Twisted ribbon is an unmistakable signal mischief’s…[Read more]

  • Intuition commented on the post, savings 3 years, 2 months ago

    Daylight savings time. Solstices. The light was dewy with heat this morning. I tried to let it in even through the chip in the windshield. Knowing there’s a mango face down at home fresh cut and dripping. The peaches rot beneath the tree. Blackberries wither on the brambles. Nature is to rot as nurture is to ruin. Somewhere there’s the scent of…[Read more]

  • Intuition commented on the post, pathway 3 years, 2 months ago

    I walk along the dying garden’s pathway. I’m barefoot. I sense the dryness of the land beneath my tender souls as crisp grasses and dead vines scratch and poke. The dust I stir with each step cakes into the creases of my freshly oiled skin. Upon my brow I bear the Crescent Crown. The ritual is a journey to the Sanctuary. Within there’s an…[Read more]

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    I’ve watched how both delegate and I’ve come to the conclusion that evolution is in the variation and selection to bring forth the next in succession.

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    The dilemma is I’m not a perfect judge of character even though I always try to approach the subject of study mindfully and with fair consideration. Yet there are so many dimensions to a personality. Things you cannot possibly know, only guess at, sometimes accurately more often than not. Still, it’s not 100% this process of weighing the worth of…[Read more]

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    Domestic is the crane’s kiss
    Necks bend to allow the exchange
    Chest to chest it slips across the threshold of lips
    A promise to nestle in and evoke at the hearth this burning bliss