October 26th, 2009 | 563 Entries

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563 Entries for “gem”

  1. gemstones litter my fingers
    shining and flitting with sun
    or rain
    i hate rings
    i prefer to wear necklaces
    but gems on necklaces
    never look quite
    as good

    By aj on 10.27.2009

  2. gem looks nice. i never had one though. i’d be nice to look at one once in a while i suppose. or give someone one.

    By i on 10.27.2009

  3. “You’re such a gem!”, it was the way she said it that was overly nauseating. Catherine never could understand why her grandmother made her out to be something special and this time was no different. The simple fact the old woman’s voice wavered and the wrinkles in her skin jiggled when she spoke only seemed to add to the unintentional insult.

    By Nuime on 10.27.2009