August 15th, 2012 | 561 Entries

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561 Entries for “zone”

  1. Sometimes, I think I get in the zone. Zone is where you go when you want to concentrate. It was also part of Britney’s album title…the one with Toxic I think. You can alos zone out. You can be zoned in.
    You are powerful in

    By Golder URL on 08.16.2012

  2. WE had come to the end of the line. We were in the zone that was prohibited to enter, and we knew that our lives were in danger. Thankfully, we were able to find some where to hide until help arrived.

    By victor URL on 08.16.2012

  3. I would prefer a free zone , that one can do whatever wants, I want a zone of my own that no one sees me what I’m doing FREE FREEDOM Free zone ! ♥♥♥

    By Soona URL on 08.16.2012

  4. the zone was the place, apparently. The. Place. Where they had all been going. I say going… I mean disappearing.

    By Abigail Wilson on 08.16.2012

  5. It is never a good idea to park in the short stay zone when you’re heading out for tea and cake, especially when the cake promises to be coffee and walnut. Someone interesting always seems to join you at the table, and that leads, almost inevitably, to trouble. Trouble with a capital T.

    By Angela on 08.16.2012

  6. the ball flew through the goal posts and hit the back wall. It was in the zone, but everyone stood in shock. Was he blind? did he lose his mind? It was a goal. A goal for the other team.

    By Kerry URL on 08.16.2012

  7. Our lives are filled with zones. Zone of comfort. Zone of where we live most our lives.

    By Ed Perper on 08.16.2012

  8. area around something, someplace, i dont know, i’m zoned out, sixty seconds done yet?oh, not yet…….

    By Saika Anver on 08.16.2012

  9. i wanna see an ice-cream man on the road i wanna see an ice cream man on the road i wanna buy a slush-puppy with both flavors drink that now back in my zone.

    dont let me get in my zone, im getting into my zone , dont let me get in my zone, but now im in my zone.

    By Zara-Rose URL on 08.16.2012

  10. I’m in the zone, the writing zone. I keep spelling zone wrong. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzoooooooooone, it sounds sleep, it has “one” in the middle. Funny how one letter can change the whole sound of a word.

    By Caoimhe on 08.16.2012

  11. Peace love Arthur happy hope forum writing creative books words art forest twilight barn lightning thunder garage

    By Sasha on 08.16.2012

  12. I’ve fallen from the craft
    Into this aftermath
    All the while busy dancing
    Unto the horizontal lights
    Zoning in and out
    Endless flight
    I lay amidst the white

    By Jourdain on 08.16.2012

  13. He was in the zone completely and utterly, there was no force known to man, gods or demons that could dissuade, discombobulate or disrupt the actions he would take now.He would conquer his own doubts and fears and conquer those who still doubted him and those who had feared the trace evidence of his coming triumphs.
    He was in the zone.

    By Leighsha URL on 08.16.2012

  14. when im smoking on that good shit man i be in the zone, zoned out in my home away from home. the pain can no longer come into my lair. the lies of life disappear and i go numb.

    By john decker on 08.16.2012

  15. Zone could mean anything. A war zone, a territorial zone. Clearly the word zone for me invokes images of war. Quite odd, I would say since war has never been any part of my life whatsoever perhaps maybe in books. There are all kinds of zones. Geographic, tropic, all defining a certain border or boundary. Philosophically, a zone could divide emotion.

    By Fajar Azam on 08.16.2012

  16. I was in the zone, staring right ahead and not thinking of anything but the dirty track flying by me, going faster and faster, not stopping until I held that cup in my hands.

    By Eliza on 08.16.2012

  17. “The ghost zone is about to be open!” Screamed Danny Phantom.
    I’ve always loved that show. I re-watched all the episodes lately; still have a crush on Danny :)
    Have you ever wondered what goes on around us that we have no clue about? Like secret super heroes or crime fighting children? Doesn’t it make you jealous that some kids have fairly odd parents or the only guidance they have is a wacky older artist brother?

    By Amarie URL on 08.16.2012

  18. zoning out zoning in…

    felt in my hands
    sting on my fingertips

    zoning out zoning in

    By Liralen URL on 08.16.2012

  19. Once you zone in on what’s important in your life, nothing else matters.

    By Persephone on 08.16.2012

  20. Life is like MarioKart. When you’re in the zone, you hit those mystery boxes and those arrows on the ground you just go whoosh whoosh from last place to first place. When you find the lever point, the pivot point to life, nothing seems impossible and you go blasting away at everything. And if you’re less fortunate you get mired in the mud or keep running into silly things or keep falling off the cliff and it happens over and over (“wee wee” the thingy drags your car back and places it on the dirt again 3 2 1) and you see all these other cars whoosh by… It seems that so much of life is spent trying to get to that flow in the middle of the river, that will just carry you along…

    By Holden URL on 08.16.2012

  21. I’m in the zone. I’m at the top of my game. I’m writing this down because I’m happy today. This day, I let go of all my worries, and let determination control me. I’m loving this feeling. I love being in the zone.

    By Stephen Angeles on 08.16.2012

  22. the definition of zone is similar to place. The place where you live is also a zone for example:
    i live in the zone of andalucia, spain

    By JOSE MARIA URL on 08.16.2012

  23. in the ozone, i care not of what is around. within its zones, fire abounds. i burn with the others all trapped and dying, in the ozone we all start decaying.

    By patata URL on 08.16.2012

  24. This is the end game…the edge of the natural boundariy of matter, of space and of life as we are used to. the outer edge of the zone is black and perplexing and

    By Nick Purdy on 08.16.2012

  25. He kissed her, softly against her lips. It was the first kiss, the sweetest kiss. Kay felt her eyes flutter closed as he slid his arm around her waist, never pressing her against him, only holding her close. It was the most magical moment of her life.

    And then a car horn blasted and she looked up to see him dash across the road. Zoning out on the street was not the best plan in the world.

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 08.16.2012

  26. “-need you round the side! Zathura! Come on! Man! No! no no no!”
    “Hey Manni! Can you come down stair and set the table please. Dinner’s nearly ready!”
    “OH MAN! Sorry guys, afk. MUM! I was in the zone and you just ruined it!”
    “Don’t take that tone with me. You can come down and help set the table to you can stay up there in you ‘zone’ and miss out.”
    “…I’m coming. Sorry guys, gotta go.”

    By Raiine URL on 08.16.2012

  27. A place or location with boundaries. There may or may not be things or people at this location. What kinds of things you may find are entirely dependent on what this zone is like.

    By jorge on 08.16.2012

  28. Reminds me of zones which you can enter and trespass when you’re driving around London. Something which I can’t do or haven’t learnt yet because well I’m underage and stuff…. I would like to drive. When I’m older of course; I don’t know the specific driving license thing age… I think it’s 16 or something. Probs 16. Yup it’s defo 16. 16666

    By Georgia on 08.16.2012

  29. This is my space. A personal tunnel for focus on the importance of now. What motivates the immediate in a world of much. Stay put and unbothered. Concentrate just for now on what is important now. Solutions and direction will come.

    By Freda Washington on 08.16.2012

  30. “I’m in the zone!” yelled Stiles pumping his fists in the air.
    Behind him Derek growls.
    “Yay! Don’t be mad sourwolf just cause you ain’t got mad skills like me.”
    “You sound like an idiot, Stilinski. Now what have you got.”
    “Question marks, Derek. Have you heard of them? Like really.”

    By Alexa on 08.16.2012

  31. Okay, come on, get in the zone, your ready for this, your ready for anything. You can do this. You will do this. come on! “Zoe, are you okay?” Ollie looked at me, he was worried.
    “…Umm, no, yes… Yes.” I smiled at him weakly, it was the best i could do.
    He handed me the gun.

    By Mee123 URL on 08.16.2012

  32. I love to live my life in the danger zone. While my evil brother lives his life in the maximum security zone. Heh, loser.

    By Zachary Williams on 08.16.2012

  33. in the zone basketball weeknd drake i like that song but it isnt my favourite funny word, zone. it has a z, i like z. z makes me think of falling asleep. zzzzz. i feel out of my zone right now and always, like weirded out. i dunno.

    By becca on 08.16.2012

  34. the zone, there are many different types of zone. some are positive and rewarding like ‘getting in the zone before a sporting event’. some are not so positive for example, something the internet is obsessed with, friendzone

    By michael on 08.16.2012

  35. I’m in it been there. half time in primetime if it’s my time or just another short sign that you won’t be mine. So i’ll press on into a new plan. maybe man on man

    By Till Gwinn on 08.16.2012

  36. End zone. Loading zone. I’m totally zoning.

    How did we get so many meaning from so simple a word. It’s a four-letter word — it should be banned. And yet, we zone out and we’re in the zone. I’m here and now and yet I’m miles and miles away.

    This gets me thinking about the english language.

    By Meesh URL on 08.16.2012

  37. zones are owned and bemoaned by those in tailored suits standing on ledges, edges of empires the skies scrape higher than you can imagine or would wish to because oxygen only comes to those that pray.

    By Till Taylor URL on 08.16.2012

  38. zone

    By Lindsay on 08.16.2012

  39. Many talk of being in the zone, but who actually lives in the zone. The Aboriginees of Australia live in the zone all of the time. They believe you dream when you are awake and not when you’re sleeping.

    By will on 08.16.2012

  40. in the zone. the twilight zone. a feeling a state of mind. a single mindedness. purspose driven thought or emotion. a place where my spirit can rise and flow. a place of intensity in meditation

    By lauren URL on 08.16.2012