August 15th, 2012 | 561 Entries

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561 Entries for “zone”

  1. I kept running. Around the corner, tree branches brushing my face, birds chirping as they flew by. A bee buzzed in my face but i didn’t care. I was in the zone. Nothing was gonna stop me from breaking this last lap, last mile, last chance to break my goal.

    By Peri URL on 08.15.2012

  2. I’m in the zone. Sneakers smashing against the asphalt pathways of my home, ear buds blaring music into my ears. Adrenaline floods my bloodstream, kicking in that surge of happiness and bliss I know so well. I’m in the zone.

    By Diane on 08.15.2012

  3. In the zone
    on a roll
    drop and kick
    dont be sick
    cause then you’ll miss it
    you’ll hate it
    you’ll wish that you can fight it
    it’s a game
    fight the pain
    don’t be lame; get up and walk
    start to talk
    don’t let yourself be chained.

    By myu URL on 08.15.2012

  4. FreeZone is a state of mind. Freezone means, not only accepting yourself and others for who they are, but getting to know the person you are accepting. FreeZone is not just a concept; it is a mindset, a way of life.

    By Lauren Myers on 08.15.2012

  5. Sometimes your in the zone sometimes your not. I like timezones differnet from my own. lets go there together. Not the gaming place, but to other places other places in the world. Maybe even a timezone game place.

    By Grace on 08.15.2012

  6. Growing up in a war zone has to be the hardest childhood memory I have. There were no tanks or bombs, just slurred words and broken glass. That’s why finding happiness and love was so far out of my comfort zone.

    By Maya on 08.15.2012

  7. She was in the zone. Her heart beatin like never before. No one would ever be able to stop her now. Her lungs pounded oxygen in and out of her system and her heart pumped bliss faster than you’d believe.

    By Kaliope on 08.15.2012

  8. “Loading in the White Zone Only” read the sign as she sat in the back seat of the cab. “Mam’ we’re here. That’ll be 15.” “Huh? Oh yes, here you are then.” “I know it’s none of my business but you alright?” “Yeah, I’ll be fine. It’s just that once I get on that plane my life is going to change forever.” “Change can be a good thing right?” “Sometimes.” She opened the door and stepped out with her small rolling suitcase and laptop bag by her side. As she walked towards the automatic door she heard behind her “Remimber that those flights go two ways and you can always come back.” If only she could.

    By Adam URL on 08.15.2012

  9. When I am in the zone, I think of how I am going to win the next match of a volleyball game. I visualize what I have to do to make my performance better each play. When I’m in the zone, I tend to block everything else out besides what I am doing at the moment.

    By Madison on 08.15.2012

  10. I’m in the zone, ready to go. We’re switching lanes steadily, and I look over to my left and see her. She’s nervous, anxious to go, to get out, to be free. We’re in this great space looking for nothing, trying to escape it. But I quickly re-enter my zone and focus. I drive up to the light and pray for the best.

    By Rita on 08.15.2012

  11. I sat in that corner of a corner–a roped off zone to keep the famous in. Or the common people out, I don’t really know. All I know was that I didn’t belong. I talked to no one even though all I wanted was to talk to someone for just a while about everything.

    By Marissa URL on 08.15.2012

  12. zone can be called something in which one exists.
    For example we have our own comfort zone…and we should always try to maximize our comfort zone. And we should never get annoyed easily. We can always be

    By nikhil mishra on 08.15.2012

  13. im feeling in the zone shoot i dont even know what to think about this one but i guess i think of home when i think of a zone a place with a loving embrace although zone doesnt really have a connotation or does it all this rambling i have completely forgotten punctuation and i spelled wrong too

    By Franchesca on 08.15.2012

  14. I love when I get in the zone. The zone I am talking about at this particular time is the zone of the thinking mind. It’s a great feeling when I am having a mind blowing conversation and I just get going. My mind feels so free. I love it. My best thoughts come to me when I get in the thinking zone.

    By Pryce on 08.15.2012

  15. like friends like lovers, are boundaries transcendent or do we stay locked up and put away for good? my mind is climbing, fighting these bars to break free of hands that won’t let go, fists clench or beat, but I… I swear I’m going to fly up and out with my hands stretched wide

    By Taylin URL on 08.15.2012

  16. you invade what i’m so used to. i keep everyone at a distance, but here you are, inching closer. it surprises me when i let you.

    By natalie jasper URL on 08.15.2012

  17. I’m in the zone. This is how I feel when tripping, beautifully feeling the universe with my heart, soul, and mind. I’m just out there, a seed for the universe to sprout and I have nothing to worry about. I need not be afraid. I will be germinated by the greatest of all gurus; the collective heartbeat of whatever it is that we are together. This thing; this abomination? Or this beautiful mosaic?

    By jacob sayers on 08.15.2012

  18. In my zone. I’m in my zone so leave me alone.

    By Chene't URL on 08.15.2012

  19. The mushrooms have taken mycelian root in me, and I have no other course than to stay the way; onward into mystery, into questions that will remain unanswered every time they’re asked, but I will insist none the less. I will prod at the collective mind until I have exhausted all possible ways to ponder the question. You will not escape me, Answer. Or maybe you will.

    By jacob sayers on 08.15.2012

  20. Get in the zone. That’s what they always said. Get in the zone. But Carey couldn’t figure out what zone she was supposed to get into. She stared out at what looked like miles of mat in front of her, leading up to the vault. Get in the zone. That helps you to be perfect. So should she get into the left zone? Or the right zone?

    By Kayci URL on 08.16.2012

  21. I am completely in the zone. Not sure what zone. It isn’t the creative zone, that’s for sure. It sure isn’t the productive zone. I know I am in some kind of zone but it isn’t really clear to me how I got there and how long I am going to stay there, but there it is, I am in the zone. Maybe some friends would like to join me?

    By Jenny J Wilson URL on 08.16.2012

  22. we are now entering the zone don’t let me get in my zone i must get in my z o n e “The zone is closed for the day Mr. West we must ask you to remove yourself from the zone” Got to get in my zone e e e **kanye is forcibly removed from the zone by the zone security guards and placed into a holding cell, given a juice box

    By Emily on 08.16.2012

  23. I would write if only I could find that one word. I needed to be in some form of focused state but could not decipher an adequate word to describe such a state of being. I needed to be in the “blank”, my mind ruminated on the idea of being, til it had passed all opuritunity to be.

    By Derek Dahlk on 08.16.2012

  24. She closed her eyes. She couldn’t see, feel, hear. It was all gone. She was in the zone. The one she got in at the end of the day when it was all done, nothing left and you couldn’t worry. It was the only time she was truly happy – the demons were done for the day.

    By isabelle URL on 08.16.2012

  25. parking zones are made to keep people in place while they are out and about and don’t want to be in their cars. it’s a government ruling that helps keep things in order for everyone. it’s something that’s useful and gets used by everyone.

    By Riana Sieling on 08.16.2012

  26. Our society functioned by no other rules or systematic settings and on this day we decided the daily devision should be a reset on our way of living by time zones. Though, we by the perception of bystander lived in the US west, grandleader Zeal, took it upon himself to forgo such a restriction as time. Similar to the restrictions of clothing, sexual devotion, and food which he had already intilled ascendance into our individual souls. His zone was the one to mirror, Zeal was the seal for eternal life to be granted.

    By Derek Dahlk on 08.16.2012

  27. I don’t feel like I’m back in the zone. I won’t be for a while, especially my poor father, who is very dear to my heart…

    I cry every night and worry about his heart, wondering if he’ll make it through the night. I hope and pray that the nurses will keep a good eye on him.

    My father is receiving the best care that he needs, but I know he misses his comfort zone; his home, where my mother and brother await for him.

    I’m so lucky to have him in the hospital in my city. My zone of loneliness disappears when I’m around him.

    By MollyJ URL on 08.16.2012

  28. Don’t let me get in my zone. Don’t let me get in my zone. WATCH THE THRONE. Wow why am I even writing this embarrassing omg sorry everyone who reads this

    By Jo on 08.16.2012

  29. Mama told me that there were many different zones. “When I was a child,” she said, “we could go freely from one to the other. There were all sorts of crimes in the world that we don’t have today, and when they closed the area zones down all the crime went with it. That’s because we live in a perfect world, now.” I think Mama has a different idea of perfect to me.

    By Dailenna URL on 08.16.2012

  30. There’s a wonderful feeling while in an activity of intense concentration – a feeling of being in the zone, of being completely absorbed by the heat of the moment, by every single bit of stimuli your brain can perceive.

    It’s awesome lol I guess
    I still have ten seconds

    By Steven Hu on 08.16.2012

  31. time zone
    the zone
    i like zones
    actually no i dont’
    its kind of limiting
    you have like cubicle you can’t escape
    i mean who says what zone you’re suppose to be in
    friend zone
    fire zone
    strict zone
    its kind of a funny word

    By Laura on 08.16.2012

  32. i’m in the zone and the zone is in me i breathe and i lift all the fairies out of my sight. the rivers flow smoothly down my legs and i moan gods name but fuck fuck fuck i don’t believe in god. yell like a cat making love to the moon that doesn’t make sense but neither do you, do you? shakespeare and crumpled up bits of paper that i wrote poems on the other day

    By ella URL on 08.16.2012

  33. This was one of the most gruesome places he’d ever set his eyes on. The zone was as empty as he, inside was for a very long time.

    By alex on 08.16.2012

  34. i was in the zone that day. Oh me, oh my ! that game was the time of my life. being in the zone is like being in a different time. It’s all power, all strength, all sense. I was like my body floated away, only leaving my soul, with its surroundings. It was beauty in its truest form. Divine in all divinity.

    By Jeanette on 08.16.2012

  35. There was no zone that she wasn’t allowed in. With her, we could be anything, do anything. Her smile was always there to root us on. She was the sunlight that made the plants on earth grow; without her, we were all nothing. We didn’t know how we could ever survive without her. But all stars have to die.

    By emlex URL on 08.16.2012

  36. Leave me to my own. Create my own. Live in my own. Break out of my own. Zone.

    By EarthAlien URL on 08.16.2012

  37. an area that can be classified in geographical limits or bt time limit .an era of future or past can also be described.time zone that is time difference in different areas

    By hardeep on 08.16.2012

  38. what’s in the zone?
    is it a neverending hole that sucks you out of your present existence?
    whatever that is, it sounds like a great escape to me

    By Ces on 08.16.2012

  39. The Third zone is the most dangerous. It’s not like here, in First, where people can shoot you on the street, where you can die of some infection that didn’t even exist two days ago. In Third, everything is clean. Everything is in order. It’s the intrigue that kills. Death hides behind the faces of your friends. You never know who will want something you own enough to kill for it.

    By Lucie URL on 08.16.2012

  40. To be in the zone is to be in your own world where you are completely immersed in your own thoughts.

    By Camille URL on 08.16.2012