February 3rd, 2011 | 470 Entries

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470 Entries for “wrench”

  1. I remember the first wrench I ever owned. My father gave it to me. It was a monkey wrench. That’s what we called them. I guess they’re called crescent wrenches, but I still call them monkey wrenches.

    I still use that monkey wrench. I let my own boys use it now too because it’s small and the perfect size to adjust their bikes.

    By A Dooley on 02.03.2011

  2. He held the wrench in his hand with force. What do I do? Should I run or leave it behind me like a failure. I will run through the fields with force. White dust and wind following me. His hands trembled and he ran through the green grass. His brown hair a wisp.

    By Patricia on 02.03.2011

  3. I have never used a wrench. When I was little they fascinated me. I wondered about how you used them and what you used them fo

    By Jocy on 02.03.2011

  4. The water fell freely from the pipe, reminding her of blood from an open wound, a sickening thought. She reached down into her toolbox, searching for the only suture that could help close such a gash.

    By Jenn on 02.03.2011

  5. I love Bob the builder. That’s a lie, I don’t. Wrench makes me think of Welch’s grape juice. I love grape juice. Wrench. It sounds strong and fierce. I would not like to be a wrench. Wrench makes me feel empowered, makes me feel I can do anything.

    By Cristina URL on 02.03.2011

  6. A wrench is an appliance used for building etc. Usually made of steel or iron. I would love to own a wrench because I like tools and handywork. It wouldn’t be useful for crafts but would certainly prove to be useful around the home for repairs etc. If I had my way I would have tools in various colours just to make repairs fun.

    By charlene on 02.03.2011

  7. tool, ex, hubby, problem, difficulty with a process. silver, cold, solid, heavy, versatile, discover,

    By ambinspiration URL on 02.03.2011

  8. tool

    By stephani on 02.03.2011

  9. I grasp the wrench in my hand. Staring down at the body below me. Beneath me. He always was beaneath me. And now he got his. Bones snapped, face mauled, looks crushed. Pulverized for a good reason. For my reasons.

    By pam URL on 02.03.2011

  10. A wrench is a powerful object. It possesses the power to alter things and their position through force. Pretty amazing!

    By Secret on 02.03.2011

  11. I pulled my wrench out of the tool box layed on my back and slid underneath the car i immedietly realized what the problem was and began tightening a bolt in the engine. I suddenly started to smell something odd and realized i had just made a terrible mistake

    By Brooks Smith on 02.03.2011

  12. being something made by wrench and solder was,in many ways,simpler,than being flesh and blood.in fact,so much so,that jessie[yes,she,now,considered herself jessie]could not even fathom how she could realize that jessie was whom she was.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 02.03.2011

  13. wrench, like how someone can wrench your life apart? because i’ve met plenty of those people before. one related to me actually. very closely. a prominent figure.wrenched my life apart through actions he didn’t think were a big deal. but actually they were. they were very big. her was even told. yet he ignored it. it’s beyond repair. even of a wrench

    By Rachel on 02.03.2011

  14. I need a wrench for the bolt I need to unscrew. Someone get me a wrench now! No, I didn’t call you a wrench! I said I need one! It’s in my tool box! Thanks!

    By cpc on 02.03.2011

  15. A tool for working when it just gets too hard. A nut stuck on an frustrating screw. It won’t turn. You have to get a wrench. You turn and turn and turn. Eventually the nut escapes. Freedom. Joy. Happiness.

    By Chris Bowditch URL on 02.03.2011

  16. How do I explain that it’s bothering me? I wrench my heart out before I speak to anyone to make sure the words don’t slip, but they do anyways. My best friend stares at me, amazed at the passion in my words; passion I’ve lost in everything else already. She marches straight up to the problem and taps it on the shoulder as I beg her to leave it be; I’ve gotten so used to staying quiet that facing him seems impossible all of a sudden. But if I don’t, will my fears become a reality? What will happen to me, to us? My insecurities seize me by the throat and squeeze the life out of me, but nobody notices when I suffocate so quietly.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 02.03.2011

  17. A hammer and a wrench. That’s all that sat in the wet, cardboard box outside the garage. He’d lent those tools to her years ago and forgotten about it. She hadn’t been able to build the treehouse. Her hands were always too clumsy and she gave up too easily. The rain brought her back to his doorstep, back to the front of his mind.

    By R. URL on 02.03.2011

  18. so its this thing that you can use to hit people with or whatever. it tightens stuff. it is often used to kill people in murder movies and stuff. its really similar to the word wench which is an offensive term towards women. its a tool a handyman’s tool

    By jg on 02.03.2011

  19. Cars. Cars. A man is under the car. He is an oily man with a wrench in his hand. Blue coveralls, and feet. Oily, but all we see is feet.

    By Imperfect.In.deed URL on 02.03.2011

  20. Wrench.. Umm a good murder weapon.. it can’t be traced back to you! :) I owwwn looootttss of wrenchs cuz my boyfriend works on cars and my dad is a carpenter. haha WRENCH >> WENCH.. this makes me thirsty.. is this suppose to be a story i don’t understand this website.

    By Appleshampoo0917 URL on 02.03.2011

  21. There is a little wrench in my heart and it tugs at the strings playing beautiful music – not unlike the quickening plucking of a fiddle. Ouch!!!

    By Rebecca on 02.03.2011

  22. I didn’t realize that I was running out of time when the word came up. Now I can’t think or think of a way to write about wrench. To boot, everyone is marginally distracting to my efforts. So this is the best I have about the word wrench.

    By Matthew Pinkham on 02.03.2011

  23. You threw a wrench into my plans. Every thing that happened before and everything that is currently happening, is drenched in you. In the way you tilt your head and tell me I smell amazing or the way you giggle when I make fun of you. I wish that I could live the way I did before you. It was silly and flavored. I felt the serenity of no mess. Now I have openings and frequent floods. I have hammers knacking away at fences that will never be secure, at nails that are slimy and rusty, at buttons that are broken beyond repair. You threw a wrench, the most metallic cold biting wrench you could find. You lifted your leather palms and weaved the metal all over my tininess, the copper still salting my tongue.

    By jenna URL on 02.03.2011

  24. I found a wrench in my toolbox and didn’t know just what to do with it. It was rusty because it had been in my father’s toolroom for decades and hadn’t been used since he died, which was @ 20 years before the house was sold. I used to love that little room in the basement. I love tools of any kind, I guess, and seeing them there in their jars was just exciting for me at the time. It reminded me of my grandfather, too.

    By Emily on 02.03.2011

  25. i bought a wrench, then i found a person and asked them if theyd like it because i have no use for one. they told me no but asked me if i’d like to sit with them to eat some lunch. i decided to and had an amazing time. we had a great time and have been best friends ever since.

    By claire char on 02.03.2011

  26. i feel like the future has been wrenched from my hands
    by god
    by man
    by machine

    and i am surprisingly comfortable with it,

    By ford.baklvon URL on 02.03.2011

  27. plumbers use wrenches as well as mechanics. It is a very useful tool. I don’t know what people did before they were invented

    By debi on 02.03.2011

  28. Wrench. At first, it sounds like wench which comes from the time period I’d rather be in. But then I remember a wrench is a handy tool and it takes me back to all those summer days my dad taught me the ins and outs of building and knowing how to put things together. I miss those days. Things weren’t so complicated then.

    By Emily on 02.03.2011

  29. I suppose she would do some thing despicable like that and throw a wrench into
    my weekend plans to fly across the country to see my ex before He makes the
    mistake of a life time and marry’s that Tramp he calls his Fiancee .

    By Linda Berryman URL on 02.03.2011

  30. I was using one just earlier today to fix some lights for tonight’s show. I like being a girl and using tools and KNOWING that I’m doing it right. It’s reassuring and reaffirming doing something that so many of the boys around me can’t do.

    By Dorothy URL on 02.03.2011

  31. they’ll take it from you, you know. wrench that hope out from your fingertips, leaving you silent beneath the world. you cannot defeat the necessities of life. we are all broken from the start. why work for something beyond even your own expectations? you’ll just get hurt in the end.

    By Jaclyn URL on 02.03.2011

  32. I work at Home Depot. I sell wrenches. You can use them to hit people with. That is usually what i recommend them for. I’m not sure exactly what their true purpose is. I probably should, because of the whole hardware store thing. metal.

    By Tracy Cook on 02.03.2011

  33. Koi-Madethline wasn’t anywhere near as violent as her siblings so it was to the surprise of no one that she didn’t carry a sword or other sharp weapon around with her. Little did they know that her choice of weapon was the unusually large wrench she kept in her back pocket.

    By Ninja URL on 02.03.2011

  34. it really botters me how some english words have just ONE vogal.

    By Virginia on 02.03.2011

  35. They use wrenches to fix things. A loose bolt perhaps. I used to have a wrench. I don’t know where it went. I wish I had one right now. To fix things. But the other kind of wrench, no I don’t want that.

    By Neha URL on 02.03.2011

  36. Wrench. It reminds me of a monkey. Probably from the term “monkey wrench.” When my father works on cars he always asks me to get him a wrench if I’m around. Also, when I was younger I used to sing “If I was a wrench girl” in one of the pop song on the radio. Oh, my childhood…

    By Molly on 02.03.2011

  37. The wrenching guilt of growing a hardwood yet laminate floor in the house of an elderly man was growing on her. She could no longer sit at the breakfast table looking at it, it was everywhere. Now she had to make a choice between keeping it, or paying them to uninstall it.

    By Nate URL on 02.03.2011

  38. There are a lot of strange things to bring to an art exhibit that demonstrated beautiful ice sculptures, and wrenches are definitely one of them. The shady-looking man sauntered into the warehouse with an enormous pipe wrench, looking about in a way that made most of the patrons uncomfortable.

    By Jonat on 02.03.2011

  39. you know how to work with tools. you hand me the wrench, and I look at you questioningly. it is not only my job to fix this. it’s for both of us. you should have realized that.

    By Wendy on 02.03.2011

  40. There are many types of wrenches as a noun. Monkey wrench, et cetera. I guess I’m not really in a profound mood or anything…that was rather boring. Besides, I have spent far too much time trying to figure out how to spell “noun” :P

    By Anna on 02.03.2011